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Welcome to the Bullish Bears candlesticks patterns course. If you’re ready to enter the exciting realm of candlesticks then our candlesticks courses are going to blow your mind.

Japanese Candlestick patterns are the most important line of defense as a trader. RSI, MACD, moving average lines, as well as other indicators are great, but they don’t mean anything unless you know candlesticks FIRST!

In the 1700’s, a Japanese rice trader named Homma developed the system that we now know as Japanese Candlestick patterns today. As a rice trader, he saw the correlation between supply and demand coupled with price and emotions.  Thanks to Homma, investors and traders of today’s world see how all markets are heavily influenced by emotions.

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When emotions were factored in there was a major difference between the value and the price of rice. The trading principles that Homma created are now the basis of Japanese Candlesticks charts when trading. In light of this, candlesticks are the absolute name of the game when trading.


There is a lot that candlesticks can tell us. For one thing they tell us a very powerful story between the bulls and the bears. This story forms candlesticks, which forms important patterns, and those patterns help to determine very important support and resistance levels.

Support and resistance is the name of the game when trading. Buy low and sell high, aka buy at support levels and sell at resistance levels.

However, over 90% of newbie traders do the complete opposite. They buy high and panic when the price drops and end up selling low. In other words, they buy at resistance levels and sell at support levels and many of times lose their life savings, simply because they don’t know candlesticks.


If you take the time to learn candlesticks patterns then you’ll know the secret to becoming a profitable and consistent trader. Sounds simple right?!

Well…it’s NOT!

If you really want to learn candlesticks patterns and become a profitable trader it’s important to realize that it’s going to take looking at hundreds, if not thousands of charts, until these patterns start jumping out at you. It’s important to train your eyes to see these patterns, and when you do, you’ll experience a very huge AHA moment as a trader.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy short cut around this path. There are a lot of candlesticks patterns to learn, however, the good news is that we have simplified the process for you by tailoring these patterns into two courses that will teach you the easiest to learn candlesticks patterns first. Next we will help you to progress onto the more complicated ones.


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Before we begin our candlesticks patterns course, we highly recommend purchasing some very essential books on Japanese candlesticks patterns. Steve Nison has put together some really in depth books on candlestick charting.

His first book is an easy read and one that you’ll refer back to many times. Buy The Candlestick Course. Steve Nison is considered the god father of candlesticks trading. In particular, the absolute authority on the subject. If you’re going to take the time to read any book on candlesticks patterns, this is the one.

A second Steve Nison book that we recommend is Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques. Steve discusses adding candlestick patterns along with technical analysis. This book is the next one that you should read after reading his candlestick course book. It really brings together the big picture with candlestick trading. Buy the Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques. 

The Candlestick Course
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