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Candlesticks archives contain all the Bullish Bears articles on the meaning of a candlestick as well as patterns.

Candlesticks are the name of the game and the first line of defense. By themselves they tell a story. When grouped together they form patterns.

Those patterns show continuations or reversals. They also provide support and resistance along with the real bodies and wicks of candles.

Moving averages and other indicators don’t mean anything without candles. As a result, they could be considered the most important part of trading.

Candles are used to gauge the emotions of other traders. They are bullish, bearish or indecisive.

As a result of candles being the foundation for trading, knowing what candlesticks mean help you chose when to trade and when to wait.

This section contains all the articles relating to the different types of candles as well as patterns and how to trade them successfully.

Morning Panic Pattern

What’s a morning panic pattern? Do you have a small account you’re looking to grow? Likely you’re here looking for ways to build your account, and I’m pretty certain this pattern may be one of the best for that. It will get you to that point. Today, I will be looking at one of the most…

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Day Trading Reversals

Day trading reversals are one of the most common and profitable strategies employed by traders across the world. In fact, due to their excellent risk/reward ratio, many base their entire careers on them. But if you’re looking at trading reversals, you want to ensure you only trade in the extremes. There may be times when…

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3 Bar Reversal Pattern

Have you heard of the 3 bar reversal pattern? If you’re looking for a pure price action pattern that’s a surefire way to make money, you’re in the right place. Patterns are comprised of candlesticks. Which are the bread and butter of trading. Not only do patterns and candlesticks, tell us a story, we use them…

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Bullish Chart Patterns

There are dozens of bullish chart patterns, not to mention dozens of ways to trade them. From the inverse head and shoulder, double bottom, triple bottom to the rounding bottom chart pattern, it can be overwhelming. For today, I’m going to keep it simple and talk about one that if you can learn to spot…

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Heikin Ashi

Have you ever wondered, “What is heikin ashi”? Well, you’re in good company; I had no idea either until I started trading. What I found out is there are a few reasons why one would opt to use a Heikin Ashi candles indicator. So buckle up and pay attention, this just might be your next go-to…

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Bull Flag Momentum Strategy

Knowing and understanding the bull flag momentum strategy is crucial if you want to a successful day trader. But what works for one person may not work for another, though, so it pays to learn a few simple ones in the beginning. What Is the Bull Flag Momentum Strategy? Do you know what the bull…

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ABCD Pattern

Do you know why beginner day traders should learn the ABCD pattern? If you don’t, I’m going to give you an analogy to help explain. Did you know that Starbucks offers more than 80,000 drink combinations? Or worse yet, have you been in line at Starbucks and not even bat an eye at the person in…

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