This candlestick reversal course is the continuation of our first candlesticks patterns course and will teach you the most popular candlestick reversals and how to trade them with proper entries and stop levels. 

Candlestick Reversal Patterns

If you’re looking to learn candlestick reversal patterns then this course is for you. As a result, you're going to learn about the most popular candlestick reversals and how to trade them.

We highly recommend that you take this course once you have a solid foundation of candlesticks and are ready to learn how to trade them. Register for your free membership below to gain access to our advanced candlesticks course.

  • Discover Most Popular Candlestick Reversals
  • How Reversals Create Support & Resistance
  • Why Reversals Are Early Warning Signs
  • Find Out When to Enter & Exit Trades
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Candlestick Reversal Patterns Course

Our first course really goes into the basics of candlesticks, what they mean, what they look like, and how critical patterns are when trading. Candlesticks are the first early warning system and most important line of defense when trading. In fact, all of the technical indicators on the planet don’t mean a darned thing if you don’t know candlesticks and how to trade them! Read More

Candlestick Reversal Patterns
Candlestick Reversal Patterns

Candlestick Reversals History

In the 1700’s, a Japanese rice trader named Homma created the system that we now know as Japanese Candlesticks. As a rice trader, he saw the correlation between supply and demand coupled with emotions and price. In fact, thanks to Homma, traders today are able to see how markets are heavily influenced by emotions.

Candlesticks tell a very important story between the bulls and the bears. This story forms reversal candle patterns, and these patterns become critical support and resistance levels. Read More


Trading is emotion. How do you think candlesticks and patterns form? They form based off the emotions of other traders. In fact, those emotions affect everyone, even the best traders.

The goal is to learn how to control those emotions. Therefore, using candlestick reversal patterns can help to remove some of the emotions around trading. However, it's important to realize that the candlesticks and patterns aren't going to solve your trading woes; especially when you let emotion rule your trades. 

Hence, why a successful trader uses a healthy dose risk management with a proper strategy. Don't let emotions cripple your trading. Moreover, that's why a lot of traders give up in the end.

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We know how emotional trading can be. Hence why charting is important. As a result, we created a stock market trading community on Facebook and in our trade rooms that offer a safe place for you when things aren't going to plan. 

A solid community is like having a great support group and trust us, you'll be glad for it. Therefore, we strive to make our Facebook community and trade rooms safe, kind and respectful of everyone.

We don't let trolls, spammers or pumpers in. It's all about creating a safe place for people looking to better their trading. Furthermore, we strive to be a "pay it forward" kind of community. 

Candlestick Reversal Patterns

Candlestick Reversal Patterns Trading

We provide three trade rooms to our community members; a day trade, swing trade and futures trading room. Our team also live trading streams a couple hours every morning. The live stream is a teaching tool.

We're not stock pumpers. Therefore, we don't call out exits and entries to our stock market trading community members in our day trading room. Instead we're teachers. We spend a couple hours every morning mapping out support and resistance of the stocks the community members in our trade rooms are looking at.

In other words, charting. We do have a real-time stock alert service for members that want to follow our larger cap trades. Read More

Study & Practice Candlestick Reversals

We can't stress to you how important it is to take the time to study and learn candlestick reversal patterns. Therefore, watch our stock market course videos and let it soak in. Then open a practice account and make hundreds of practice trades in a virtual stock training account. That way you're not using your own money to learn with.

In fact, this is the safest way to get started. You'll be thanking us as you're ironing out the kinks and it's not your money you're losing. Once you've learned to identify support and resistance along with patterns and perfected your strategy, you can move on to real money. Therefore, start small and build your way up. Our website has filled with valuable content to teach you how to be a successful trader. It's all up to you as to how you'll use it. Read More

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