Welcome to the Bullish Bears Basic Candlesticks Patterns Course 

This is an in depth course that will teach you about the most popular candlesticks patterns and how to trade them with proper entries and stop levels.


If you’re looking to learn candlesticks then this course is for you. You're going to learn about the most popular candlesticks patterns and how to trade them. In fact, we highly recommend that you take this course once you have a solid foundation of trading and are ready to get started.

  • Discover the Most Popular Patterns
  • The "Magic Eye" Will Help You
  • How Patterns Create Support & Resistance
  • Why Traders Pay Close Attention to Them
  • Find Out When to Enter & Exit Trades
  • Free E-Book & Wallpaper Backgrounds


In the 1700’s, a Japanese rice trader named Homma developed the system that we now know as Japanese candlesticks patterns today. As a rice trader, he saw the correlation between supply and demand coupled with price and emotions. Investors and traders of today see how all markets are heavily influenced by emotions, thanks to Homma, Read More

Candlestcks Patterns
Candlesticks Patterns


One of the most important things you'll learn in our candlesticks patterns school is that candlesticks are the foundation of trading in the stock market. In fact, without candlesticks, technical analysis doesn't mean anything.

Hence the importance of taking the time to learn what the different candlesticks look like and mean. There are a lot of candlesticks and patterns to learn. ​Don't get overwhelmed. Read More


There is a lot that candlesticks patterns can tell us. For one thing they tell us a very powerful story between the bulls and the bears. This story forms candlesticks, which forms important patterns, and those patterns help to determine very important support and resistance levels.

Support and resistance is the name of the game when trading. Buy low and sell high, aka buy at support levels and sell at resistance levels.

However, over 90% of newbie traders do the complete opposite. They buy high and panic when the price drops and end up selling low. In other words, they buy at resistance levels and sell at support levels and many of times lose their life savings, simply because they don't know candlesticks. 

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Many times new traders feel overwhelmed by everything they need to learn; especially if you want to learn how to trade right. It's easy to follow a guru in and out of their trades without taking the time to learn if what they're trading is actually a good setup. Instead we started a Facebook stock training community along with trading rooms. We wanted a community filled with like minded men and women from around the world. It's a safe place to come and ask questions or just observe traders in action. 

Trading can be and is lonely. In fact, one could argue that having a solid stock training community is equally as important and learning the foundation, technical analysis, candlesticks patterns and strategies. To have that camaraderie that a good community brings helps. Read More

Candlesticks Patterns
Stock Watch Lists


Each night we post watch lists and trade stock alerts to our community members in our trading services. Remember that we're not a stock pumping service so these aren't buy signals.

Instead they're stocks we're watching with key support and resistance levels mapped out. We'll never call out entries and exits on a stock because we want you to be in control of how you trade your money.

Check out our YouTube playlist geared for our watch lists and trade alerts. There you can see why we choose the stocks we do and how we set up our alerts. If you take the time to learn candlesticks patterns then you'll know the secret to becoming a profitable and consistent trader. Sounds simple right?!'s NOT! Read More

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One year into trading and I was in the red. By learning and following wisdom in the trading room 3... read more

Lou D.

Absolutely my favorite learning group. Shout out to Lucien, Tim, and Dan! I have learned so much though your courses... read more

Troy S.

Solid, normal guys, looking to educate and help people- a rare thing these days

John B.

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