Black Box Stocks Review

In this Black Box Stocks Review we will discuss why we think they may have the best automated trading algorithms in their alert system! BlackBoxStocks options trading scanner is one of the most user friendly stock and options alerts tool on the market. But does that mean it’s going to print money for you? You have to be ready to learn before you’re ready to earn.

Black Box Stocks

So no, no money printing! You still need to know the ins and outs of trading.  Don’t worry they’ll teach you that too. However, what it will do for you is keep you informed on the biggest moves in the market on a daily basis, especially in the options market which they are famous for.

Like all trading, It’s up to you to take the information, process it, and trade the best setups.

Of course, learning to trade takes time, and the same goes for any new trading tool. Read below to find out all the goodies you get with a membership.

Black Box Stocks Scanner Review: Quick Breakdown

  1. Live Streaming
  2. Live Discord
  3. Trade alerts
  4. Educational Webinars
  5. A huge active community
  6. Private Twitter alerts
  7. The best browser based scanner for stocks and options
  8. Dark Pools dat
  9. Penny Stock Alerts (Micros!)
  10. Options alerts, sweeps, blocks

BlackBoxStocks scanner was launched in 2016, and since then has grown to be a major contender in the world of trading tools. Black Box Trading offers a LOT with their service. 

Next, let’s talk about their real time web browser based and mobile friendly trading algorithms that are the backbone of their alert system.

They supply day and swing traders with some of the best analytical software out there. Let’s take a look at some of the simple and easy features below and get you up to speed with what they do.

The premarkettrading servicescanner will show you all the biggest NASD/NYSE movers of the morning (they also have a POST market scanner as well). You want to make it part of your daily ritual checking what stocks are moving in the pre market while you begin your technical analysis.Most day and swing traders are checking stats like this out to get prepared for the day. My morning (and nightly) routine is to mark out support and resistance and prepare for the days battle.

Watch Our Black Box Stocks Tutorial Video: Review

You can also get the StockTwits feed for any ticker by clicking the ST symbol in the bottom right hand corner. Keeping an eye on the Social Media sentiment is helpful when watching what the “herd” is up to. This will save you from having to open another browser tab to view StockTwitsdirectly!

You’ll find sometimes people share nice charts, or links to news on the feed. We share theirstock scannerin ourtrade rooms several times per week when we are trading live. We use the tool because it works great for what we like to do, and that is actively trade the market!

Lets talk about HOT stocks for a minute along with volatility. If you are looking for the biggest advances in stocks and decliners too, take a look at the Market Movers tab. Here you will find stocks with a wide daily range, perfect for momentum, high or low RSI levels, exhaustion, or reversals.

You can check this throughout the day and click on each one to quickly populate a chart to see the price action.

Pay attention to the entire lower right side of your scanner as it shares a lot of useful tabs to select. Here you can find dark pool alerts, news, volume moves and the general chat which always has a moderator in it.

Volatility: Blackboxstocks Review

Traders want volatility. There is nothing worse than hopping in a trade and having it trade sideways. Unless of course you are an options premium seller.

When you’re watching the scanner, its nice to know you are watching the real time quotes. No delays! It’s also kinda cool to watch their real time volatility indicator.

The volatility indicator is awesome for knowing if the movement is a stronger bullish vs bearish move. 

This volatility dial is something you should study for a bit to get the overall “feel” of the speedometer. I find it helpful watching it along with the general price action.

For example, today on $AAPL we noticed some bearish candlesticks but the volatility indicator was fairly neutral. This signaled the neutral nature of the move, which MAY of kept you in a trade, or on the sidelines!

What is cool about the alert log, is you can also click and sort by volatility. Or time and also volume. When you sort by volatility, you’ll see some ratios which could be helpful in finding the most volatile stocks of the morning.


As an options scanner, BlackBox Stocks automated trading algorithms scanner shines. This is arguably their most popular feature! Just today I traded Apple options based on some of the options “flow”.

What I saw on $AAPL met all of my checklist criteria. Increasedstock volume is one of my key signals that a move is setting up!

The setup was perfect. An extended hours gap up. A wedge pattern. Price right at moving average support and right below angular resistance. Next, once the market opened I filtered the BlackBox stocks options scanner to just show me the $AAPL flow.

I didn’t need to look at any other options because THIS was my trade plan! Filter out the noise and stick to the plan.

Feel the Flow

When specific options flow is highlighted I get the trades that are being placed in real time. No delay! Ever! Based on the chart setup and the flow. I entered 5 calls on AAPL for a 1/25/2019 expiration.

Short time options trading is considered extremely high risk, and you should not attempt it unless you are experienced in the craft. If you want to learn how to do this, I’ll show you live in our trade rooms.

As always, paper trade first and read our getting started page before you ever attempt stock market trading with real money.

I posted this info in our live trade room for our members! Here at the Bullish Bears we aren’t about the money. We just want to help people figure out trading and see them succeed.

The Black Box trading team is very much of the same mentality. You’ll hear them talking about option flow a lot and see them showing option flow in the rooms and their private twitter.

Those types of alerts combine with the education goes a long way. The more you know the more you grow as they say!

Black Box Stocks Review

Pre Market Scan BlackBox Stocks

So this is the beauty of the options scanner. You can chart your stock, find your “trading edge setup” then check the options flow for some confirmation of what the “big money” is doing.

Finding options flow that lines up with your setup is key to using the their options scanner. However, don’t trade just to trade. Know what each category means.

With this in mind realize that there are swing traders and premium selling options traders who are also ending up on the tape. Knowing how to interpret that is going to be important to your success using the scanner.

Remember, it’s all how the information from Blackbox stocks lines up with YOUR trading edge! Check out a list of the top trading companies. Also, here’s a list of the top free trading brokers.

Penny Stock Scanner

One of the cool features for penny stock traders is the OTC scanner setting. You have to accept their disclaimer first before you activate the scan setting.

But once you do that, you are up and running. You’ll find all the hot moving penny stocks of the day. No need to follow Guru’s on Twitter. Just sit back and let the scanner do the work.

Once that is unlocked you’ll see the top alerts in the bottom left hand corner that cover the top penny stock alerts. You’ll also find the alert log, and volatility indicator. Some of these stocks have huge gains!

Take a look at OMSH. Up 750% from yesterday. Penny stocks can be shorted to, so it’s not just for long traders. If you want the best shorting broker, check out speed trader, or interactive brokers.

Be sure you know the risks ahead of time with OTC. Do your research before you buy and sell anything and have a trading plan. Take our free courses if you need help, we got your back 🙂

Black Box Stocks

Automated Trading Scanner

The BlackBox Stocks automated trading scanner was designed by traders for traders. What makes it so special is there is an entire team of traders on a discord server who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

When you sign up for BlackBox you’ll get access to the scanner as well as access to their private discord server. 

They have multiple rooms with different mods, with different styles of traders. You’re in good hands as a member of their discord. If you ARE a member already, hit us up and we’ll give you a discount to our trade room as well 🙂

On the private discord server there is voice chat, and you’ll have the opportunity to talk with others, hear call outs, analysis, and much more.

They also have Q and A sessions, private twitter alerts, and weekly webinars. Check out our interview below with Spectre from BlackBox Stocks! 

Dark Pool Scanner: Blackbox Stocks Review

Check out the image below. I was able to sort all of the $SPY data (which we trade a lot). Now under the alert stream tab you can see all the dark pool orders on $SPY (or any stock you filter. This is key to understanding major support and resistance zones and what the big money is doing.

If you don’t know what dark pools are, I suggest you google “ghost exchange” and watch it if you can find it on Amazon Prime or Netflix or something like that.

‘Ghost Exchange’ dives into the crazy state of stock markets and their effect on America’s financial future. The market has become dark pool infested. Gone is the the world of human trading from the majority of the markets.

What we now have is computer algorithm trading- where stocks are held and then traded in a few microseconds.If you’re monitoring the stock market with this tab, you’ll see these dark pool prints happen in real time.

If you watch the documentary, it will have more of an effect on you, if you don’t understand dark pools, do further research! I regularly check the dark pool index. It’s a part of my regular routine.

Black Box Stocks Scanner

How Much Does Black Box Stocks Cost in 2022? Pricing Review

  • How much does Black Box Stocks cost in 2021? They have a monthly option for $99.97. Yearly option is $959.

If you have questions about the platform they are there to help, and you can always ask us too! They want to see you succeed in the long term and understand the scanner, and a lot goes into training you how to use it.

So take advantage of the discord while you learn the best way to use the BlackBoxStocks Scanner!  Make sure to check out our trading tools page because we have so much information on the tools that are out there in the stock market. Trading with Black Box is fun and profitable, if you know your way around trading.

We want to keep the money in your pocket and your yield curve in your trading account to go up up up. And the only way to do that is get a good foundation in learning the stock market with Bullish Bears and BlackBox do for you hand in hand. Remember patience = profits!

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