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Bear market archives is the place to go for all Bullish Bears articles regarding a bear market. The market trades in cycles.

What goes up must come down. As a result, traders need to be aware of a bear market; what it is as well as how to trade in one.

Bear markets tend to strike fear in the heart of many an investor and trader. This is because they aren’t properly taught how to trade bear markets.

In fact, a falling market keeps stocks from becoming too expensive to trade. This, in turn, makes it better for traders in the long run.

However, all that red can be scary. The key is learning bear market trading strategies.

Once you learn how to make money when the market is going down, or how to protect your investments, you’ll feel much better.

This section includes all articles related to a down market and how to be successful no matter what.

Best Hedges for Devaluing Dollar

We’ve all seen the headline about the US dollar: inflation and overprinting by the Federal Reserve is crushing its value. But is this actually the case? During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Reserve certainly had its printers going. Between January of 2020 and October of 2021, 80% of the total US dollars that ever existed…

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Bear Markets and Stocks that are Inverse to the Market

Most of us know how to make money when the stock market is doing well (bull market), but what do we do when it isn’t (bear market)? Some stocks and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) do well when the market is bleeding red. How is that even possible? Our post on bear markets and stocks that…

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Crypto Crash 2021

Is there a crypto crash in 2021? May 19th, 2021, brought the crypto trading world to its knees. After Chinese regulators signaled a crackdown on the use of digital coins, the cryptocurrency sector lost over $177 billion in market capitalization overnight. And we have a crypto crash in 2021. But before we dive in, let’s do…

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Panic of 1907

The widespread bank panic of 1907 was the first of many worldwide financial crises’ experienced in the twentieth century. Not only did it transform a recession into a contraction, but it lead to a monetary reform movement. The establishment of the Federal Reserve System fundamentally changed how the banking system works in America. At its…

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Dotcom Crash

What was the Dotcom Crash? In general, the 1990s was a decade marked by serious expansion in the United States. In fact, it was one of the best periods of growth the U.S. had ever seen. Irrational exuberance sent valuations of internet stocks soaring, leading to a wild bull market ride. Remember, what goes up,…

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What Caused Black Monday in 1987

What caused Black Monday in 1987? A growing sense of dread washed over stockbrokers on Monday, October 19,1987. On that day, also known as Black Monday, the walls came crashing down. Stock markets from New York, London, Hong Kong, Berlin, Tokyo and pretty much every other city in the world came crashing down. The million-dollar question…

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stock market bubble

If you’re not paying attention, stock market bubbles will sneak up on you and destroy your wealth. They’re deceptive, unpredictable and ruthless. When that day comes, it’s too late to prepare. Luckily, bubbles have a few defining characteristics to help you not only identify when one is coming but how to get out without losing…

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Purell Hand Sanitizer Stock

Wait, Purell Hand Sanitizer Stock? Are we really searching for this? Yes, Yes we are. And not just from an investment stand point. But from a “I don’t want the Corona flu” stand point too. The answer you are seeking is no, there is no Purell stock. But there is plenty you should know about…

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What Does Bullish Mean in the Stock Market

What is the difference between a bull and bear market? A bull market is when the stock market is in an uptrend or rising channel, hence the term bullish. A bear market is when the stock market is in a downtrend or falling channel, hence the term bearish. What Is the Difference Between a Bull…

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