Benzinga Pro Review

Looking for an in depth Benzinga Pro Review? With BZ Pro you get Full news-feed access along with options alerts, price/volume movers, rumors, analyst ratings, floor trader commentary, proprietary trading ideas. Also Benzinga analyst ratings, economic calendars, audio news feed, sentiment indicators, and even chat with other traders and the Benzinga news desk!

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Benzinga Pro Review Breakdown

In this Benzinga Pro Review we will discuss the many ways we use the BZ service to make more informed trades day after day, year after year.

You cant beat Benzinga’s value as a tool in your bag. Especially in terms of real time scanning, and finding the catalyst behind the move.

Here at the Bullish Bears trading service and community, we believe that active day traders, swing traders, and investors should have access to news and information in an organized and timely manner to help them be consistent.

Benzinga is your ally on the trading battlefield.  Just take a look at all of the Benzinga review articles online and you’ll see that they are one of the most trusted breaking news websites in the stock trading industry.

How to Use Benzinga Pro: Video Review

  1. Scan for breaking stock news on both small and large cap stocks
  2. Scan for trade signals
  3. Chat room to network with other traders
  4. Listen to live Squawk for instant audio of breaking news
  5. Check the earnings calendar daily or weekly

What’s Under the Hood?

Benzinga Pro Review

Alright, Let’s use the new car example. When you are look at purchasing a vehicle, you might ask yourself, what’s under the hood? What kind of engine is powering this car? Similarly,  you are probably asking yourself what’s powering Benzinga Pro’s service?

Well, for starters Benzinga Pro is a media outlet that focuses on the trader. So everything it does is focused on helping you! It does this using powerful frameworks called React and Redux.

These are codes that are on the top of JavaScript. React was a framework originally developed by Facebook to create extremely easy to adjust interface. What does that mean?

Make sure to read other Benzinga Pro review articles to get other peoples opinions. Check out a list of the top trading companies.

News Feed: Benzinga Pro Review

It means you are getting access to Benzinga via web browser on ANY device, and are getting a very RSS feed type experience or software like experience.

The Benzinga news feed updates in real time, without you needing to constantly “refresh” your browser to view the latest news or alerts.

Specifically, this framework is why Benzinga Pro is a lightening fast news feed service that is enjoyed traders, research institutions and asset managers. It makes the interface run smooth as butter.

At any rate, if you’ve been trading awhile you know that news moves markets. All types of news. Thus learning the patterns that are created when news hits is key for traders and investors to make the best of an opportunity.

Benzinga gets the new to you before the rest of the herd. Both in visual and audio format. Next, once you open it up you’ll be greeted with the welcome screen that lets you pick your strategy.

Do you really want to spend the time charting, setting your orders, googling news, filtering, clicking back and forth, and having multiple browser tabs open?

Or do you want everything in one platform. Charts, News, Audio, earnings, chat room and more? Make it simple. Trading is hard enough, why complicate things? Right? Bookmark our swing trade watch list page: Stock Watchlists.

Benzinga Pro Review


Everybody loves the most popular feature…the news feed. This is where you can tailor your criteria by source or where news comes from.

Category or what particular section of the market do you want to look at. Commodities? Forex? FDA? Futures? Maybe Tech? (learn how to open an investment account).

You name it, there is a category for it. Also you can also filter the entire news feed built around your custom watch list built in Benzinga Pro.  

Most importantly, once you get your news feed setup you’ll get a scrolling feed of tickers based on the criteria you selected. 

Take note, if the symbols are green, the stock is up for the day, if its red, its down for the day. Pretty self explanatory. 

Actually, what is really cool is if you hover over the ticker it will tell you its daily change but also the “change since publish”, showing how much the stock has reacted since news hit.

Also, we share this feature when we do live trading streams in our live trading rooms. Dan is probably sharing his BZ screen right now, or Squishy (or chatroom mod) is likely streaming squawk in the trade room.

More on Squawk below. Also, check out a list of of the top stock scanners.

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Benzinga Pro Squawk: Review

  • There is a feature in Benzinga Pro called Benzinga Pro Squawk that audibly reads breaking stock market news in real time! As we know, sometimes traders are in inundated with multiple tasks at any one time. This could be juggling things like reading a chat room log, watching several stock charts, and watching a scanner.

“Charlie” reads different types of breaking news, block trades, economic news alerts, with results, extreme volume, halts, and much more. Other Benzinga Pro reviews really rave about the Squawk feature.

Above all, all of these types of audible news alerts are great for spotting market moving price action. So its well worth paying attention to if you are a trader looking for a reaction. Why? Because you want to keep your hands and eyes free, and utilize your sense of sound!

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If you guys wants REAL TIME stock alerts from our team of traders, come check out our stock alerts page.

Trade Rooms

We run 3 trade rooms that focuses on technical day, swing and futures trading, but we think it is really cool that Benzinga now offers a chatroom within its product for traders to use.

Indeed, the News desk moderators are highly interactive with the chat room members, and will often answer questions and just chat with traders. We think this is a great addition to the product.

Therefore you can share ideas, which hyperlink the symbol, and allow you to click right on the chart and pull it up, along with all of the news associated with the ticker.

Next let’s review on the Benzinga Pro Screener. We can scan for particular stocks in a sector, or just leave it blank to scan every sector. It’s also great that we can look at multiple different time frames. If you’re long bias, sort by gainers, short bias, sort by losers.

Time Frames

The settings can also scan for specific time frames – as some of you reading this are day traders and maybe like the 15 minute charts vs daily charts.

Set your prices – penny stocks? Sure – the big boys like $AMZN and $GOOGL – you can filter and only find stocks to your preference. The screener will auto refresh every minute,  scanning for changes, or you can freeze it when you find your niche.

You can also set desktop alerts, and customize the sounds for particular stocks with particular news. It’s extremely helpful so you don’t miss important breaking news or a setup you like.

When reading other Benzinga review articles online you’ll see how much their customers really like their setup as well as their breaking news features.

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How Much Is Benzinga Pro in 2022? Pricing Review

  • How much is Benzinga Pro in 2022? Their “Basic” plan is $99 per month and their “Essential” plan is $177 per month. 20% annual discount available.

We like that you can quickly sort by price range, and then organize by volume. For example, when looking for stocks to trade intra-day, we will look at the 15 minute scanner setting, and scan for stocks between $5 and $20.

Moving on, we’ll sort by volume, and look at the top volume stocks. Next, double click on the symbols to pull up a quote and glance at the chart, look at news, financial data, and more.

Also, Benzinga pro also has another pretty neat function. If you want sound alerts for specific types of breaking news, you can head over to their alert page and custom tune the alert page to your liking. You’ll get a sound on your desktop, and if you’re away from your trading station you will get an email notifying you of the alert triggering.

Final Thoughts on BZ Pro

A good example is if you’re a biotech trader and are waiting for FDA news, set your sounds and email alerts and always be ready when breaking FDA news hits! As any day trader knows, being prepared for when news hits is the most important part of momentum trading.

We hope you enjoyed this Benzinga Pro Review! You’ll see us using BZ daily on our live trading streams so be sure to check out our daily streams! We are all about teaching our members how to become better traders and we do this by also recommending only high quality tools that will help them to become better traders.

Use promo code “bullishbears25” at checkout to save 25%.

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