What Are a List of the Top Cannabis Stocks in 2021?

Are you lookin for cannabis stocks to trade? Ever year it seems to be that marijuana is going to become fully legal. As a result, pot stocks fly. The stock markets have thousands of wonderful companies and millions of amazing stocks to invest in or trade. People have made millions through this marvelous creation. However, to get to a level where you can earn great profits requires knowledge, skill, and determination.

In order to master the art of investing and trading, one has to have the passion and determination to learn and gain knowledge. While there are various sectors in the financial markets like banking, automobile, pharmaceutical, and many more, one such trending and hot sector nowadays is the Cannabis sector.

With recent developments and legalization, the cannabis industry is booming and so are its stocks. So in this article, we’ll explore the cannabis industry in detail. Then provide the essential knowledge that any investor or trader should have about the cannabis industry and its stocks.

The Cannabis Industry 

  • Cannabis has been present in our society for decades. But with recent legalization and developments in rules and regulations, cannabis has emerged out and become a multi-billion-dollar industry. With its roots embedded deep within sectors such as health care, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and even recreational goods, it’s on the rise. The companies involved with cannabis are booming. And so are their share prices. In recent times, cannabis stocks are on the rise with great bullish moves when observed in a longer time frame.

This industry is developing and evolving with time because of the ongoing debates and rule changes with legalization. And with public support, the use of medical and recreational marijuana has seen a huge growth spurt.

According to data, the global cannabis market was estimated to be worth around fourteen billion dollars. In fact, it continues to grow with each passing day.

With the recent rise in this sector and tremendous growth potential, cannabis stocks have grabbed the attention of investors and traders; providing attractive and profitable opportunities.

In fact, a lot companies are getting onto the CBD hype train. CBD oil stocks are on the rise as a result. 

The Difference Between Medical and Recreational Cannabis Companies

Cannabis Stocks

With a huge trend evolving in the cannabis sector, investors and companies have all been thrilled to grab opportunities in the financial world of the cannabis.

With companies reaching billion dollar valuations, this sector is trending with a boom. There are two different types of cannabis companies, however. One which are involved with medical marijuana and the other who are involved with recreational marijuana. Both these sectors have huge companies. 

As a result, their stocks are providing attractive opportunities. So let’s understand the difference between these cannabis stocks.

Medical Cannabis Stocks Companies 

As the name suggests, these companies have applications in the medical field of cannabis. They’re involved in research and development for the treatment and cure for certain health problems.

Those problems which can be cured or helped by cannabis. With doctors acknowledging the benefits of cannabis are actively prescribing it, the sector of medical cannabis is one with tremendous growth potential and an optimistic future.

Recreational Cannabis Stocks Companies

Although medical marijuana was legalized before recreational marijuana, the recreational marijuana sector caters to a very large and vast range of audience.

With thousands of cannabis users, this sector has a never-ending demand. The companies involved with recreational marijuana primarily create products that have THC.  

This is a psychoactive agent that’s responsible for the high that users obtain from using cannabis. So, these companies produce products like marijuana-infused cigarettes, edibles, and even THC beer to coffee.

While certain states still need to legalize the use of cannabis, the majority of places now actively allow the use of recreational cannabis. Thus providing great potential for growth.

The Top Cannabis Stocks

  1. $TCNNF
  2. $GWPH
  3. $IIPR
  4. GRWG
  5. $GTBIF

With various successful cannabis companies actively dealing in the market, there are thousands of cannabis stocks. But there are a few superior and top companies that have shown remarkable performance and results.

This has led to the creation of some amazing cannabis stocks. As a result, we posted some of the top cannabis stocks above. Let’s take a deeper look into these companies.

Trulieve Cannabis Corp. – TCNNF

Trulieve Cannabis Corp is an excellent company that investors should plan on holding for the long run. Their primary focus is on the Florida medical cannabis market.

As a result, they dominate roughly fifty percent of the sales in the entire state. With consistent growth in earnings and profits, Trulieve Cannabis Corp has reported a revenue of $216.9 million for the first two quarters of 2020.

With superior management and a perfect development strategy, this company is definitely on the rise. It could be one to keep an eye on. Especially if you’re looking to grow a small account.

GW Pharmaceuticals – GWPH

GW Pharmaceuticals is a cannabis-focused biotech company with a remarkable journey. Their drug ‘Epidiolex’ became the first drug made from cannabis which was to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Their primary focus is the medical marijuana market. They aim to create drugs infused with the healing properties of cannabis to cure many ailments.

With several cannabis-based clinical trials and developments in progress, this company has shown steady and powerful growth. Which makes its stock a worthy buy.

Innovative Industrial Properties – IIPR

Innovative Industrial Properties is a company that has a unique and interesting strategy. It involves acquiring medical-use cannabis facilities from the U.S. medical cannabis operators. And then leasing said properties.

This company has seen a huge rise in its growth and has created a steady revenue stream through its operations. This stock is one of the top cannabis stocks which an investor should look out for.

They had phenomenal growth showcased; even during the Covid pandemic. Therefore, this company is definitely worth observing.

Grow Generation – GRWG

There’s an ever-growing market of supplies for growing plants without soil. Instead they use liquid nutrient solutions. As a result, it’s seen huge growth and is in demand.

Grow Generation has captured this sector with its superior products. Grow Generation is the largest retail chain that primarily caters to this market.

They provide innovative solutions to cannabis growers. This has led to a huge surge in customers. Which results in driving the company’s profits up. Therefore, this stock is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Green Thumb Industries – GTBIF

Green Thumb Industries is a company that is primarily forces in the recreational marijuana sector, and has been capturing the market with remarkable presence.

They’re based in Illinois and have over twelve stores across the U.S. On top of that, they manage and run thirteen manufacturing facilities.

They reported revenue of $119.6 million in the second quarter; which is an increase of over 167% over last year. As a result, this company is on the rise despite the current scenario. This stock is a good choice for investors and their portfolios

Cannabis ETFs

With the legalization of cannabis, the growth in this sector is happening at a rapid pace. Companies are racing to achieve better results and get their roots deep into the system; be it recreational or medicinal.  

With the rise in the cannabis sector, it opens a new door for investments and growth. Exchange-traded funds have seen a huge rise in recent years.

And it was only a matter of time before cannabis entered this sector. This is a new concept and its creation is the result of the phenomenal growth in the cannabis sector.

Marijuana ETFs are similar to regular ETFs. And just like any other ETF, it’s a basket of stocks that are related to the cannabis industry. This is a relatively new concept.

 As a result, it’ll take time for investors and traders to involve it in their financial portfolios. But marijuana ETFs have good future potential.

Which could be huge in the future. Marijuana ETFs do face certain setbacks and challenges with the regulatory authorities. However, it’s a matter of time before they are accepted and involved in the financial markets.

The Complete Legalization of Marijuana in the United States

  • Recreational marijuana is legal in fourteen states in the U.S. However, there are several states that still haven’t allowed the use of marijuana. With certain regulatory rules and negative aspects, the cannabis industry still has to overcome certain challenges. It’ll take time before cannabis becomes legal throughout America. However, investors should keep in mind that federal legalization isn’t guaranteed. As a result, the future is still uncertain.

Some Setbacks and Challenges the Cannabis Stocks Industry Faces

Over the last few years, the laws around cannabis and its use have been changing. It seems that legalization is happening at a fast pace.

While there are certain positive things moving in favor of the cannabis industry, it also has to overcome certain challenges and setbacks.

These are hurdles for the growth of this sector. So an investor or trader should be cautious and aware of the challenges that the cannabis sector faces.

Taxation and Valuation of Cannabis Stocks Companies 

A major point of concern for cannabis companies is regarding the taxes that states will apply to them. If the taxes are too high, then it may be difficult to sustain companies. And if it’s too low, then the supply will be greater than the demand; creating an unstable market scenario.

Another point of concern is the future of cannabis companies due to the current trend and rise of the industry. Thousands of new cannabis companies have emerged. 

But in every market, only a few companies can have dominance and come out successful. It stands to reason that companies emerging today could be shut down or take on heavy loss; all due to saturation and competition.

The Future of Cannabis Industry and Cannabis Stocks

Being the world’s most commonly cultivated, trafficked, and used drug, cannabis is bound to grow. And with a huge backing and push for legalization, the cannabis industry sure has a bright and optimistic future.

One with tremendous potential for growth. The drug is already legal in thirty-three states and fourteen states allowing it even for recreational purposes. So there’s no denying that the future for cannabis companies holds great opportunities.

But every investor or trader should carefully study this opportunity to create huge profits. It’s possible in this fast, dynamic and ever-growing cannabis sector.

All it takes is knowledge and information to capture the amazing opportunities that the cannabis industry and its stocks have to offer.

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