Best 5G Stocks?

Below is a list of 5G stocks in this new sector. The daily movement of these stocks will affect the price. As a result, price may be different as the technology grows. Be sure to do proper fundamental research on these companies using Stock Rover.. Many of these are established companies but if you’re going to long term invest, fundamental analysis is always important as well as have an understanding of support and resistance levels before purchasing.

Below is a list of large caps and etf’s. Make sure to check each symbol in your trading account to verify pricing. * We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of the companies on the lists below! Also, check out our stock sectors page.

5G is quickly becoming the new standard for mobile networks. With so many anticipated advancements and applications, it’s time to get ahead of this technology trend with a little research into what you might want in your portfolio as an investor or trader hoping to benefit from its widespread adoption. You can use Bullish Bears list of top 5G stocks on our site to start your research journey. It’s important to spend time building up your knowledge about who will be leading the charge when it comes to emerging industries like wireless networking and data processing. Have any thoughts on which companies are likely going to perform well from this list? Be sure to share our list on Twitter and tag our Bullish Bears Twitter account.

5G Stocks (Providers)

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5G Stocks List

5G Stocks List (Hardware)


AAPL: Apple

LG:  – LG

XLNX: Xilinx, Inc

COMM: Commscope Holding Company Inc

SWKS: Skyworks Solutions Inc

ERIC: Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson

FNSR: Finisar Corp

NOK: NoNokia Oyj

UBNT: Ubiquiti Inc

AVGO: Broadcom Inc

KEYS: Keysight Technologies Inc

AVY: Avery Dennison

CMCSA: Comcast Corporation

TSM: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

VIAV: Viavi Solutions Inc

AMT: American Tower


SBAC: SBA Communications Corporation

CIEN: Ciena Corporation

GLW: Corning Incorporated

ACIA: Acacia Communications, Inc.

CSCO: Cisco Systems

$QCOM: Qualcomm

3. 5G ETF’S

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