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Biotech Stocks List

List of Biotech Stocks

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Below is a detailed biotech stocks list. It includes various large-cap companies and penny stocks. One of the biggest reasons for the surge in popularity in this sector is the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak. Regardless of what types of medical issues threaten the world’s population, there will always be a need for biotechnology and, thus, investors and traders buying and selling into this sector.

What are biotech stocks? These stocks focus on biotechnology, the broad area of biology involving living systems and organisms to develop or make products. Many biotech stocks are working on cures, developing vaccines or medicines, or other areas of technology to aid in the quality of life of humans worldwide. This is a notorious pump and dump sector and is very volatile. 

We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of these companies, and nothing on this site constitutes a recommendation to buy or sell. 

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List of Biotech Stocks and Companies

SymbolNameMarket Cap
NVONovo Nordisk A/S304.501B
REGNRegeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.78.572B
VRTXVertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated74.127B
MRNAModerna, Inc.69.006B
BNTXBioNTech SE36.456B
ALNYAlnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.29.238B
GMABGenmab A/S27.955B
SGENSeagen Inc.23.86B
BGNEBeiGene, Ltd.23.245B
ARGXargenx SE20.958B
BMRNBioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.19.234B
INCYIncyte Corporation17.869B
RPRXRoyalty Pharma plc17.432B
TECHBio-Techne Corporation13.01B
UTHRUnited Therapeutics Corporation12.675B
SRPTSarepta Therapeutics, Inc.11.375B
JAZZJazz Pharmaceuticals plc10.031B
LEGNLegend Biotech Corporation8.357B
HALOHalozyme Therapeutics, Inc.7.694B
ASNDAscendis Pharma A/S6.965B
APLSApellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.5.718B
IONSIonis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.5.365B
MDGLMadrigal Pharmaceuticals, Inc.5.179B
EXELExelixis, Inc.5.174B
RXDXPrometheus Biosciences, Inc.5.114B
SymbolNameMarket Cap
ARWRArrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc.4.616B
CYTKCytokinetics, Incorporated4.336B
PCVXVaxcyte, Inc.3.787B
DNLIDenali Therapeutics Inc.3.777B
MRVIMaravai LifeSciences Holdings, Inc.3.652B
ABCMAbcam plc3.567B
VIRVir Biotechnology, Inc.3.369B
RAREUltragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.3.248B
PRTAProthena Corporation plc3.111B
GLPGGalapagos NV2.922B
ABCLAbCellera Biologics Inc.2.898B
ISEEIVERIC bio, Inc.2.871B
PTCTPTC Therapeutics, Inc.2.786B
BEAMBeam Therapeutics Inc.2.756B
IMCRImmunocore Holdings plc2.734B
INSMInsmed Incorporated2.707B
BPMCBlueprint Medicines Corporation2.621B
MYOVMyovant Sciences Ltd.2.61B
MRTXMirati Therapeutics, Inc.2.609B
ACADACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc.2.578B
AKROAkero Therapeutics, Inc.2.563B
AMLXAmylyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2.448B
IMVTImmunovant, Inc.2.293B
BCRXBioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2.14B
RVMDRevolution Medicines, Inc.2.115B
SymbolNameMarket Cap
IBRXImmunityBio, Inc.2.03B
VTYXVentyx Biosciences, Inc.1.857B
ARVNArvinas, Inc.1.821B
SNDXSyndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1.733B
NUVLNuvalent, Inc.1.681B
KDNYChinook Therapeutics, Inc.1.675B
SWTXSpringWorks Therapeutics, Inc.1.623B
DAWNDay One Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.1.583B
AGIOAgios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1.543B
FGENFibroGen, Inc.1.505B
RCUSArcus Biosciences, Inc.1.497B
RXRXRecursion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1.461B
ACLXArcellx, Inc.1.359B
REPLReplimune Group, Inc.1.353B
IMGOImago BioSciences, Inc.1.217B
VERVVerve Therapeutics, Inc.1.192B
BBIOBridgeBio Pharma, Inc.1.139B
ADPTAdaptive Biotechnologies Corporation1.093B
QUREuniQure N.V.1.061B
KNSAKiniksa Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.1.042B
BLUBELLUS Health Inc.1.034B
CRNXCrinetics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.984.732M
ENTAEnanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.967.5M
BHVNBiohaven Ltd.946.075M
SymbolNameMarket Cap
VALNValneva SE944.226M
PLRXPliant Therapeutics, Inc.942.519M
INVAInnoviva, Inc.924.627M
PRVBProvention Bio, Inc.921.606M
ALLOAllogene Therapeutics, Inc.907.081M
ARQTArcutis Biotherapeutics, Inc.901.731M
ANABAnaptysBio, Inc.881.095M
BCYCBicycle Therapeutics plc878.809M
IDYAIDEAYA Biosciences, Inc.874.222M
NVAXNovavax, Inc.873.841M
KURAKura Oncology, Inc.830.192M
COGTCogent Biosciences, Inc.807.968M
ALECAlector, Inc.763.335M
IGMSIGM Biosciences, Inc.728.479M
AVXLAnavex Life Sciences Corp.721.926M
FDMT4D Molecular Therapeutics, Inc.719.435M
ALLKAllakos Inc.717.414M
MCRBSeres Therapeutics, Inc.698.958M
EXAIExscientia plc654.94M
EDITEditas Medicine, Inc.609.928M
RPTXRepare Therapeutics Inc.617.254M
DYNDyne Therapeutics, Inc.604.151M
MRSNMersana Therapeutics, Inc.584.675M
BLUEbluebird bio, Inc.573.737M
DSGNDesign Therapeutics, Inc.573.638M
SymbolNameMarket Cap
EWTXEdgewise Therapeutics, Inc.565.13M
HLVXHilleVax, Inc.557.867M
VECTVectivBio Holding AG543.577M
CBAYCymaBay Therapeutics, Inc.530.951M
ICPTIntercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc.512.33M
ZYMEZymeworks Inc.495.151M
TERNTerns Pharmaceuticals, Inc.488.271M
CGEMCullinan Oncology, Inc.482.9M
KZRKezar Life Sciences, Inc.481.382M
ALVRAlloVir, Inc.477.926M
CALTCalliditas Therapeutics AB (publ)469.691M
SRRKScholar Rock Holding Corporation467.554M
PHATPhathom Pharmaceuticals, Inc.466.986M
ALXOALX Oncology Holdings Inc.459.314M
PSTXPoseida Therapeutics, Inc.455.532M
VIGLVigil Neuroscience, Inc.444.764M
VORVor Biopharma Inc.436.569M
MGNXMacroGenics, Inc.412.499M
NGMNGM Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.410.265M
PMVPPMV Pharmaceuticals, Inc.397.289M
TARSTarsus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.391.014M
CRBUCaribou Biosciences, Inc.383.09M
PHVSPharvaris N.V.380.112M
GLUEMonte Rosa Therapeutics, Inc.368.317M
STOKStoke Therapeutics, Inc.363.945M
SymbolNameMarket Cap
SEERSeer, Inc.363.321M
TSVT2seventy bio, Inc.355.279M
TYRATyra Biosciences, Inc.320.7M
ICVXIcosavax, Inc.316.809M
MGTXMeiraGTx Holdings plc316.071M
PEPGPepGen Inc.315.958M
IPSCCentury Therapeutics, Inc.302.538M
OYSTOyster Point Pharma, Inc.299.851M
NKTXNkarta, Inc.292.394M
PRLDPrelude Therapeutics Incorporated288.995M
CCCCC4 Therapeutics, Inc.288.846M
RAINRain Oncology Inc.281.13M
GTHXG1 Therapeutics, Inc.274.824M
OMGAOmega Therapeutics, Inc.274.359M
OPTOpthea Limited271.333M
CABACabaletta Bio, Inc.269.552M
KNTEKinnate Biopharma Inc.269.405M
BMEABiomea Fusion, Inc.247.81M
ANNXAnnexon, Inc.246.249M
SCPHscPharmaceuticals Inc.244.168M
RLYBRallybio Corporation243.691M
MOLNMolecular Partners AG240.488M
VYGRVoyager Therapeutics, Inc.235.505M
ORICORIC Pharmaceuticals, Inc.233.107M
ABOSAcumen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.220.997M
SymbolNameMarket Cap
ANTXAN2 Therapeutics, Inc.184.908M
ANVSAnnovis Bio, Inc.109.641M
SLDBSolid Biosciences Inc.105.06M
Biotech Stocks List

NVO Stock Rover Report

Is Biotechnology a Good Investment?

The list of biotech stocks comprises a broad range of companies that develop drugs and compounds for treating diseases and medical conditions. This can be a long process; breakthroughs can come unexpectedly or take years. Most traders and investors understand it can be a while before the investment can pay off. Also, usually, bios will get a run-up going into the scheduled decision/review dates for their products. That being said, knowing these catalysts will help with the battle for profit and proper risk management. Make sure to take a look at our stock sectors list for a list of other popular sectors.

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