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Day Trading Reversals

Day Trading Reversals: Is This a Profitable Trading Strategy?

Day trading reversals are one of the most common and profitable strategies employed by traders across the world. In fact, due to their excellent risk/reward ratio, many base their entire careers on them.

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Trading Software For Mac

What Is the Best Trading Software for Mac?

Are you wondering what the best trading software for a Mac is? This blog’s designed for those looking to utilize traders looking to use their Mac hardware to trade. Because Apple offer’s some

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stock market bubble

What Does a Bubble Mean in the Stock Market?

They’re deceptive, unpredictable and ruthless. If you’re not paying attention, stock market bubbles will sneak up on you and destroy your wealth. When that day comes, it’s too late to

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Day Trading On ETRADE

Does ETRADE Allow Day Trading?

With hundreds of online brokers and trading platforms out there, one can be quickly overwhelmed trying to pick the right one. So, how does one choose? There is no single best one, but most certainly a

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when not to day trade

Do You Know When Not to Day Trade?

Do you know when not to day trade? Day trading isn’t for everyone. In fact, if you don’t have a strong personality, attention to detail, and the stomach to handle market fluctuations, you

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Financial Contagion

How Does a Financial Contagion in the Stock Market Affect Us?

Like a physical disease, contagious financial panics hurt not only those directly affected but an entire system. Financial contagion in the stock market is when an economic crisis such as a crash, spreads

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Should I Buy Ethereum 2021

Should I Buy Ethereum in 2021?

The biggest news over the past month has been about Bitcoin and crypto as a whole. Yes, Bitcoin and crypto were already doing quite well in 2020, but that’s nothing compared to what 2021 ushered

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Naked Short Selling

What Is Naked Short Selling?

Naked short selling. No, it’s not someone who trades in their birthday suit. And no, it’s not something you should aspire to model, even though I’m sure you look great in your birthday

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jesse livermore

Was Jesse Livermore a Day Trader?

Have you heard the name Jesse Livermore before? If you’re a day trader, then you have him to thank. He was born in the 1800s and even survived the stock market crash in the 1920’s. He was

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fat finger trade

What Is a Fat Finger Trade?

You woke up early and meticulously took the time to plot your trendlines and areas of interest.  You’re waiting patiently to buy 100 shares of GameStop at $75/share. Two hours go buy and it’s

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