Best Places to Buy Gold and Silver

Best Places to Buy Gold and Silver

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Ever wonder how to find the best places to buy gold and silver? That was us at one point to. We had to search and find out the hard way, so you don’t have to. One of my favorites is Hard Assets Alliance, but I’ll go into all of the great places you can score the wonderful world of precious metals.

  1. Here are some of the best places to buy gold and silver:
  2. Hard Assets Alliance
  3. JM Bullion
  4. American Precious Metals Exchange

Here is a quick easy list of the best places to buy gold and silver. Below are my top 3.

Number 3: American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) has a long history in the precious metals industry. Their knowledge spans over 3 decades of experience. Often they have a full selection of both gold and silver not much over spot price. These guys have a solid reputation and that’s important when investing into this sector.

How solid you say? Well, they have an A+ rating on BBB and many good reviews from the industry as a whole. It should be noted that in times of metal shortages they have had issues with on time delivery. So if you’re in a rush, you might have to wait. The customer service has always been held in high regards. They do assist new buyers in their first purchases but are not an education service, so do your due diligence first.

Sales and Deals

Sales and deals are pretty common so they make a great business to shop with during the holiday season. They do except many forms of payment so you can be at ease with your transactions. As a result, you know they are one of the best places to buy gold and silver.

Certified check, Cashier’s check, Credit card, standard check and Money order are all acceptable methods of payment. Hey, maybe they will accept crypto someday (haha, seriously who knows?)

There is a 3% premium for using Credit card so keep that in mind when making large orders.

Over all APMEX has a top notch setup that makes buying gold and silver bullion, coins or bars simple and easy. Worth checking out.

JM Bullion

Number two on our list: JM Bullion.

JM Bullion was founded in 2011 when gold was close to the $2000 mark. They were a young company but made quite a splash in the precious metals industry. Offering a wide selection of Coil, Bullion and Gold IRA’s, they have you covered on most of your precious metal investment needs. They are a smaller operation than most so this gives them a mom and pop feel.

They have an A+ rating from BBB and a low list of complaints. Any complaints have been settled quickly and respectfully. It’s hard to find good customer service from an online retailer in any industry but JM bullion has grown and excelled at this.

At the time of writing they have free shipping on orders over $99 dollars and over 2000 different product to select from. Weekly deals and educational material are available as well. All common methods of payment are accepted. (No crypto)

Their website is very straightforward and easy to navigate. As a result, even the newest of silver stackers can find their way around pretty simply. All things considered JM Bullion, while being a somewhat young company, has a good footprint so far in the industry. Baring the common issues when there are shortages due to high demand, JM Bullion is a solid platform to order from and you can trust them with your business.

Hard Assets Alliance

Number one on our list: Hard Assets Alliance.

Hard Assets Alliance (HAA) is very similar to the same way we trade equities in the market. HAA was founded in 2012 by a group of top industry analysts with expertise in the precious metals market. The guys who formed this business have a reputation for experience and respect. This is why the company is so well respected despite only being around for less than 10 years.

They’re for the more experienced precious metals investor. They do have a “buy it now” system. Typically a majority of their inventory is coin bullion from around the world that is certified, which is great because who wants to carry around giant bars of gold. Personally coins are my favorite and I could see them being used again in my lifetime, if not my children s lifetime. 

Back to the buy it now feature…if you place a purchase order then that’s your “Bid”. They act as the broker with their wholesalers to get you the best price. It’s much like how we buy tickets from a site like ticketmaster, but you actually get to hold the physical stock. They find the best price and do all the work, you reap the benefits. I like that kind of system and this is why they are number one in my book.

They offer a number of IRA accounts and education to go along with them. Companies that offer education (like the Bullish Bears) get my respect. They also offer a booklet on how the whole process works and what to look for when buying. Good stuff.

High ranking with the BBB and in the industry as a whole, HAA is a solid company, if a bit out of the norm for a typical dealer. They have outstanding customer support and pride themselves on customer relations. Getting the best bang for your buck makes HAA a solid bet.

They also offer storage options for certain amounts and will send you information on everything. Typical holiday sales do apply on their “buy it now” products. So now being November you may be able to score some sweet deals.

Having said all of this, the mechanics of HAA are very similar to trading so that is a plus. Their customer service is great.

Your only concerns should be to take into consideration that this is a bid style system. The price you see may not be exactly what you get. You confirm the numbers before any money is transferred so no worries of an overdraft. Which is good to know when researching the best places to buy gold and silver


Ever see those commercials on TV where they want to buy your gold? Your local coin and metals dealer can be a huge asset to you. Typically they will buy and sell to you at Spot(market) price. You should approach them with the same consideration as you would a major broker.

Ask a few questions first.  How long have they been dealing in investment metals and do they have a good history in the metals community? Are they located in a good neighborhood or are they in a more dangerous part of town?

Pawn shops can have good deals at times but with every good deal there can be a catch. Fakes are common in the industry in this day and age so you must be vigilant on being able to detect them. Don’t buy from a local shop unless you have done your homework. Stick with someone that deals specifically in just coins and bullion so you can be certain their knowledge base will be firm in the subject. They will also be able to give you the who’s who in the surrounding area if you are curious on honing your skills even more.

If you are going to seriously invest in precious metals, than your risk management is what you should focus on. Diversifying where you get your metals can allow you to get the best price possible.


We all trade and act in different styles, mindsets and setups. However, we all want the same thing in the end. A future that is secure to the best extent possible. All of the brokers discussed here are very viable options to achieve this goal. Hard Asset Alliance is still my favorite all around.

If you are a hands on person then stick with the local dealer as they can become a friend after many years of face to face work. However, if you want a quick “this is what I’m getting and this is the price” experience without all of the chit chat, then I would suggest going with APEX.

If you do not have a safe or viable place to store your precious metal investment then look into Hard Asset Alliance..

Whatever you situation you DO have options to build this safety net around you. You DO NOT have excuses for neglecting to build a safety net of risk management into your portfolio.

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