BigShort Review

BigShort Review

Have you heard of BigShort? Not the movie but the platform. Let’s do a BigShort review so you know what you’re looking at. At some point, a dedicated new trader will become an experienced trader. In the process, technical analysis skills will make one quite accustomed to the ability to interpret a candlestick chart. In that respect, traders are not only visual learners. Traders are visual analysts.

This is where the value of The BigShort platform comes to light. Yes, all of the data within can be accessed elsewhere. Putting it all on one chart is invaluable. Visual data representation in a chart format is very efficient for a chart technician. 

BigShort Review

Order flow is one of the best ways to gauge market sentiment. There are a few types of order flow that are all in action at the same time. This is where a visual representation of that order flow will provide value to a chart technician.

A BigShort review of the platform separates these order flow metrics into tangible data represented as secondary indicators on a chart. The platform also provides a detailed explanation of interpreting these indicators into trading signals.

Fair warning: even experienced chart technicians will need a little time to understand how to use these metrics. I found that the more time I spent learning to use the indicators, the more I liked using the platform. 

Market Manipulation

What does our BigShort review have to do with market manipulation? Over the years, I have seen many successful platforms built around proprietary indicators and analysis strategies.

Almost all of them seem to have had diminishing success rates over time, as if institutional traders and market makers have adapted to them to defeat them. The same goes for popular chart patterns. The more popular they became, the more they became targets.

One must remember that everyone in the market will be analyzing the same chart. Statistically, the probability of the expected outcome seems to diminish as if they are rigged to trap retail traders.

Now, you can understand my almost prejudiced skepticism toward every new platform that seems to pop up in retail trading. One intriguing indicator on The Big Short platform is, in fact, market manipulation.

Price Action

In my experience, while teaching price action analysis to our members at the Bullish Bears, I have cemented a conclusive fact into my repertoire.

When it comes to technical analysis, speed and efficiency take precedence. When things are made simple, speed and efficiency can be easily attained. The only problem is that every trader is an individual.

There are many different styles and techniques for technical analysis. There is no specific style that will work best for everyone. In my teachings, I tend to provide various styles of technical analysis, and traders can pick and choose specific analysis styles to form their techniques.

It is also my understanding that this requires a great deal of time. Some individuals will learn much faster than others.

Overall, developing technical analysis skills and techniques will still take time. Another factor is developing that work/life/trading balance. Our BigShort review will help you choose the best trading platform. 

BigShort Pricing Review

Our BigShort review of pricing finds that they have a few options for you. You can try them out for 2 weeks for $37. Their Non-Pro Monthly Plan is two weeks at $37 and then $149 a month.

Their Non-Pro Annual Plan is $37 for two weeks. Then, you pay $1,188 for the year. Each plan offers you something a little different. You can check out what they offer and updated pricing by clicking here.

BigShort Review

BigShort Value

I find Great Value in The BigShort platform but not as a shortcut. It is a tool among many regarding the nature of data analysis platforms. The value I find is that while most platforms are based on proprietary analysis, this one will remain adaptive.

A BigShort review of the data provided on the platform is purely adaptive to every market condition. In contrast, the proprietary data on other platforms are built around specific analysis techniques and will tend to have diminishing performance over time.

I also find the platform to be useful for quick analysis. The dashboard has a built-in screener for the top ten bullish and bearish smartflow tickers and the top ten bullish and bearish manipulated tickers. A simple click on any ticker will open a smart flow chart.

You can also type in any ticker you want to look at. Like any data platform, your ability to interpret and utilize the data efficiently will be key to your performance as an individual trader. In that respect, time is money. For a trader, volatility is also money.

To take advantage of price movement, the price must move. There are a lot of screeners out there, but there are also a lot of metrics to filter through. With the BigShort platform, only a few key metrics are needed. In turn, this service will reward a great deal of time. 

Pros and Cons

Here is a BigShort review of their pros and cons. 



  • A little pricey

Final Thoughts: BigShort Review

This concludes our BigShort review. I like the platform. I trade a wide spectrum of strategies, from scalping a 5-second chart to swing trading complex options strategies held over many months.

The BigShort platform is useful for scalpers looking for day trade setups and swing traders looking for entry and exit targets. The indicators are easy to use, and the trade signals are easy to interpret. The subscription price is a little high, but the experienced trader would agree that the platform is worth it. 

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