Best Computer Speakers

Best Computer Speakers

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Why do you need the best computer speakers as a day trader? Having the best speakers you can will enhance your day trading experience. While either listening to your favorite news stream or reviewing the day trading course on our website.

Typically, in the audio world, the more you spend the better quality you get. Here we’re going to discuss a few of the different features or lack thereof on a variety of different premium desktop speakers. Before solidifying your decision on which speakers you are going to get you need to consider a few of these things.

Will they fit into your work atmosphere? How about your budget? Are you getting quality for the money you’re spending? Find out more about the best computer speakers below.

Best Computer Speakers

A great pair of desktop speakers or the best computer speakers are the Logitech MX sound 2.0. They offer adequate sound quality for their price range. They have a simplistic design so you should be able to fit them into any workflow.

Now these speakers aren’t going to give you cinematic quality sound but they’re definitely going to be much better than your standard built-in speaker set. They have a basic spec of 6.3 inch round speaker with Bluetooth connectivity.

The right side speaker has controls built into it for adjusting the volume and pairing a Bluetooth device. They are touch sensitive with built in buttons on front of the speaker. This is kind of awkward. A plus, however, are no bulky stands so that will not be an issue. You can hide them and not have to worry about them sticking out.

Besides Bluetooth, they also offer a 3.5 mm input on the back of the right speaker as well as a 3.5 mm output. As a result, you can plug in your favorite set of headphones.

The most important part about speaker’s though are how do they sound? Like we said before, they’re not the best cinematic sound. The bass can be a little out of place but not horrible to where you can’t use them. They do offer a great ‘basic’ experience.

All-in-all they do have their little quirks. However, they’re a good simple plug-and-play set of speakers that get the job done and allow you to watch our live streams with okay quality.

Great Sound That Won’t Break the Bank

best computer speakers

Okay let’s go ahead and get it out of the way yes they look odd. However, they are a good break from the norm. As traders sometimes we need that.

The Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse speaker set is definitely something that will catch anyone’s eye coming to your office. Coming in at around $150 on Amazon they are an outstanding value for their price with an aesthetic appeal.

A solid build, quality and a good clear range of sound make these futuristic speakers a joy to accompany you while trading. Something to consider when looking for the best computer speakers.

Now one of the main things that I’ll point out as a flaw is the exposed Tweeter. That thing is just begging to be poked. Don’t poke the tweeter trust me. Each speaker features a three-quarter inch Dome tweeter and a 3.5 inch mid range driver.

It also features a slick looking remote that offers buttons for power and volume. The speakers have adjustments on the right side speaker that can be connected to a Bluetooth device.

Now they may be small but they have a great base for their size with a good deep rich sound.

All in all, for the money, these are a great set of speakers. They’ll fit into any modern designed space. Whenever you decide to have your news feed played out you will be able to hear every last little detail with no quarrels. I’d highly recommend these to anyone that wants a great simple speaker with amazing performance for its price.

Professional Grade

Let’s look at the best computer speakers of a professional grade. Let’s say you just scored that perfect reversal. Money isn’t a big concern for you and you want the best cinematic sounding experience possible. The Razer Nommo Pro is your best friend.

Key features include certified THX Premium  audio and Dolby virtual surround sound. These two features will give you a cinematic immersion experience like you’ve never felt from a pair of desktop speakers.

With some subtle RGB lighting that won’t distract from your busy work flow, they add a nice little flair to your professional work space. They can connect via USB Bluetooth 4.2 or 3.5 mm audio jack.

The two stand speakers feature 20 mm silk woven tweeters for nice sound quality. They’re accompanied by 3 inch drivers coated with Kevlar fiber for those high intense moments. This kit also features a downward firing subwoofer for powerful base-notes.

All of this is controlled at the slight turn of the dial or with the included software. The software is quite simple but has a lot of features allowing you to control the color scheme sound and audio options.

Now these speakers aren’t for the faint of heart. They’re going to allow you to hear every last little remark made on your favorite news feed. 

They are going to enhance the way you feel about your workspace not through only their sound, but through their visually appealing aesthetic. A powerful Trader needs powerful audio and these will do just the trick as the best computer speakers.

Food for Thought

At the end of the day you can get by with just a pair of headphones. Although, let’s be honest, the best traders in the world pay for what will give them an edge. The best computer speakers are going to help give you that edge.

Whether it is looking at the Bullish Bears courses, scrolling through YouTube or finding the next great motivational speech to empower you to make great trades.

You need a quality audio experience to enjoy yourself. Everyone needs to start somewhere even if it’s just a simple set of Logitech MX 2.0 or you feel that you have earned yourself a ticket to the Razer Nommo experience.

Do yourself the favor and budget in a set of quality speakers.

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