Our free candlesticks patterns courses and eBook walk you through step by step how to trade the most popular patterns on stock charts, with proper entries and stop levels. Learning how to read candlesticks charts and price action is the “Foundation” to everything as a trader as well as the stock market overall. Learn price action and change your life?! You’ll also get access to our awesome custom-made desktop wallpapers and all of our other trading courses for free ($3,000+ value).

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Learn the Foundation to Trading

If you’re looking for the “Magic Secret” to becoming a successful trader then you’ve found the hidden treasure. It’s called Price Action. It might not seem sexy but it is! The important key to remember is that “THEY” can’t hide the clues from the charts! Any time that someone buys and sells a stock, it leaves a clue called candlesticks. Those candlesticks form patterns, which tell you the very important STORY of what’s happening in our world both good and bad.

If you learn how to read price action, then you won’t have to guess what’s happening in the stock market, or even this world. The clues are left behind on the charts. You can potentially see something that’s about to happen by looking at the charts.

Don’t listen to all of the “Talking Heads” on TV or social media, on either side of the aisle. Cut out all of the noise by learning how to read Price Action. If you master this skill then many of the things of this world start making more sense.

How Do You Read Candlesticks Patterns & Charts for Beginners?

Our free e-book and courses will teach you how to read candlesticks patterns for beginners but here are some tips:

  • Buy low at support and sell at resistance levels
  • You’ll find these levels by learning patterns
  • Look left on charts to see historical levels
  • Connect as many horizontal peaks and valleys as possible
  • Do the same with angular peaks and valleys (trendlines)
  • Patterns work most of the time but they still fail
  • Keep your losses smaller when price breaks the trend
  • Smaller candlestick entries = smaller risk
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Access Our Free Candlesticks Patterns Courses

Candlesticks Charts Course

How Do I Learn Candle Patterns?

The best way to learn candle patterns is to study them by taking a candlesticks course or eBook. Price action is the most important indicator when trading because it’s the real-time culmination of all of the buying and selling between the bulls and the bears. Candlesticks charts and patterns take time to learn. We wish there was an easier or quicker way but there isn’t.

I’ve got great news for you though. Over time…the patterns will start to jump out at you everywhere. You’ll see them in nature, in your home, and while out shopping. It’s so cool when this starts to happen to you!

We are going to give you login access to our two candlesticks patterns courses as well as our e-book and wallpapers below. Our courses include simple video tutorials that teach you how to trade all of the major patterns. You’ll also gain access to our other trading courses ($3,000+ value). Feel free to thank us later haha.

How to Read Candlesticks Patterns & Charts

We encourage you to really take your time and don’t rush with our courses. We include a lot of in-depth content to help you get started trading. Trading courses such as a basic stock trading course, day trading course, swing trading course, options course, two candlesticks courses, and two courses on how to set up ThinkorSwim and Interactive Brokers platforms.

We encourage you to study candle charts in our candlesticks course and ebook as well as practice what you are learning, real-time in our trade rooms. Interact with other community members, ask questions, and then practice following what we teach you in our trade rooms in a virtual account. Practice paper trading for a few months first before trading with real money. Our candlestick stock patterns courses will be very helpful guides along the way for you!

The problem with most new traders is that they rush the process of becoming a trader and try to skip over the process of learning candlestick charts and they end up blowing up their brokerage accounts because they don’t know what they are doing.

Stock patterns give you a tremendous leg up on getting a good entry and exit on your trades. They are what most experienced traders rely on when trading, which is great encouragement because we are all playing with the same deck of cards. There CAN be a level playing field if you get the knowledge.

The more that you study and start understanding candle charts, the odds become more in your favor that you’re going to become a successful trader.

Missing Puzzle

Have you ever been looking at how to read candlestick charts and felt like there was a piece of the “trading puzzle” missing? Stock trading isn’t easy, however, there are some important things you can learn to make it less complicated.

In fact, stock patterns are the first line of defense in trading. Without them, moving average lines, RSI, and MACD trading wouldn’t mean anything. Therefore, you MUST learn how to read candlesticks charts first!

Thanks to a 17th-century rice trader by the name of Homma, we have candlestick charts. He saw that there was a correlation between emotion and supply and demand. As a result, he wanted to come up with a way to track it. Hence the patterns we use today.

Reading candle charts becomes a lot like those Magic Eye pictures back in the day where you would have to adjust your eyes to see the picture within the picture. It took a while to see the big picture but when you did the reward was worth it. It’s the same with candlesticks charts.

Candlesticks Patterns Wallpapers & Courses

Candlestick charts are very frustrating to learn when you’re first getting started. You’re going to have to look at a ton of charts before these patterns are going to start to make sense.

But…if you give them the time that they deserve they will eventually start to jump right out at you and it’s such a great feeling once that happens. You’ll start to see these patterns in everyday life and not just on stock charts.

You’ll start to become obsessed with them. You’ll start to dream about them at night. We’re not kidding haha. But this is when trading will start to become fun. Stock patterns are absolutely everything when it comes to trading. You’ll see and you’ll thank us later for teaching you how important they are when trading.

Invest in Yourself

You wouldn’t bring your car to a mechanic who didn’t study and learn how to properly work on cars. In fact, that would end up costing you a lot of money and maybe even cause you to have to buy a new car.

You trust that your mechanic, your doctor, your repairman or woman has had the proper training. In this case, trading demands that same level of respect and study. Think about it. You’re taking the money you worked hard to earn and trying to grow it into something bigger. As a result, you can’t just “wing it”.

Don’t you want to be as prepared as you can be to grow your wealth? In order to do that, you need tools. Our candlesticks patterns & charts eBook and wallpaper backgrounds are great tools to help you get started.

Wouldn’t you love to have all the major candlesticks and reversal patterns all in one place? Luckily the Bullish Bears realized what a useful tool this would be. In fact, we also created custom-made candlesticks charts desktop wallpaper backgrounds as well.

We wrote our eBook on how to read candlesticks patterns as a simple way to study, and study you must. As a result, we created our candle chart wallpaper backgrounds to help further your knowledge by allowing these patterns to seep into your subconscious when you look at them each day on your computer.

Bulls v Bears

The more that you stare at this stuff and let it sink in, the more familiar it will become. Stock trading is a tug of war between the bulls and the bears. Some days the bulls win, some days the bears win. That being said, this battle is the foundation and essence of stock training.

As a result, candlesticks patterns are needed to let traders know who’s in control. Our candlestick eBook has the major patterns and candlesticks under one cover. In our trading rooms, we also do live trading with candlesticks and teach real-time charting, support and resistance, and how to read candle charts.

Since our candlestick eBook is electronic, you can pull it up anywhere. We never go anywhere without our phones right? Hence, you can pull up our eBook when you’re waiting for an oil change or at the dentist’s office.

In fact, our eBook is so easily accessible there’s really no excuse for putting the work into learning how to read candlestick charts. Check out our live trading chat rooms.

Candlesticks Charts Course

Do Candlestick Patterns Work?

Candlestick patterns absolutely work but they are not 100% foolproof. Patterns fail all the time but they are still the most accurate indicator when trading. Price action is an immediate indicator that is formed by candlesticks. All of the other indicators in trading are lagging and revolve around price action.

Candlestick charts are the way that traders determine support and resistance levels and show when to potentially enter and exit a trade. They are the “secret” to trading.

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How Many Different Types of Candlesticks Patterns Are There?

  1. There are many different types of candlesticks patterns:
  2. Bullish candlesticks and bearish candlesticks
  3. Doji’s, spinning tops, and hammers
  4. Bull flags and bear flags
  5. Bull pennants and bear pennants
  6. Ascending triangles and descending triangles
  7. Falling wedges and rising wedges
  8. Cup and handles and Head and shoulders

Candlesticks patterns and charts form key support and resistance levels. Furthermore, these levels are so important to know to manage profit and loss, and entries and exits in trading.  How can you buy low and sell high without knowing where the highs and lows are, and where support and resistance are?

In fact, most new traders don’t know where to buy or sell and end up buying and selling at the wrong time. If this is you, then it’s time to stop this cycle! What’s used to form support and resistance? The real bodies and wicks of candlesticks as well as patterns. As a result, with our eBook, you’re able to learn how to read candlestick charts and pattern meanings; as well as entries and exits, including stop areas. 

Looking to learn stock trading? We offer free trading courses, stock alerts, stock watch lists, and trade rooms. We also have a free candlesticks charts course and a reversal candlesticks patterns course that you should study in tandem with our eBook and wallpaper backgrounds to get the most out of them. In our free candlesticks course, we give you video tutorials that go over real-world examples of each of the stock patterns discussed in our free e-Book.

Wouldn’t it be nice if learning how to read candlesticks charts was quick and easy? Well, unfortunately, it isn’t. However, we’ve made it as easy as possible to learn. Regardless, it’s not an exaggeration to say you need to spend many hours studying!

Therefore, our candlestick charts eBook is a tool for that purpose.  It’s written in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. In fact, reading the candlestick charts eBook helps equip you to become a good trader.

Did you know that 90% of traders give up and quit? Why is that? They didn’t take the time to study. They didn’t learn to crawl before they walked, or ran.

We recommend using our ebook in conjunction with our free candlesticks course. Our ebook and wallpapers will help bring to life what you learn in our courses. We do our best to make the process of how to read candle charts as easy as possible.

One of the reasons many new traders fail is because they want a short cut to becoming a profitable and consistent trader. Can’t we just have the Bullish Bears tell us what to buy and when to sell?

Following a trading service that tells you what to buy and sell is doing yourself a disservice. In fact, that’s why the idea for our candlesticks patterns eBook was born. Here at the Bullish Bears, we’re all about giving back and equipping our community members with the tools to become successful and independent traders.

Sure it would be easy to be like many other trading service companies and just call out trades to pump up our positions. However, we love being able to empower new traders and even seasoned ones with the ability to be your own “Guru.” Self-reliance is key in this industry because at the end of the day you are the only one responsible for your trading actions!

Think about it. You’re the one making the trading decisions. You’re not reliant on someone telling you what to do. You aren’t waiting on them for a signal to buy and sell. That’s freedom and ultimately that leads to success.

We teach how to read candle charts in our stock watch list videos that we post several times per week. We also provide trade alerts “signals” with our nightly watch lists.

Treat trading seriously and not as a hobby if you want to become successful long term. It’s important to immerse yourself into the trading world if you want to make it as a trader. Treat it like you would a job or starting a new career. Go easy on yourself and don’t get frustrated if it takes you awhile to learn how to read candle charts. That’s a totally normal process.

It takes looking at hundreds of charts over the case of several months for understanding candlestick charts to make sense. Don’t worry though. After enough studying and looking at a lot of charts, the patterns will start to jump out at you and make sense.

That’s why it’s important to download our wallpapers, so the patterns will be in your subconscious, and after enough time, they will eventually enter into your brain consciously and make sense. Reading candlestick charts begins to make more sense the more that you look at the charts.

It’s like anything in life or starting a new career or profession. It takes time to learn a new skill. When starting a new education or career it many of times takes a year or so to get the hang of things.

We’ve invested a lot of time into creating useful candlestick resources that will help the patterns become easier to understand. We suggest swapping out our wallpapers every couple of months or so to keep the patterns fresh in your mind and so you’ll learn other ones as well.

Penny Stocks Bull Flags

What Candlestick Chart Pattern Is Most Reliable?

Bull flags are the most reliable candlestick chart pattern for bullish trades and intraday trading. Bear flags are the most reliable when going short. Doji’s, spinning tops, hammers, and inverted hammers are very reliable reversal patterns.

Studying isn’t always fun. Sometimes you don’t feel like it. But it’s rewarding. One day after all the time you spent reading our eBook, staring at our wallpaper backgrounds, learning in our trade room, and looking at stock patterns and charts, it’ll all start to make sense. You’ll have that AHA moment. You’ll get there!