In this Black Box Stock free trial post we are going to tell you the good news. We secured our Bullish Bears members another free trial to BlackBox Stocks for next week! You get to use it for a whole week starting now! (ends next Friday the  February 15th 2019)

This scanner is awesome at finding stocks to trade - penny stocks, mid caps, and options. Check out some of the alerts that fired off below. These key alert levels are strong support or resistance and awesome for longs or shorts dependent on the setup.

This private webpage and trial is specifically for Bullish Bears members. Be sure to let the BlackBox Team we sent you when they ask.


Next week we will be using it again on our LIVE STREAMS.

To access the platform instantly (no sign up or email required), click the UPDATED link here to login:

Once on the page head over to the"Members" link.

Here is your username and password:


PW: Rally1! (case sensitive)

If the info above is not working, that means the trial has ended. If you missed this trial, and want to wait for the next one, be sure to check back again. We will have future trials with BlackBox Stocks and other companies, periodically. 

Every tool we recommend to you guys is a tool we actually find useful. We never want you to use a product that is not going to be beneficial. Ultimately its up to you to decide, which is why it is so important you give a product like BlackBox a try before you judge it!


To get into the BBS Discord chat room where most of the BBS moderators and traders are, you will need to create a Discord Account and download discord if you haven't already.

Here is the discord link

On the discord the BBS team will be there to get your questions answered on the platform. Be sure to reply to their discord messages so you can enter. The blackbox team is very helpful. They want you to succeed using their tool. So you'll benefit from learning how to use it from them, as well as attending any of their free webinars.

Free webinars are always helpful when you are trying to soak up knowledge as a trader. So pay attention to any webinars the Bullish Bears have scheduled by liking our Fan Page on Facebook and checking your emails for special announcements from us! 

Watch the video above to see how BlackBox Stocks is used for scanning options! The video above goes through every single feature of the platform.  You’re going to want to watch this video regardless of if you are using Blackbox stocks or just planning to. There is likely a feature you overlooked or didn’t realize was there to use.

At the end of the week, when you are ready to sign up, use the link below to get $20 bucks off your BlackBox Stocks membership!

(exclusive offer just for us!) >> <<

Have a great weekend guys and see you guys in the trade rooms!

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