Barchart Stocks Screener Review – Top Stock Signals Screener?

  • October 31, 2017

This Barchart stocks screener review will fill you in on the quick and easy setup process. Also we're here to help with it if you're having a hard time with it! You're in good hands with the education on our site. Now lets get down to showing you how to use the tool. 

The goal of setting up a custom stock trading screener is to find stocks that fit your trading style. You want actionable trading ideas from the tool, otherwise, it's a big old waste of time.

What Is Barchart Stocks Screener? (Review Breakdown)

  • Just in case you're wondering, the Barchart stocks trade signals screener is a tool traders and investors use to find specific stock trade signals. These signals match the specific criteria they're looking for. They are a leading provider of real-time charts and quotes.

The Barchart stocks screener has both free and paid versions. However, our team has only used the free version with great success. The first thing you’re going to want to do is create an account with Barchart. Next, you can save your settings and gain access to Barcharts comprehensive suite of tools. Moving on you’ll want to select “Organize Screeners” and create your first screener! Congrats, you did it! 

Name it something recognizable and familiar to yourself. We created one called “Dan's Daily MoMo” and added a note in the description “Trendspotters and Buy Ratings”; so we could know at a quick glance what type of stock signal screener we are using when we go to use it again.

1. Barchart Is User Friendly For Stocks

The real beauty of the Barchart stocks screener is that it's very user friendly for new or experienced users. As a result, the settings are much like you'd expect. Your typical settings like volume, moving averages, RSI are all there. The really unique feature of Barcharts stocks screener is its proprietary criteria like Trendspotter.

Trendspotter is a composite indicator complied from scratch by Barchart stocks screener. It's function is to find those trending stocks that match your criteria. There are also “Overall Opinion” which looks at analyst ratings and filters it against your other results.

Your end result is a finely tuned list of Barchart stocks for you look through and load into your custom chart software.

Barchart Stock Screener Setup

Your end result is a finely tuned list of Barchart stocks for you look through and load into your custom chart software. The settings above yielded 180 results which can organized further by the best technical results or overall performance.

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Barchart Stocks Screener

What Is Barchart Stocks Screener Pricing for 2020? (Review Breakdown)

  1. Barchart Trader/Delayed: $79 per month. Includes: 10 minute delayed futures and forex, 15 minute delayed equities and indices. Not to mention you can usually get a 14 day free trial.(if they are running it)
  2. Barchart Trader/Real-Time: $129 per month. Includes: real-time futures, equities, indices, and forex. So if you are a jack of all TRADES - this is your sweet spot.
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1. A+ Stocks Screener

We give the Barchart stocks screener an A rating for user friendliness, overall features, functionality and stock signals. It’s really important for you to have a good stock screener or stock scanner to find the best stocks to trade and stock signals. Once you’ve found stocks that are moving, the next part is trickier. Trading them!

Also if you need help with technical analysis, support and resistance, stock signals, setting up studies and learning the criteria needed to be in place to enter a trade check out our YouTube videos. Remember, a good screener like barcharts is half the battle. The important thing is risk management, experience, education and...FUN!

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