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Welcome to the Bullish Bears advanced candlestick charting course on candlestick reversal patterns! This course is the continuation of our first candlesticks patterns course. Take our Candlesticks Patterns course first before taking this one if you haven’t already. No skipping ahead!

Our first course really goes into the basics of candlesticks patterns, what they mean, what they look like, and how critical candlesticks patterns are when trading. Candlesticks are the first early warning system and most important line of defense when trading. All of the technical indicators on the planet don’t mean a darned thing if you don’t know candlesticks and how to trade them!

Candlesticks patterns tell a very important story between the bulls and the bears. This story forms patterns, and these patterns become critical support and resistance levels. Support and resistance is the absolute name of the game when trading. Buy low and then sell high. Or buy at support and sell at resistance.

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So, our first candlesticks course really goes into depth on the most common patterns that traders pay close attention to. This candlestick charting course is going to drill down into the heart of those patterns and find the reversal setups. The two and three candlesticks patterns that give you potential clues on where to enter and exit a trade.

Getting the best possible entries and exits on your trades is extremely important and candlestick reversal patterns are a very helpful guide to knowing when to enter a trade and managing your graceful exit.

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Before we begin our candlestick charting course, we highly recommend purchasing some very important books on candlesticks patterns. Steve Nison has put together some very helpful books on candlestick charting. Steve’s research has heavily influenced the candlestick charting world and we need to thank him for his pioneering work on the subject.

His first book is a simple read and great to have as a resource guide. Buy The Candlestick Course. Steve Nison is considered the god father of candlesticks charting. Many new and experienced traders believe he is the go to person on the subject. If you’re going to take the time to read any book on candlestick charting, this is the one.

A 2nd Steve Nison book that we recommend is Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques. Steve discusses how to use candlesticks patterns with technical analysis. This is the follow up book that you should read after reading his Candlestick Course book. Both books together really give you the big picture of candlesticks trading. Buy the Japanese Candlestick Techniques. 

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