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Square Stock Trading App

Is the Square Cash Stock Trading App the Best for Beginners?

What's going on with the Square stock trading app? Why are users jumping ship from Robinhood and heading over to this user friendly investing and trading application? They now allow trading and don't restrict

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Robintrack Review

Robintrack Review: A Deep Dive Into Tracking The Herds Of Retail Traders

What is Robintrack? If you don't know, our Robintrack review is here to help you understand what could have been. You may have done a double take here and thought that I just wrote Robinhood.Well you

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High Frequency Trading Software Meme

What Is High Frequency Trading and What’s the Best Software?

Do you have high frequency trading software? Everybody loves the Flash. The show has been on for 7 seasons now with no signs of stopping. As children, we used to dream of having super powers.For a lot

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Apex Legends Stock

What Is Apex Legends Stock Price?

How will Apex Legends stock EA will perform? Lets find out. Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is one of the world’s biggest publishers of games. The company, founded in 1982 by Apple employee Trip Hawkins,

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Amway Stock

Is Amway Publicly Traded: What Is the Stock Price and Symbol?

Looking for Amway stock to invest in? I don't blame you. They're an interesting company. Surely you've heard of this company. Even if you've not used or bought their products directly. Sadly, right now

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Wallstreet Bets Sentiment Tracker Swaggystocks

Reddit Wallstreetbets Sentiment Tracker: Swaggystocks Review

Reddit Wallstreetbets is an extremely popular subreddit that has become a major influence in the world of retail trading. This gave way to Swaggystocks who has created a way to track the sentiment there

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Futures Trading Hours

What Are Futures Trading Hours and Do They Trade 24 Hours?

Do you know what Futures trading hours are? If you've been trading for any length of time, you know regular market hours are 9:30-4pm Monday-Friday. But what about Futures? Are their hours different from

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Jcrew Stock

Is Jcrew a Publicly Traded Stock: What Company Owns Them?

Is there a Jcrew stock price? Currently they do not have a stock symbol. They've been off the public exchanges since 2010. There was some rumors about them being bought out after they entered Chapter

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How To Read Futures Charts

How to Read Futures Charts, Price and Markets

Do you know how to read futures charts? You'll see the time date on the X-axis (the horizontal one) and the price information on the Y-axis (the vertical one). The time period that you're looking at can

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Futures Points vs Ticks

Futures Points vs Ticks: How Does Sizing and Values Work?

Have you heard of Futures points vs ticks? When you first start trading in futures, there are two words that you'll hear which aren't really in other trading or used a bit differently; they are “Points”

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