Best Twitter Traders to Follow

Best Twitter Traders to Follow?

Are you looking for the best Twitter traders? Social media is the glue that binds the masses together. But did you know that it could actually help you in your trading journey? In this post, I will tell you the best Twitter traders so you can use Twitter to your advantage!

Without a doubt, Twitter is a well-recognized platform for being “the website where breaking news happens.”

Pretty much everything that happens in the world is announced on Twitter first. In addition, Twitter has grown to become “the” informational platform of the world.

Many stock traders share their strategies and insights on the market through the platform.

It can be overwhelming with about 500 million tweets per day and numerous stock market Twitter accounts giving free financial advice and breaking economic news.

 Depending on your trading style and preferences, you need to choose wisely which people to follow. In fact, trying to follow everyone’s advice would leave your head spinning and confuse you even more. 

Are you looking for the heavy hitters in the trading world? Of course, it is impossible to list all the best Twitter traders.

However, there are a few you’d be wise to watch. But, you’re in luck as we’ve compiled a list of the best Twitter traders in the industry. Here are 3 of the best Twitter traders to follow.

Best Twitter Traders: Barry Ritholtz


Followers: 170K

Tweets: 119.2K tweets

American author, newspaper columnist, blogger, equities analyst, CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, and host of Bloomberg podcast ‘Masters In Business,’ Ritholtz is a mover and shaker in the industry. And another one of the best Twitter traders to follow.

Listed as one of the 15 most important economic journalists, he’s amassed a huge following since and earned rave reviews in the financial industry. With a knack for simplifying the complex, he makes it easy for the average Joe to follow. And with his witty and sarcastic humor, he’s entertaining to follow. Instead of following the pack, he blazed his own trail, which has earned him close to 200,000 followers. 

Howard Lindzon


Followers: 273.7K

Tweets: 45.9K

The rockstar of them all! Kick-ass entrepreneur, CEO, and Co-founder of Stocktwits, everything this man touches turns to gold. If you didn’t know, Stocktwits is ranked as one of the top 50 websites by TIME magazine.

If that wasn’t enough, Lindzon is a Managing Partner & Super Angel Investor at Social Leverage and is an author.

For those who are curious, head on over to Amazon for copies of his books, The Wallstrip Edge and The StockTwits Edge.  

Followers on his Twitter account will get Lindzon’s in-depth review and analysis on the market and investments and trades he’s looking at.

Now I must admit, I’m a little biased as he is Canadian, but in my opinion, he’s pretty awesome. 

Best Twitter Traders: Brian Shannon


Followers: 167K

Tweets: 34.9K

Introduced to the stock market at an early age, Brian is now a full-time trader, educator, and author. His expertise has been achieved over 30 years of trading. Having worked for Lehman Brothers and other major investment firms over his career, Brian has an intimate understanding of market dynamics and the human factors that drive them. His YouTube channel has over 3 million views and 9,600 Subscribers, and he provides a free market update video once or twice per week.

In case you didn’t know, he’s the founder and owner of, an online swing trading analysis, and education community. And, he’s changing lives. has helped to train and mentor thousands of traders worldwide since 2005. 

He’s a must-follow in my books.

Jim Cramer


Followers: 1.7M

Tweets: 118.7K

Love him or hate him, he’s got the only account on this list with more than a million followers. Undoubtedly, Jim Cramer is Wall Street Legend and widely regarded as one of the best day traders in the business. Perhaps best known as the larger-than-life host of ‘Mad Money’ on CNBC, Jim Cramer is also a best-selling author and hedge fund manager in a previous life. 

He’s quite active on Twitter and provides engaging do-it-yourself investing advice. With a Twitter feed jam-packed with valuable information, any serious stock trader and investor would be wise to follow him. So if you’re not following him, what are you waiting for?

Why You Should Consider Using Twitter When Trading Stocks

For today’s traders and investors, Twitter can be one handy tool in the trading toolbox. In my opinion, there are many reasons why to use Twitter for trading.

With thousands of “stock news” websites vying for your attention, trying to find the “best” one for the hottest stock tips is like trying to find a needle in a haystack; good luck with that.

You’ll want to quit before you even start. However, if you want fresh stock news almost immediately, you should use Twitter.

Even if you have your own system to find the popping stocks to trade each morning, a large number of traders are taking advantage of Twitter’s fast and reliable feeds.

One of the best features Twitter has is sorting. So if you want to find all the latest breaking news on your favorite stock, just put the $ character in the search window, and you’re off to the races. 

Let’s take Microsoft, for example. All you need to do is type in $MSFT, and the world is at your fingertips. Results can be filtered by popularity, latest news, etc. To be honest, it’s invaluable when doing your daily and pre-market analysis or scanning for the latest news when I’m in a position. 

How do you find the latest market news? Same idea as above, but you just type in #fintwit. 

How To NOT Use Twitter For Trading

I shouldn’t have to point out the obvious elephant in the room, but for all that is holy in the world, don’t blindly trade on people’s tweets—bad dog. Instead, find your own method to your madness and use Twitter with a grain of salt. 

As a new or inexperienced trader, it is best to leverage the platform to learn from the best stock traders. You can also check out our website and free courses to equip yourself with on your trading journey.

Final Thoughts

While we’re on the topic, Bullish Bears is also a great place to find superior trading strategies, live advice and more from our team of experts. They’re also one of the best Twitter traders to follow as well.

When you sign up with us, we teach you to slow down and learn from the market and PLAN your trades. First, we dive into the fundamentals of trading that can establish comfort when taking trades, later elaborating on how to take this further. If you find yourself emotionally attached to the market of trading, we can help you. We’ve found our niche in the market and will walk you through our process and mentality. 

Find YOUR niche in the world of trading with Bullish Bears.

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