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Best Site to Learn Stock Trading?

What is the best site to learn stock trading? Stock market trading is something that’s become quite a popular way to make money. Is there one better than the other? What is the best site to learn stock trading? You need to have a trading plan in mind. How much do you want to spend? What trading style do you want to learn?

With the rising popularity of Robo-advisors and index fund investing, it seems trading in individual stocks is fast becoming a lost art. But tens of millions of traders continue to trade individual stocks and other securities.

The question you need to ask yourself is if you know how to do so without the Robo-adviser holding your hand? If your answer is no or a shaky yes, you must pick the best site to learn stock trading.

How much time and effort are you will to put in to study and practice? All of these are questions to consider as you search for the best site to learn stock trading.

If you’re new, you have to be willing to put in study time. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. In fact, it’s a skill that can last you a lifetime.

As a result, you need to treat trading like you would a career. You go to college and out in the time and effort to learn a skill to have a way to pay your bills with money left over for fun things.

Therefore, trading is just like that. It will require study sessions. However, you can paper trade which gives you an outlet to practice before you go live.

Practice makes perfect right? Our online trading courses are available to you as a starting point to learn trading styles, patterns along with support and resistance.

Bullish Bears

Best Site to Learn Stock Trading

Check out our post on how to get started in stocks.

If you’re just getting started and have no clue what you need to be doing, Bullish Bears might just the right place for you. Does that mean you should exclude all other options? No.

In fact, there are lots of excellent courses to choose from; and some not so great. But I do think as a newbie, you’d be wise to pick a supportive company, one that you can trust to pick you up off the ground when you fall. And no matter how much you think you’re invisible, it will happen. Trust me.

The Bullish Bears trading service was created with the vision of becoming the most trusted trading community in the world. We’re committed to providing you with the best resources and training.

When you become a member of their community, you’re not just learning how you can make money in the stock market. You’re joining a movement dedicated to help and protect you by showing you that anyone can learn to be a trader.

Let’s talk about cost. Not only do Bullish Bears want to help you succeed, but they also want to help you avoid spending large amounts on expensive education programs. Hence being the best site to learn stock trading; in my opinion.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to learn “secret trading strategies.” In fact, we have thousands of dollars worth of free online trading courses available here. The truth is there is no holy grail in trading. There is no magic formula. It takes dedication and time to develop a personal strategy that will give you an edge.

Factors to Consider

Once you’ve identified the best site to learn stock trading, the next step is to sign up with a broker. Since you’ll be investing your hard-earned money through a broker, and you’ll want to do that with the best brokers to maximize your returns.

There are a lot of great brokerages and platforms out there to choose from. But no matter what someone tells you about a specific platform or brokerage, the most crucial consideration is working with one that best suits your needs as a trader.

Some factors to consider:

  • If you’re a new trader, you will want to go with a broker that offers a virtual or “paper” trading account. This will allow you to learn the ropes without using real money.
  • If you’re an active trader, commission fees need to be first and foremost, since they will eat up your profits. As well, you’ll need a trading platform, laptop and internet connection that supports high-frequency trading.
  • For options traders, pay close attention to the features and tools available. A platform that’s considered best-in-class based on individual stocks, funds or even low fees may not be the best choice.
  • As a buy-and-hold type of investor, specific investment analysis tools may be more important to you than choosing the lowest fee broker.

Which Stock Trading Site Is Best for Beginners?

Do you know which stock trading site is the best for beginners?

  1. Bullish Bears – an affordable all service trading company
  2. Fidelity – good research tools and education.
  3. E*Trade – good for basic trading.
  4. TD Ameritrade – a great tool for beginners with paper trading and tools.
  5. Charles Schwab – good for researching.
  6. Robinhood – good for no trading fees and zero commissions.

Best Trading Platform in TD Ameritrade

I don’t think I am alone in my feelings that TD Ameritrade has the best software charting platform in 2020. With more than 400 technical studies available, streaming real-time data, and customizable charts, their “thinkorswim” software is as good as it gets. Here’s a fantastic tutorial on how to use the thinkorswim platform.

Better yet, is their paperMoney tool, a virtual trading account that gives you access to $100,000 worth of play money. Users get a chance to test drive their strategies without worrying about losing their hard-earned cash.

As a new trader, I highly suggest you sign up with TD Ameritrade. Even though the charts can seem overwhelming at first, with a little bit of practice, it will be easier.

Pairing a good trading platform with the best site to learn stock trading gives you the best chance for success. In fact, our stock watch lists and real-time alerts are made using ThinkorSwim.

Best Site to Learn Stock Trading

Final Thoughts: Best Site to Learn Stock Trading

No matter how much you may hear that site X is the “best”, always remember that’s an opinion. The best site to learn stock trading is the one that work best for you, not your friend.

With Bullish Bears, we will hold your hand, so you’re never alone. As a member, you gain your power via $3,000+ worth of stock market courses.

In time and with practice, we no longer will have to hold your hand, you will become an independent trader. Above all, you learn in their trade room through their live daily streams, real-time charting and mentoring. Why don’t you try us today for a free trial?


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Invest the proper time into your Trading Education and don’t try to run before you learn to crawl. Trading stocks is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not gambling either, though there are people who treat it this way. Don’t be that person! 


The Bullish Bears team focuses on keeping things as simple as possible in our online trading courses and chat rooms. We provide our members with courses of all different trading levels and topics.

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