Atom Finance Review

Our Atom Finance review looks at this investing tools company. Is it something you should be interested in adding to your bag of tools? It’s less expensive than other tools. And it’s easier to use. So if you want to invest and want good information, read on.

What Is Atom Finance App?

Atom Finance is yet another site that intends to bridge the gap between retail and institutional investors. How do they do this? By providing the tools and research that generally aren’t available for the average Joe Trader. The closest comparison that most people will make is that Atom Finance is the Bloomberg Terminal for retail investors.

That’s not to say that investors who subscribe to Atom Finance will automatically have the same success as hedge fund managers or investment firms, however. Hut as technology continues to advance, Atom is just the latest in a growing trend of platforms that is aiming to democratize the investing world. Hence our Atom Finance review.

Atom Finance was founded in 2018 in Brooklyn, New York by the founder and current CEO, Eric Shoykhet. With a user base of well over 100,000 members, and over $400 million in assets, Atom is certainly an up and coming name in the fintech industry. It recently introduced a paid subscription service that gives premium members access to a slew of market intelligence tools to help them level the playing field against Wall Street. 

How Much Does Atom Finance Cost?

Let’s get right to it An Atom Finance review of cost. Bloomberg Terminal costs users $20,000-$24,000 per year to use, so something that is a comparable product must come with a hefty price tag, right? Not at all! The price of Atom Finance’s premium subscription is one of the best things about the platform. 

That’s right, $9.99 per month, which is very reasonable considering all of the different tools and analytics you get access to. The basic plan is free. And quite honestly, for new investors, the basic plan may be enough to help you get started out as an investor. Let’s take a look at what you get with the basic plan compared to the premium Atom plan. 

Atom Finance Review

Basic Plan

  • Breaking news and alerts
  • Daily market briefings
  • Real time stock quotes
  • Historical company financials
  • Account aggregation
  • Stock screener
  • Hubs or Atom Finance custom watchlists
  • Atom Finance chat
  • Analyst forecasts and estimates (3 stocks per month)
  • Investor documents (3 stocks per month)
  • Institutional investor holdings (top 5 holdings only)
  • ETF and Mutual Fund holdings (top 5 holdings only)
  • X-ray document search and alerts (3 per month)
  • Sandbox (no saving or exporting)

That’s quite a lot for just having to sign up for an account. Sure, you can access all of these things through Google searches. But it’s so much more convenient to have them all available on one platform or app. Or so our Atom Finance review thinks.

Premium Plan

The premium plan gives users access to everything from the Basic Plan, as well as the following premium features:

  • Price change explanations
  • Analyst commentary
  • Equity research summaries
  • Price target updates
  • Analyst forecasts and estimates (Unlimited)
  • Investor documents (Unlimited)
  • Institutional investor holdings 
  • ETF and Mutual Fund holdings 
  • Premium KPIs or Key Performance Indicators from company presentations and filings
  • Mock accounts
  • Fund look through
  • X-ray document search and alerts (Unlimited)
  • Sandbox 
  • Excel Export

All of this for just $9.99 per month? There are stock screeners alone that will charge you that much and that is just one of the many features you get with an Atom Finance subscription. 

Is Atom Finance Safe to Use?

Our Atom Finance review found that this is a safe company to use. You don’t transfer any money to them as they’re not an investment firm. As a result, they can’t make any changes to your account. So you’re in charge of everything. Which is a good place to be if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, you’ll want to learn how to use their features. As well as how to invest in yourself.

Their Features

Sure all of these tools and metrics are nice, but what really sets Atom Finance apart from say Yahoo Finance or Benzinga? There are several tools that really help to justify that $9.99 premium monthly subscription. Our Atom Finance review takes a look.

Atom Sandbox

The Sandbox is a space where users can freely create their own financial models with consensus projections and up to the minute data. As figures such as estimates or price targets change, so will your Sandbox model; allowing you to stay on top of the stocks in your portfolio in an ever-changing environment without ever having to adjust your model. 

Atom Portfolio Tracker

Atom Finance isn’t a trading platform so you’ll never actually buy or sell any shares on this site. Instead, you can link your brokerage account directly into Atom and manage the fundamentals of your portfolio. Atom uses Plaid, a fintech company that specializes in the integration of different banking platforms into one user friendly service. Linking your brokerage account into Atom Finance allows the site to provide a full analysis of your holdings and gives detailed feedback about your profit and loss, risk assessment, sector exposure, and more. 

Atom X-Ray

Another unique feature on Atom Finance, the X-Ray tab allows users to do an impressively deep dive into any company that is publicly traded. The X-Ray search targets specific documentation that is filed by the company with agencies such as the SEC, and goes much more in depth than your typical Google search. 

As you can see, users can target specific keywords and save searches to return to later as well. Now, instead of scrolling through a company’s website or scanning the internet for filings or documents, everything is available right in your Atom Finance platform with one simple search.

Atom Finance Review

Atom Company Comparison

One of the more underrated parts of an Atom Finance subscription is its super convenient company comparison page. Here you can run a direct comparison between as many or as few companies as you choose.

Atom Finance Review

You can add or remove companies as you wish and get a quick snapshot of an entire industry. Or a unique subset of stocks that you are personally tracking. You can even get a visual comparison of how each company is performing on a chart as well as a quick access list to any documents or filings each of the company has. 

Visual Compare

Atom Stock Screener

Stock screeners are another important tool for both new and experienced investors to take advantage of. We’ve already mentioned there are stock screening services that will charge you $10 per month alone to use. So the fact you are getting it included in the Atom Finance membership is an incredible value. Choose from dozens of different filters to find the exact companies that meet the criteria that you are looking for!

Market cap is a bit of a silly one, but you get the idea! Filter companies by things such as P/E ratio, free cash flow, dividend yield, gross margin, net income, 52-week high or low, and so many more. We think in this Atom Finance review that screeners are a great part of this service.

Atom Finance Chat

That’s right, join the Atom community and talk with thousands of members in hundreds of different groups! Once you link your brokerage, Atom will make you a verified shareholder of a company, which cuts down on things like spamming and pumping a stock that a person in the chat doesn’t even own. 

Atom Hubs

Hubs is a screen where you can fully customize which screeners or stocks you want to have only our watchlist. It is basically a quick access screen where you can run your stock screener and your company comparison at the same time, as well as save a group of stocks or a hub, that you can come back to later. 

Atom Discord Bot

If you have or are part of a Discord server, you can even add an Atom bot that will help you access things like breaking news, analyst updates, and price alerts, as they come up in your Discord chats. 

Atom Mobile App

Perhaps most importantly in this era of smartphone trading, Atom Finance offers users a fully integrated mobile app that allows you to access all of the features from the desktop site right on your smartphone itself. It is fully compatible with both Android and iOS Apple devices, so if you do commit to a premium membership with Atom, it is well worth downloading the free mobile app as well.

Atom Premium Metrics

Finally, the tab titled Premium Metrics will give you instant insight into companies with sector specific metrics all on one page. A great example of this is if you wish to research the growth of a social media company like Facebook or Pinterest. Simply click into the social media group and you will find direct access to metrics like ARPU (average revenue per user) and MAU or DAU (monthly or daily active users). 

Atom Finance Review Final Verdict

We hope you enjoyed this Atom Finance review. If it isn’t clear yet, Atom Finance provides you with a ton of premium features that you normally would not find on a single, dedicated site. This is especially true for retail investors who realistically cannot afford the institutional platforms like Bloomberg Terminal, that can cost upwards of $24,000 per year.

With Atom Finance, you get incredible investing tools integrated into a user friendly interface for both desktop and mobile platforms. At just $9.99 per month, Atom is an affordable tool that can help investors whether they are beginners or industry veterans!

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