• July 5, 2019

​Do you know where to find the best online stock trading courses? Watch our video​ below.

There are a lot of online stock trading courses for those that want to learn about the market. In fact, these are actual classes in brick and mortar establishments that teach novices about purchasing stocks and shares. However, if you want to learn online, you need to know where the best online stock trading courses are.

They feature industry-leading stockbrokers; along with seasoned instructors that have mastered the art of buying and selling on NASDAQ, NYSE, ASE, and other domestic and international stock exchanges. 

If asking what the best online stock trading courses are, there are several options available depending on what you want to trade.


​The best online stock trading courses teach you how the markets run and fluctuate. From live trading and audio lessons to tests and quizzes, these digital classes keep your education about the market up to date. 

Similarly, they give you an edge over other traders; while effectively teaching you about economics and trade. Whether you're a seasoned trader or novice, you can access the best strategies with web-based classes. 

These classes allow you to learn at your own pace; while obtaining the best tips and techniques to be a stock investor success. These courses also teach you economics.

As a result, you don't need a college class to brush up on your skills. With a unique teaching style, you will learn so much from the following highly rated courses.

Below you'll see a few of the many online courses available to choose from. Not all are equal, so I encourage you to do further research before committing to any one provider. Check out a list of the best online stock trading brokers.

Best Online Stock Trading Courses


The Bullish Bears are considered one of the top online programs for beginners to learn how to trade. With over $3,000 worth of free stock investing courses, they're perfect for those who want to learn without emptying their pocketbook.

The Bullish Bears team provides stock market coaching on topics such as day trading, swing trading, options, and long-term trading strategies. All of this is provided exclusively in their membership-based live trading rooms.   

They also teach you how to read accounts, along with analyzing stocks and understanding the best market investment methods and techniques. Something the best online stock trading courses teach you.

One of the best features offered by Bullish Bears is their chat room services hosted by expert trading mentors. They have different live chat rooms for day and swing/futures trading.

Their trade rooms are a safe place for you to study and learn from a lot of diverse traders. You'll be able to see what members are saying live. What I like about their trade rooms is they don't call out trades nor is it acceptable to call out trades.

They focus on educating and coaching members so they can enter based on the criteria that work form them. They coach EVERY single day of the week in their trade rooms.

Unfortunately but predictably, other course providers will have additional fees once you sign up. What sets Bullish Bears apart from other course providers is the fact that they don't try to up-sell you. They're transparent.

​There aren't paywalls, expensive coaching lessons on the side, and no expensive courses to sell you. What you see is what you get with the best online stock trading courses.  

​The yearly membership has a next level training library that goes in depth with day trading, options and Futures.


Warrior Trading is also highly recognized for its training. These classes feature real-time simulators, along with small group mentoring and promotional codes for savings.

Its Warrior Pro class is for more seasoned and experienced traders. You get access to their core based systems with a real-time simulator and small group classes six times a week.

There is also a swing trade course coupled with cap and cryptocurrency classes. One on one hourly mentoring sessions are also available as part of this level.

Depending on the course you sign up for, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3164 (Warrior Starter course) to $5,200 (Warrior Pro). Needless to say, Warrior Trading is definitely not one of the cheapest day trader educational options around.

If money is important, the best stock trading courses might be one that's easy on the wallet.


Another course to consider as part of the best online stock trading courses is Bear Bull Traders Education with​ a sound, reputable education program​.

With an emphasis on strategies and techniques, these classes educate both beginner and advanced traders on every aspect of the domestic and international trade process.

You'll even learn how to select the top broker to meet your trading needs within time and budget. Another benefit of this program is setting up its signature trading platform.

With this feature, you get advanced educational content geared around current trends, VWAP trades, ABCD patterns, and Opening Range Breakouts.

Students also get to learn about the best stocks across a myriad of industries, sectors, and niches. This includes health, biotech, entertainment, medicine, IT, and much more.

A feature I like with Bull Bears Traders is that DAS Trader provides their real-time simulator. With Nasdaq Totalview Level 2 market depth at a discounted rate of $100/month you save $50 a month.

Members even get access to experienced traders with guaranteed techniques and tips for earning viable incomes. From time and sales to share volumes, you learn about the market trends and how to project or understand indicators.

The psychology of investing is part of the program with an emphasis on working directly with traders and digital brokerage firms. This way, you get hands-on access to individual trades in an open format, as well as timely answers and support to your questions.

In regards to cost, it will set you back $39 a month for an intro trial and $99 a month for the Pro. For those more adventurous, a one-time payment of $1199 will get you a lifetime subscription.

Best Online Stock Trading


When searching for the best online trading courses, you should also consider Investors Business Daily. These platforms are ideal for beginners and advanced traders alike.

These courses concentrate on educating the masses about options and investing in the markets. You'll learn different strategies to become a profitable options trader. 

With three plans that teach you about balancing profits and multi-legged options, you can learn the top ways to navigate the markets.

IBD is also offering 7 hours of education on any device with a $200 discount. This tool is an ideal solution for students that want to learn while on the go.


Udemy offers The Complete Day Trading Course to jump-start your day trading career. These classes are for both those that want to invest or possibly become traders themselves.

The online class curriculum focuses on technical analysis with 16 proven chart patterns for optimal success. You learn about performance indicators with instructional videos, articles, resources, and complete lifetime access for reviews.

This complete course is comprehensive and cohesive from start to finish. With excellent resources, these materials are designed to help you access new market strategies.

Whether looking for a new career or want to expand your investment portfolio, these classes will truly achieve your desired results.


Udemy even offers easy training for beginners looking to invest in the Forex market. The course features lecture videos from seasoned traders and professionals.

Students also get access to supplemental resources and a certificate of completion after the course ends. Whether for novices or advanced traders alike, these plans feature the top ways to prepare for the stock markets. 

hey also cover the best trading platforms and stock exchanges to invest in. As part of Forex courses, students learn the best profitable top-down trade techniques.

Techniques such as reading the market, ticker tape, stock differentiation's, and common Forex investing patterns. With a ranking of 4.3 out of 5, Forex classes continue to receive good, steady reviews online.

They also offer cost-effective prices to access the materials needed to grow your stock career or investment portfolio. Simply register for these classes online and experience a wealth of benefits (check out our page on the many different types of stocks).


The financial markets have more potential for profit generation than ever before. With the advent of mobile technologies, it's now easy to invest and trade across a myriad of platforms.

Investors Underground taps into these potentials with great online market sessions. Students get access to free video tutorials for beginners, along with a range of membership options.

As a student, you learn about the workings of the stock market. This includes market fluctuations and trends, as well as mechanisms of buying, selling and core essentials.

With a range of necessary tools, you can understand which stocks are projected to grow and expand in the weeks and months ahead. 


Just like trying to find jeans that fit, not every class will be the right fit for you. To be successful, finding a course and community that you “click” with and an easy to understand teaching style, is one of the most important things you can do.

Please, don’t be afraid to reach out to the mentors before signing up to ask a few questions. Ask them if they're comfortable sharing their successes and losses.

Most instructors are happy to talk to potential students. As a result, you’ll get a more intimate look at the course’s focus before spending money.

In fact, here at the Bullish Bears, we offer a penny stocks list, stock watch list along with real time stock alerts and trading alerts that you can practice trading. Our courses are here for you to learn. 

Our mission has always been to give back as much knowledge as possible. Don't believe us? Check our service out for yourself! 

Free Trading Courses
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