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Bitcoin archives house all Bullish Bears articles regarding this sector. The bitcoin sector has much potential but is also decisive.

There aren’t federal regulations as of yet which makes it attractive to some traders. However, without those regulations other traders stay away.

Bitcoin came roaring onto the scene and became the trendy way to trade. No matter where you went people were talking about it.

It was exciting. However, it ended up being detrimental to a lot of traders. It was promoted as the currency of the future.

As a result, many people put their life savings into it only to have it come crashing back to earth.

That, in turn, caused many many people to lose a lot. Never listen to anyone who’s pumping a sector.

In fact, do your own due diligence. Only then will you know when this sector is a good buy or investment.

This section includes all articles relating to this particular sector.

Why Does The Crypto Market Crash

Why does the crypto market crash? Crypto has been a shiny new toy for a lot of people. Even if you’re not into trading the stock market, it seems like crypto is the trendy thing to be investing in. In fact, I’ve seen people on Facebook getting involved in Bitcoin even though they have no…

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Shapeshift Review

This ShapeShift review has nothing to do with the futuristic T-1000 from the Terminator 2 movie. It has to do with the new ‘shape’ of money just about everyone’s heard about. We’re talking about digital currency. More specifically, cryptocurrencies and the need for an outlet to exchange one form to another. This is where ShapeShift…

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Buy Cryptocurrency

To buy cryptocurrency, one of the first things you must consider is a safe place to buy. What is cryptocurrency? Investopedia defines it as a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. As a result, it’s difficult to counterfeit unlike the dollar. One of the drawing cards to cryptocurrency is the non regulation…

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