Best Swing Trading Apps?

Are you looking for the best swing trading apps? Swing trading is a happy medium for traders. It can be a quick in and out like day traders, or it can be a long-term swing that lasts months. If you’ve heard the term and are wondering what it means, you’ve come to the right place. Swing trading is a short-term trade, usually lasting anywhere from a couple of days to a few months. Like day trading, technical analysis is a swing trader’s best friend. Reading charts and predicting price action is a huge part of swing trading, but a longer-term outlook also lets you play market-moving catalysts. 

Swing Trading and the Best Swing Trading Apps

Is swing trading riskier? It’s definitely riskier than long-term investing. More often than not swing trades don’t involve mega-cap or blue-chip stocks. Small to medium-cap companies work best for swing trading as they come with higher volatility.

Just as with day trading, things can go south in a hurry. Before getting into swing trading, it’s best to equip yourself with the best resources and apps that are available to you. It starts with a great, unbiased news site. Getting market-moving notifications before others is key to getting a head start on a trade.

Second, you’ll definitely want a great trading platform that is reliable, with minimal charges. Finally, Fintwit and Reddit can be incredible investing tools. But we’ll show you a site that accumulates and ranks every financial analyst on the internet in one convenient database! If you’re looking to get into swing trading, we have three of the best swing trading apps in mind that will definitely help you get started!

Reliable and Unbiased Market News:

Best Swing Trading Apps
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Let’s be honest, the internet’s full of different financial news sites. But which ones can you trust and which ones are just spamming for clicks? With a domain name like, you know the site probably has pretty high traffic and needs to uphold a certain quality.

It offers a clean interface and covers all of the major and minor financial markets from around the world. This includes equities, forex, international stock markets, and cryptocurrencies. aims to be a global financial portal for investors of all different experience levels. Unlike premium financial sites like Bloomberg, Reuters, or Barrons, provides its content for free. makes most of its revenue through ads. also has a paid Investing Insights profile that you can sign up for. This provides in-depth stock analysis to help you with your trades. provides a free 14-day trial, but once that’s over there’s a subscription price of $179.00 billed annually. 

The thing I love about It’s accurate, unbiased, and when I read an article I’m not bombarded by ads. even has an incredibly functional mobile app that has all of the stock data you need to be a successful trader. There are a ton of features that make a one-stop-shop for all of your financial data.

From technical analysis charting to economic market tools, and even an education section with helpful webinars and courses. In the fast-paced world of day and swing trading, getting your news accurately and quickly is the most important tool in your arsenal. If there is something going on in the world that is moving the markets, is on it! Hence why it’s one of the best swing trading apps.

A Reliable Trading Platform: WeBull

Best Swing Trading Apps

We include Webull in the best swing trading apps. There are so many different trading platforms out there so you need to choose one that you know you can count on. These days the bare minimum for trading platforms is zero trading fees and an easy-to-use mobile app. Well, WeBull has both of those covered and then some! 

Being a swing trader means you need to have access to your brokerage account at all times. You never know when a piece of news is going to hit the stock you are watching. WeBull users love the flexibility and accessibility of the mobile app. Mobile trading is becoming very popular these days, helped in part by the emergence of Robinhood as a popular platform.

With WeBull, you never have to worry about stepping away from your computer. Mobile app trading access allows you to close out of a trade and lock in a profit, even if you have to dash out of the house. 

The layout and interface of WeBull is top-notch. Some platforms make it difficult to trade by overcomplicating the screens and options. Not with WeBull! Not only is the system easy to use, but there are $0 fees and if you sign up now, you even get two free shares of different companies. If you’re a day trader, swing trader, or long-term investor, WeBull is a highly recommended online brokerage to get you started.

Follow the Brightest Minds in Investing:

If you’re like me you’re always scouring the internet for the latest stock analysis. There’s an endless list of financial blogs and sites that pump out articles on a daily basis. Nothing against them! I use them myself. Sites like the Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha are excellent resources for news and analysis. Of course, you should always do your own research and due diligence, rather than just following the advice of an internet blogger. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we could tell which bloggers and financial writers know what they’re talking about? Meet This site is quite literally a dedicated database to the performance of every Wall Street analyst, financial blogger, and corporate insider in the investing world.

If they post or publish something online about a stock, they are most likely ranked on TipRanks. The ranking system is the heart and soul of the site, but there are plenty of other tools that can help you in your trading. These include a stock screener, top stocks lists, stock comparisons, top-performing analyst and blogger charts, insider trading, and even managing your own smart portfolio. This means you can enter the stocks you are personally invested in. As of this year, TipRanks also tracks the performance of its premium members’ smart portfolios.

Like most financial sites, TipRanks also offers a paid premium service. Is it worth it? That always depends on your own preferences. There are two paid levels: Premium for $29.95 per month and Ultimate for $49.95 per month. The premium subscriptions give you access to the full site with added features that aren’t available to free users. TipRanks even has a mobile app that you can log into the site with. Hence the best swing trading apps to consider.

Why Is TipRanks Important?

In the big picture, TipRanks is probably less critical to swing trading than WeBull and But we wanted to highlight how useful it can be to follow the right people and sources online. Accuracy, unbiased sentiment, and quality reporting are the pillars of financial blogging.

You can read ten different blog posts about Tesla stock and still not know if it’s a buy or sell. Next time you’re reading an article online, look up the author on TipRanks and see just how reliable their articles have been! And you’ll see why we included them in the best swing trading apps.

Conclusion on the Best Swing Trading Apps

Swing trading and Day trading is a whole different animal when it comes to investing. For most people, the inherent risk and volatility involved in swing trading simply aren’t for them. It’s stressful. And it can be difficult, but the gains can be exponentially greater in a far shorter period of time. While long-term investors almost always come out ahead over the long run, some traders just don’t have the patience. 

If you’re going to start swing trading you’ll want to have the best tools at your disposal. It all starts with information and how quickly you can have access to it. is one of the most popular and visited financial sites in the world. It provides accurate and unbiased reporting on market-moving events. The site and the mobile app are top-notch and will ensure you get news about the market in the fastest way possible. 

WeBull is an excellent online brokerage that offers $0 fees for trading. It also has a dedicated mobile app for trading that is reliable and easy to use. Finally, is a site where you can search just how reliable the sources you read online are. The site ranks financial bloggers, freelance writers, and even insiders. Therefore, these are considered some of the best swing trading apps.

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