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The brokers archive is the location of all Bullish Bears articles pertaining to brokers. Finding the right broker is imperative to trading.

The reason for this is the fact that they facilitate all your trading needs. As a result, you want to find a broker that is a good fit.

There are many things to consider when picking the correct broker such as, customer service, ease of use and commission fees.

The style of trading you like best can affect the type of broker you chose. In fact, not all brokers are great for shorting.

As a result, not ever broker is going to a good choice for a trader who primarily deals with short selling.

Fast response times, the ability to customize hot keys as well as having the right orders are all things to consider.

In fact, commission fees are used to provide better platforms. As a result, don’t be afraid of higher fees. Often times you can negotiate cheaper fees.

This section houses all articles pertaining to brokers.

Robinhood IPO

Is a Robinhood IPO coming soon? Robinhood has come a long way in accomplishing their mission to “democratize finance for all” since other founding seven years ago in April of 2013. That’s one reason we are watching this future IPO closely. Even the harshest critics can’t deny that the commission-free trading app (and website, but…

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Tradestation Discount

Finding a TradeStation discount isn’t too hard. Finding a Bullish Bears discount and TradeStation discount in one place was impossible, until today. Step 1: Click to Open a TradeStation Account Step 2: Click Here to Open a Bullish Bears Account No catch. Just open a TradeStation account through the Bullish Bears and get $1000 rebate on…

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Robinhood Competitors

Since its inception in 2013, this Silicon Valley startup has been one of the most disruptive forces in online stock trading. At $0 commissions, this low-cost brokerage firm makes investments not only affordable but accessible. But who are the Robinhood competitors? However, this price doesn’t come without sacrifices in other areas. Before you sign up…

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Day Trading With Fidelity

How’s day trading with Fidelity? Without a doubt, Fidelity is value-driven, full-service online broker catered to investors. With $0 stock trades, industry-leading research, excellent trading tools, comprehensive retirement services and 30 million happy customers, Fidelity is a winner. But, what about day trading with Fidelity? Should you consider this online broker or steer clear? Here’s…

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TradeStation Indicators

Who doesn’t love indicators for trading? TradeStation indicators can be great tools for trading. Many traders I speak with ask me what platform I use for trading. Naturally, I use several, but I am always trying and testing new platforms.  There is one, however that stands at the top of my list, and that’s TradeStation….

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Stockcross Review

Looking for a full service investment broker with access to international markets? With this broker, it’s possible, but there’s a catch. Read on to find out why in our StockCross Review. Is StockCross a Good Broker? (Review Breakdown) StockCross is a full service online broker that strives to offer personalized, one on one investment services. Their…

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