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Stock Market Update 6-1-2019 Weekend Vibes

​    Trade War South of the Border?Hey have you heard? Turns out the heat in the trade war oven is being turned up. Trump's threat to open a trade war with Mexico has sent

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Crypto’s, Bonds, and Volatility

The stock market rose for the first time this week on Thursday, as President Donald Trump said trade talks with China were going well, giving bulls hope and relieving worries that a feisty dispute would

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Stock Market Update 6-29-2019 – The Empire Strikes Back!

The Red Empire Strikes Back..Again. First it was Soy Beans. Now its precious metals...Word is China is prepared to use it's highly sought after rare earth metal resources to strike back in a trade war

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Stock Market Update 5-28-2019 Hump, Slump or Bump?

Hump, Slump or Bump?Markets opened with a slump Tuesday after the long memorial weekend. The SP500 closed at lows. It’s possible the bulls were feeling uneasy with President Trump’s visit to Japan.

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​Markets are heating up....Here’s what’s cooking. SPY (SPDR ETF) opened at the bell Thursday with a gap down and continuation, dropping to fresh weekly lows before finding an

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