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The brokers archive is the location of all Bullish Bears articles pertaining to brokers. Finding the right broker is imperative to trading.

The reason for this is the fact that they facilitate all your trading needs. As a result, you want to find a broker that is a good fit.

There are many things to consider when picking the correct broker such as, customer service, ease of use and commission fees.

The style of trading you like best can affect the type of broker you chose. In fact, not all brokers are great for shorting.

As a result, not ever broker is going to a good choice for a trader who primarily deals with short selling.

Fast response times, the ability to customize hot keys as well as having the right orders are all things to consider.

In fact, commission fees are used to provide better platforms. As a result, don’t be afraid of higher fees. Often times you can negotiate cheaper fees.

This section houses all articles pertaining to brokers.

Generic Trade Broker Review

Generic Trade Broker Review: Generic Trade offers three platforms. All three are user-friendly and easy to use. You get everything you need to do basic analyses and quickly execute trades using free real-time data. However, the no-frills platforms don’t offer all the bells and whistles. In addition, they are strictly for trading futures and options…

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Tradovate Review

Tradovate Review: In the connected world we live in today, having a broker platform that connects with other services is an added feature that should be a standard among all brokers. Tradovate does just that, and makes it easy! Not only that, but this unique broker stands apart from most others who require traders to…

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Motif Investing Review

Motif Investing Review: Founded in 2010, Motif is a full service brokerage which offers baskets of securities that carry various investment themes. Thematic investing has been around since the 1980s. But typically, it has been used by pension funds, endowments, and ultra-high-net-worth wealth managers. The premise of thematic investing is simple. Firstly, markets over the long term…

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Wellstrade Review

WellsTrade Review: It’s hard to believe that Wells Fargo (who owns WellsTrade) has been around since the time of Wyatt Earp. Their platform features over two dozen technical studies, like linear regression and time series forecast. Also, technical indicators include Bollinger Bands and Chaikin’s Volatility. Plenty to feed the need of most technical traders and…

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Seaport Securities Review

Seaport Securities Review: They started their operations circa 1979. Located in New York, the company is a member of the NYSE. The firm offers investors the ability to trade equities, options, mutual funds, corporate bonds, and U.S. Treasuries. However, the ability to trade futures is not among their services. Seaport Securities provides a web-based platform…

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