Augmented Reality Stocks

List of Augmented Reality Stocks

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Are you looking for augmented reality stocks? Augmented reality is a 3D adventure that uses computer-generated graphics to make real-world elements. It’s not the same as virtual reality, however. Augmented reality happens in real time, whereas virtual reality happens in one place.

Augmented reality stocks are companies that design or produce AR software or hardware. This, in today’s time, includes AR chipsets, headsets, products with haptic technology, varifocal displays, smart glasses, VR/AR headsets, and much more.

There may be much to consider if we look at augmented reality stocks today. However, some are better and more obvious choices than others. You’ll want to look into companies like Facebook.

If you want to invest in AR stocks to diversify your portfolio, here is a list of the top five to consider.

Make sure to do your due diligence on any company you invest in. Just because a stock is on a list doesn’t mean buying it. Make sure there’s a good setup that you can take advantage of.

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METAMeta Platforms Inc
SONYSony Group Corporation
SNAPSnap Inc.
Augmented Reality Stocks Meta

1. Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: META)

Meta Platforms Inc., formally (Facebook), is one of the top names and contenders in augmented reality stock investments. The company got its first advantage in VR markets when it got its hands on the Oculus VR. In the last three years, the company has come up with individual VR headsets, and there will be a lot coming in augmented reality in the future as well.

Currently, audiences are eyeing Meta’s “EssilorLuxottica Ray-Ban.” These glasses show the company’s real interest in AR. In the future, like other companies, Meta will have a lot to showcase and bring forth in AR and related products. 

2. Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK)

Autodesk is well known for its “AutoCAD” Computer-Aided Design software. However, it has a lot more to offer than just that. ADSK produces digital prototyping software, Maya, and consumer software like video game animations and special movie effects.

Autodesk’s business will benefit greatly as we move further in the years towards a higher future and reality. Autodesk will also automatically benefit from increased consumer/industry activity in augmented reality ahead.

They’ve been careful in implementing augmented reality in their products since 2017. In the last five years, the company stock has posted gains of 284%, which is unbelievable.

Autodesk will continue to provide key companies with creative platforms, which is why it is a good investment in augmented reality stocks today and in the future.

3. Sony Group (NYSE: SONY)

Sony is a name we are all well aware of. The company designs, develops, produces, and sells electronic equipment. It also creates professional and non-professional equipment for local, consumer, and industrial markets across the globe.

At the moment, Sony is manufacturing very classy AR headsets, widely used in Japan’s Ginza Sony Park. It’s also developed the ‘Smart Eye Glass’ that contains a holographic display, which is also quite popular. Sony’s AR products have helped the company’s revenue grow drastically. Sony will also continue manufacturing other AR products, making it a good investment choice in augmented reality stocks this year.

Sony Group ($SONY) TipRanks Stock Forecast Report 3/24

4. Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM)

Further in the list of top five augmented reality stocks, let’s not forget Qualcomm. Qualcomm is a part of modern-day technologies today. You can find its items on many mobile devices and wireless items.

Many items containing Qualcomm’s AR technology are network devices, consumer digital gadgets, Broadway gateway equipment, and more.

Qualcomm is already highly interested in delivering AR technology and will continue to deliver it in the future. This will mean growth and revenue.

Qualcomm first introduced its AR-recommended style based on its Snapdragon XR1 System, which impressed users. It is also the leading supplier of 5G modems and AR-capable chips.

These side businesses will give Qualcomm a much-needed boost quicker and sooner. Qualcomm (QCOM) recently repurchased 3 million of its common AR stock. It is also ready to bring more in the AR realm and reality in future years. 

5. Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP)

With a market cap of $94 billion, Snap is a camera and social media company based in California. It has developed many technological products and services, such as Spectacles, Snapchat, and Bitmoji. Snap is one of the main companies that have been investing in AR for the past many years.

Along with what it has already brought forth, Snap is set to release AR glasses that’ll show digital content in front of people’s eyes when they wear them and all the time. The company is a big pusher of advanced technology, and it is ascertained that this will come through in its new and upcoming products.

Snap is focused on producing services, advertising, gaming, and developer tools. This is why it’s a good investment in augmented reality stocks again. Understanding why AR stocks are so beneficial to invest in, we can easily look at the revenue growth of the top five companies and how well they have performed.

The overall positive interest and sentiment in AR comes after the popularity of AR technology and technology in general. AR stocks help in making good and well-numbered profits. Currently, there is a lot of competition in the AR industry. Thus, it is better to go for AR stocks that are green.

Final Thoughts: Augmented Reality Stocks

Investing in augmented reality stocks is a great idea, and you can start today by making simple investments. While there are many AR stocks that you can buy today, some are obvious choices. AR stocks are wise investments because the scope of technology is high. With technology competing with technology, investing in augmented reality stocks will increase profits by helping you benefit from higher investment returns.

Along with the aforementioned augmented reality stocks, other top investments could be Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Upwork, Gevo, and Microsoft. Investors today are eyeing augmented reality stocks as viable and sound investments. In the future, many augmented reality products will also be seen topping the lines. These include laser hair removal products, hairbrushes, fashion products, optics, shopping apps, and others. Investors should, therefore, be hooked.

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