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We are a pay it forward stock market trading community that shines a powerful light on the stock market and everything involved. We created our community with the vision of becoming the most trusted trading community in the world.

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Everyone was a beginner at one point.

If you’re looking to better yourself and master stock trading then you’ve come to the right place. Our mission is to give our members an honest, realistic, affordable education, and have fun while trading together. You will learn how to day trade, learn swing trading, options, or futures on our website.

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If you’ve looked for knowledge in the stock market elsewhere then you’ll likely notice that it can be very costly.

We are opposed to charging ridiculous amounts to access experience and quality information.

That being said, our website is a great resource to traders or investors of all levels to learn about day trading stocks, futures and options. Swing trading too!



There is more to the Bullish Bears than just trading stocks. Yes we work hard every day to teach day trading, swing trading and scalping. But at the center of everything we do, we are a community.

It’s the most important part of what and who we are. We started out as a community first and that’s how we will always be.

We focus on putting our members first, not ours.

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Our live day trading and swing trading room will provide you with an opportunity to learn how to trade stocks, options and futures. You’ll see how other members are doing it, share charts, share ideas and gain knowledge.

Our traders support each other with knowledge and feedback. People come here to learn, hang out, practice, trade stocks, and more. Our trade room is a great place to get live group mentoring and training.

Who We Are

Tim Davis, Daniel Adams, and Lucien Bechard are the founders of the Bullish Bears community trading service. In fact, we have a passion for trading, a desire to help people succeed as traders with a level playing field, and a love for our community. From the very start, our mission was to create a stock market trading community that had a “pay it forward” mentality to it. As a result, we all help each other to become better traders and along the journey helps us to become better people by helping others to succeed.

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GloFo Stock

GloFo Stock: How to Buy GlobalFoundries Stock

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If you’re looking for GloFo stock, you’re in luck! How many times have we written about companies that haven’t gone public? Well, now you can read about a company that you can trade in GlobalFoundries stock. What is GlobalFoundries? GlobalFoundries is a multinational corporation that’s in the business of making semiconductor components. It’s the fourth-largest…

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What Is A Trading Community

What is a Trading Community?

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A trading community is exactly how it sounds… well almost. These types of communities are typically based on a social platform which creates a network of retail traders at just about every level. It is a place where knowledge and strategy are shared and community members thrive together. Many trading communities are sprawling all over…

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Lidl Stock

Can I Buy Lidl Stock?

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Can you buy Lidl stock? In fact, have you ever heard of this company? The answer is probably no. Unless you’re from Europe. It has made its way to the US but as of now, isn’t the most popular or well-known grocery store in the United States. If you want to trade them, however, you’re…

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Gatorade Stock

Does Gatorade Stock Exist?

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Surely, I don’t need to go into too much detail do I? Gatorade is the most popular sports drink in the world and is sold in over 80 different countries. While the brand is best known for its sports drinks, it has since evolved into other food and beverage segments. These include nutrition bars, energy…

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Take Our Free Trading Courses ($3,000+ Value)