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Take a look at the best swing trading books the trading world has to offer. Let's say you're a busy parent or you're someone that works and goes to school. These are a couple of situations where swing trading can benefit your lifestyle. It's all about balance peeps. 

One does not have to sit there watching the ticker all day. We all want a balanced trading schedule so we can live our best life. Ideally you've already completed the analysis and have a good idea of where it is going to go.

You set your alerts, profit levels and stops. Well, for this style of trading these are the books you want to burry your face in. These books here are going to give you that next level edge to help increase your ROI.

We are going to discuss the best swing trading books that we have read. These are books that sit on our coffee table or near or trading station. Now keep in mind swing trading is not for everyone and these books are not an end all be all. However, they're a great learning tool to enhance your skills.

They can invoke some interesting questions and give examples of analysis you may not have thought of. Like we have said many times before anything that can give you that slight edge is worth its weight in gold. Those aha moments are what it's all about. Take a look at our stock market books for beginners page.

Swing Trading Books


His name may seem familiar to you as it is printed on many different indicators that we use. John F. Carter is a master when it comes to intraday and swing trading setups. He has years of experience and shows it in his book Mastering the Trade. John is very respected in the trading world.

A few of the things you will take away from this book are exact entry-exit as well as stop-loss levels to look for when doing swing and intraday trading. A pre-market checklist for analyzing recent market behavior along with scanning techniques for pinpointing high-probability setups.

This reads a little bit like a textbook but there is quality information throughout its pages. Any grade of trader would benefit from taking the time to look through this book. Analyze it's wisdom and put it into proper practice.


You may have heard the term options trading thrown around in the chat rooms or on social media. They are a different animal on their own. It is always recommended and even stated in this book that having a basic understanding of day trading will help you immensely with options trading.

If you need more help, we got you covered, head into our swing trade room for in depth option trading and training. 

It takes a lot of time and practice to master options trading. In this book you will learn a few key factors; how to use momentum indicators to find stocks that could go up 50% to 80% in the next 3 to 6 months, what option strategies to play on these stickers, how to properly size your options.

Swing Trading with Options: How to Trade Big Trends for Big Profits will allow you to have the opportunity to learn many other things as well when it comes to swing trading options. These having been just a few of the key points. I highly recommend reading this book if you are just getting into options or have a strong curiosity about them.

Learn more on options by checking out our options trading course.


With today's busy lifestyles you can't always sit in front of the computer. Watching every tick and every move can eat up the entirety of your day. In Alexander Elders The New Trading for a Living you will learn a variety of ways to trade in a busy lifestyle.

A few of the takeaways will be psychology, discipline, and risk control. This is considered more of a study guide since it introduces so many new concepts. It even includes 17 different charges that challenge you to recognize various trading signals and patterns.

This book overall is great for new and experienced traders as it forces you to think in a new light. Even if you are well versed on a lot of these concepts you may have slipped from the path some. It will help set you back on track.

It will assist you in mastering your money management as you continue to learn to set your targets, entries, and stops. A great birthday, mothers day, or Christmas gift for the aspiring trader or master trader. Every trader is a student of the market, no matter how long they have been trading for.

Swing Trading Books


Price action trading can be essential to building at traders account. New or old we can all agree that price action drives many different charting patterns and emotions of traders. The In Depth Guide to Price Action Trading will bring a few new concepts to experienced traders and open a world of possibilities to new traders.

In this book you will learn very good risk-reward ratio. Complete swing trading strategies to apply to current markets as well as an in-depth analysis of price action movements and identifications.

Now no single book will make you a master trader just by reading it once and trading for a week. You will have to read this book a couple of times to fully grasp all of its information; taking many notes to use in your daily trading activities. Overall this is a great source of knowledge for any trader.

Using the information in this book, you'll be able to adapt to almost every situation the market will throw you away.  You will understand support resistance and the importance of trading in certain time frames.

I cannot drive the point far enough home that risk management will be key in your swing trading endeavors and this book does the same. Soak up the knowledge. 


Fernando is a full time trader born in Brazil. Here he has compiled a list of interviews with some of the largest industry traders. Traders of the New Era is a book that's going to give you insight into the minds of some of the greatest traders out there.

Many different techniques are talked about in this book but the primary focus is swing trading. They talk about the thought process going into the trade. Also discussed is what these major traders were thinking before the trade as wells as what they saw right before they got into the trade.

Overall, this a great swing trading book to understand the mindset it takes to become a swing trader, what to look for as well as how to approach different situations in a volatile market.

A few interviews also talked about trading against high frequency traders and what conditions cause most traders to fail. Overall this book will please you with plenty of up-to-date advice and a few good tips with the techniques you have already learned.

A great  gift for any new or a seasoned trader who enjoys an analytical challenge.


No single book will ever make you a perfect stock trader. It's going to take years of practice and experience. Yet all of the best swing trading books are going to help you grasp that edge you've been seeking for. A snippet of information taken from the minds of some of the best traders to help enhance your ever growing desire to become a profitable trader.

We're here to help. We have stock alerts, watch lists, and trade rooms waiting for you to help you reach your swing trading goals. Thanks for reading and we'll see you in the trade rooms!


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