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Should You Consider Using IBKR

Should You Consider Using IBKR Interactive Brokers?

Should you consider using IBKR? Are you a short-seller struggling to find shares to short? Or better yet, is your trade execution dismal? Do you want to trade in international markets but can’t?

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Trade Ideas Review

Is the TI Scanner the Best in the Market for Traders?

Is the TI scanner the best in the market? The world is changing, and we are no longer relying on each other for trading tips and tricks. There’s something else lurking in the background you might want

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One Psychological Danger in the Market and How to Avoid It

One Psychological Danger in the Market and How to Avoid It

Do you know the one psychological danger in the market and how to avoid it? Trading is hard work! And mentally taxing. So what can you do to protect yourself? Get your emotions in check. Learning the

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Price Channel

What Is a Price Channel Line and Breakout Strategy?

Think of a price channel like a river. Similar to banks that contain water, a channel contains the price. We have ebbs and flows in price, just like the water weaving through a channel. To identify

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Trading Scorecard Review

Trading Scorecard Review: Is Journaling Important?

Trading Scorecard Review: They are a tool to help you understand your metrics, patterns and trading styles so you can improve them. Fundamentally, it will help you to continuously work

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Trading Days in a Year

How Many Trading Days in a Year in the Stock Market?

How many trading days in a year? There are 365 days in a year but you can only trade during 252 days. The stock market does close for certain holidays and weekends. You’ll learn more about that

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TipRanks Review

Tipranks Research Review: Is Subscription Worth It?

Have you heard of TipRanks? If not, our TipRanks review is here to help you. Ranked as one of the top app geared towards retail traders, TipRanks is taking the guesswork out of online stock surfing.  Table

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Penny Stock Promoters

Where Can I Find Penny Stock Promoters? Be Really Careful!

Day trading can be a very lucrative endeavor. Or it can be your worst nightmare come true. The quickest way to realize your worst nightmare is to follow someone who promises you thousands of dollars a

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Stocks to Short

What Are Good Stocks to Short Sell and Is It Smart?

Looking to dips your toes in the short waters? Perhaps you’re looking for a new edge in your trading? Surprisingly, short selling stocks is really not that different from attempting to go long.

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K Shaped Recovery

What Is a K Shaped Recovery and How Do You Trade It?

From an  “L,” a “W” or a “V,”  economists look to the alphabet to describe the economy. However, in 2020 we’re experiencing one letter that is somewhat concerning, the K shaped recovery.

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