Our team created a list of bitcoin stocks for 2020 below with various large cap bitcoin related company stocks and bitcoin penny stocks. With our community you also get free courses on how to trade crypto, stocks, futures and options!

Keep in mind, every company is different. Some will be more involved with bitcoin and blockchain related activities than others. We also provide daily watch lists which includes all types of stocks, including bitcoin companies, when this sector is moving. 

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List of Bitcoin Stocks

Bitcoin is a volatile sector. Highly speculative. That being said, pricing will change below depending on how the sector is moving. Make sure to do your research on bitcoin company stocks using a sophisticated tool like StockRover, for example. There's not a lot of history with some of these companies, so buying and holding long term can be very dangerous if you don't get the proper entries.

We pushed ourselves to make sure there was a mix of bitcoin penny stocks as well as large cap bitcoin company stocks. These companies either accept bitcoin as a payment method or do something with block-chain. Make sure to verify each ticker in your account to see updated pricing. Also, please make sure to watch our video above to see how to trade crypto stocks safely. Some of the larger cap stocks below aren't involved directly with crypto but can move up due to the movement of this sector. * We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of the companies on the lists below! Also, make sure to check out our stock sector list page for a larger list of stocks in each sector.

1. Bitcoin Penny Stocks

BIGG: Big Blockchain Intelligence Group - under $0.002

MLER: Moller International - under $0.010

GAHC: Global Arena Holding - under $0.005

DIGAF: Digatrade Financial - under $0.007

BLPFF: Blok Technologies $.015

DTMXF: Datametrex - under $.02

SLXXF: Fintech Select - under $.02

REGRF: Graph Blockchain - under $.02

BKLLF: Codebase Ventures - under $.03

LVNSF: LeoNovus - under $.03

EXXBF: eXeBlock Tech - under $.03

BTSC: Bitcoin Services Inc - under $0.05

MGTI: MGT Capital Investments - under $0.05

NBDR: No Borders Inc - under $.05

SNSFF: Venzee Tech - under $.05

GLNNF: Glance Technologies - under $0.07

NPPTF: Neptune Dash - under $0.10

BKPPF: Block One Capital - under $0.10

BTCS: BTCS Inc - under $0.20

DPW: DPW Holdings - under $0.20

BKKSF: BlockStrain Tech - under $0.25

HVBTF: Hive Blockchain - under $0.35

BITCF: First Bitcoin Capital - under $0.30

KTPPF: Katipult Tech - under $0.40

BTLLF: Interbit LTD - under $0.45

UBIA: UBI Blockchain - under $1

BCII: Blockchain Industries - under $1.60

HUTMF: Hut 8 Mining - under $2

RIOT: Riot Blockchain - under $2

MARA: Marathon Patent Group - under $2.50

XNET: Xunlei - under $2.50

SSC: Seven Stars Cloud - under $3

BITFY: Blockchain Mining - under $6

2. Large Cap Bitcoin Stocks

/BTC: Bitcoin Futures - track bitcoin futures

ETCG: Grayscale Ethereum - under $16

OSTK: - under $20

AMD: Advanced Micro Devices - under $35

INTC: Intel Corp - under $55

SQ: Square Inc - under $80

LTC/USD:CXERX: Litecoin - under $100

JPM: JP Morgan - under $115

PYPL: PayPal - under $120

AXP: American Express - under $125

MSFT: Microsoft - under $140

IBM: IBM - under $160

NVDA: Nvidia Corp - under $175

ACN: Accenture PLC - under $200

FB: Facebook - under $205

CBETHUSD:FRED: Coinbase Ethereum - under $230

MA: MasterCard - under $285

BLK: BlackRock - under $500

AMZN: Amazon - under $2000

3. Bitcoin ETF's

BLOK: Amplify Bitcoin ETF: under $20

BLCN: Bitcoin ETF - under $25

GBTC: Bitcoin Investment Trust - under $15

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Bitcoin Stocks List 

Having a good bitcoin stock list is key if you're going to trade this sector. We also include our free stock market courses which teach you how to trade stocks on this list, as well as the most popular trading sectors. Bitcoin is a very volatile and highly "pumped" sector that runs a lot on hype, so we will teach you what the pumpers won't. We will show you the proper areas on where to buy and sell crypto stocks. Don't listen to the pumpers when they tell you support and resistance doesn't matter. All stock charts matter and we will show you why. Register for our free trading courses below. *Bitcoin stock list located below.

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AMD vs Nvidia Stock

$NVDA just crushed earnings in May 2020. A very strong company that does tend to do well when Bitcoin is bullish. Report provided by StockRover and may not be the latest available report!

Best Bitcoin Stocks to Buy in 2020: FOLLOW THE CHARTS!

  1. $NVDA $AMD $GBTC $MSFT $IBM (do not buy unless you know how to trade and please do your own research)
  2. These are Large cap stocks with good company fundamentals 
  3. Look for large cap stocks ideally, as they are more stable
  4. Be careful trading bitcoin penny stocks, they pump and dump
  5. Watch out for bitcoin pumpers and shady news sites!

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Bitcoin Stocks List