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The Bullish Bears are a pay it forward trading community with authenticity and heart. It’s about YOU in the Bullish Bears, not us. Our central focus is on teaching YOU how to become an independent trader.

Our mission is to get TD Ameritrade, Oprah & The Rock to donate a TON of money so that we can give the trading secrets to the world for FREE! (In the meantime, we try to keep our trading service affordable as possible).

We’ll Teach You the “FOUNDATION”

Our team has a three-step teaching approach. 1. “Discover” your trading style in our beginners’ course. 2. “Learn” your trading style in our trade rooms and courses. 3. Our Next Level Library brings it all together and teaches how to “Apply” your trading style in the real world of trading.

YES…it’s going to take hard work and effort to make it as a trader. That’s the reality of trading, just like it is in life. It’s important to treat trading like you would an education if you want to make it long term. We’ve got the resources to help, but it’s up to YOU to put in the time it takes to learn.

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Training & Courses

Learn to Trade

We invest a lot of time and effort into our trading courses because YOUR trading education and success matter to us.

Our courses teach you topics such as day trading, swing trading, options, futures, price action, technical analysis, and so much more.

The Bullish Bears team really enjoys teaching you how to trade and we try to do it in an interactive, simplistic, and fun atmosphere.

Trading Community

Real People that care about you

The Bullish Bears are much more than just trading stocks. At the center of everything we do, we’re a community.

It’s the most important part of what and who we are. We started out as a community first and that’s how we will always be.

There’s a much deeper story beneath the “foundation” of the stock market. Yes, we’ll teach you the skills on how to trade, but we will also teach you so much more.

Trade Rooms & Alerts

Live Streaming in Discord

Discord is the central hub for our trading community. We teach options, penny stocks, and futures in our trade rooms. You’ll also get access to our real-time trade alerts server.

Our team does live streaming daily in each of our trade rooms. The best way to learn how to trade is in a real-world environment.

Feel free to ask questions and interact with other community members.




Who Are the Bullish Bears?

The list of marketing ploys and traps goes on and on in the trading industry. Just scroll through your feed on any social media platform and you’ll see. “Scripted” marketing videos…Videos creating the illusion of how “easy” trading is…Thumbnails of “gurus” saying look at ME, look at MY success…

What makes us different?! Very simply…we aren’t any of that garbage. We actually teach YOU how to trade and we do it with authenticity & heart. It’s about YOU in our trading community, NOT us!

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