Best Stock Market News Apps

Best Stock News Apps

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Whether you’re a veteran trader or a new investor, we know that information rules the stock market. While trading hours are only open for eight hours per day, stock market news comes 24/7. Now more than ever it’s important to have updated news available. And have it immediately accessible whenever you need it. So much of our trading done right on our smartphones these days. I t makes sense to have the best news apps as well. So which apps are the best stock market news apps?

There’s a long list of them. Some you know, others you may not. A lot of them are free. But some of them you have to pay for. Choosing the right stock market news app can be overwhelming. But luckily for you we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of the best stock market news apps to help you with trading today!

Like I said, there’s a lot of free information available on the internet. You just need to know where to find it. Many of these will have premium memberships you can sign up for.

Then you’ll have access to additional content or features. However, a good majority of us will only use it for free news. If you’re looking for free stock market news, here are some of the best free apps available!

Twitter: Not exactly what you were expecting right? Twitter is actually the dominant social media platform for breaking news of any kind. FinTwit or Financial Twitter is an excellent source for free investing news and advice. 

Just be careful of who you’re taking advice from. In terms of breaking stock market news, there is no more powerful feed that you can have on your phone or computer.

All of the major investing brands have Twitter accounts as well. So if you want to amalgamate all of your sources into one timeline, you can easily customize your Twitter to do this. 

Yahoo Finance: Probably one of the first financial news apps that any new investors will turn to, Yahoo Finance is an excellent app for breaking news. As well as individual stock data.

Yahoo pulls news from all different sources and even accumulates trending and relevant articles directly into your feed.

Yahoo certainly isn’t used much for email or searches these days. However, it’s still one of the most widely used financial apps in the world. It’s probably one of best features of Yahoo these days. They’ve been owned by Verizon since 2017 (NASDAQL $VZ) In conclusion, with everything from stocks to forex to cryptocurrencies, Yahoo Finance has all you need in a stock market news app. (Yes, even their charts are ok too!)

Free Apps They designed and created their own mobile app which makes a mobile friendly version of the very popular site, This corner of the internet is well known for its financial tools, real-time stock data, and it’s very sleek economic events calendar. And of course market news and analysis.

The site and app together do a great job of covering global markets and financial events. Unlike other apps that are more centralized around the American markets. There are also regional versions of the site that can be set to your liking! can be often overlooked when compared to other news sites, but its stock market reporting is always unbiased and top notch. There are also great contributors who submit articles with charts and opinion who are worth taking a look at if you’re looking for market opinions that may challenge or confirm your own!

CNBC: One of the top stock market news networks in the United States also has a mobile app! The site is widely used for financial news that has created a a light and user friendly app for those of us who can’t get enough news when we are on the go. The site is one of the fastest for breaking stock market news, with a very active feed.

New articles appear all the time. One of the best parts of the CNBC app is that it has a lot of interactive multimedia for users; including podcasts and even live streams of the CNBC cable channel. The cable channel can be watched right on your phone, however, to watch it for a long duration you’ll need to log in with your cable subscription or pay for CNBC TV outright separately.

Well-known investing figures like Jim Cramer also appear regularly, and even provide some of the premium content for paid subscribers. CNBC is one of the most reliable brands in the financial news industry so its no surprise that this app is found on so many users smartphones inside of our trading community at Bullish Bears.

The Most Popular Free Social Media News App

StockTwits: Now this one is fun! We’ve been using this site and app since 2016. They’re an interesting stock market platform like no other. If you’ve never used it, it’s like Twitter and Yahoo Finance had a love child together and gave it unrestricted and unmonitored access to the internet. However, the StockTwits mods and admin team does a great job, albeit a hard job of keeping the community safe and clean for users. I suppose it is considered a social media platform as it is primarily user-driven. StockTwits is a full-on discussion board where traders can discuss and debate any tradable asset.

It’s the world’s largest network of investors and traders and provides an excellent forum for knowledge and information. StockTwits also includes other investing tools like breaking news feeds, economic calendars, and stock charts. If you love discussing stocks with other traders, then StockTwits is a must-have for any investor! Oh and you can follow us on ST here.

Premium Stock Market Apps

A quick note on premium versus free apps. Premium apps are ones that require a paid subscription to either access or continue to access news and information. I’m sure you have all hit those paywalls when trying to read certain articles, so you probably already know exactly which apps these are.

There’s nothing wrong with them, but news is news no matter where you get it. If you are looking for a stock market news app, I’d probably go with a free app over a paid app any day. But if you find value in trying the premium app, by all means, pay for it!

Bloomberg: So while Bloomberg makes you at least sign up for an account to view more than a certain number of articles, the mobile app is completely free to use. But…there’s a catch.

The catch is that the app is much more limited than the site, so if you click on Bloomberg links you’ll likely get hit by the paywall. Alternatively, if money is of no object, you can rent the Bloomberg Terminal for $24,000 per year.

This not so cheap software provides advanced trading tools and news, and is used by most of the large institutional investors in the world. For the rest of us, there’s a free app which does a pretty good job of dishing out news articles. Personally, I prefer CNBC over Bloomberg, but to each their own.

MarketWatch: MarketWatch is another site that limits your access to free articles before it throws up a paywall and blocks you. Nothing like getting you hooked on stock news app and then cutting you off haha! Like Bloomberg, the app is free to use but it is limited compared to the paid site. MarketWatch provides features much like the rest of these apps with customizable watchlists, breaking news feeds, and individual stock data and charts. They have been around for ages and have a unique opinion and contributor base that makes this one a popular amongst traders and investors alike.

Other Well Known Apps

Barron’s: Barron’s is a true premium subscription app and website. If you have ever clicked on a Barron’s article while browsing the internet you will be cut off after a few paragraphs in. The website has a prompt to sign up for a paid subscription (they need to eat right?). My guess is that like a lot of stock news sites they do this because the ad revenue isn’t worth it alone.

It seems like Barron’s app is this way as well with a $19.99 monthly charge for users who want full access to all of the features. Is the news any better on Barron’s than a free app? Probably not, but the brand does carry a premium expectation. If you would like to compare, Barron’s is actually owned by the same company as MarketWatch so try not to pay for two subscriptions to the same parent company as the views and content *might* be similar.  

Seeking Alpha: Seeking Alpha is a popular website that also limits how many articles you can access per month. That is unless you pay for a subscription of course. Seeking Alpha depends on users to provide written articles that members can read. It’s an interesting system, as it pays the writers by clicks, so Seeking Alpha could be for you if you prefer your subscription money goes to pay freelance writers rather than a big corporation. (We always like to support the little guy when we can!)

Are Premium Apps Worth It?

It’s an ever-present conundrum in this digital and connected age. What’s the price we’re willing to pay for news and information? On the one hand, all you need is a Twitter account and you can get 24 hours access to news around the world for free.

If something happens anywhere, somebody is going to tweet about it. With paid apps, it’s not the news feed you are paying for, it is everything else. Like I said, news is news. You can learn the same thing on Twitter just as fast as you’d learn it on Barron’s.

But can you get professional journalism and analysis on Twitter? Arguably not. It all comes down to what you are primarily using these apps for. If it’s just for a news feed, then I would urge you not to pay for a premium app. Try the free apps and use a combination to get what you need. If it’s for premium journalism and additional features or access, then feel free to pay if you think it is worth it. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day it is always going to be up to your personal preference. Personally, I use Yahoo Finance for individual stock news, as well as more in depth information like options chains and stock history. If I am at a computer I will often head to CNBC or to get some of the breaking news or market analysis for the day. If I am on my phone, I find myself checking my investing news feed on Twitter for all of the latest market developments. There are dozens if not hundreds to choose from, so find the stock market news app that works best for you! 

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