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Day Trading Advice

Day Trading Advice for Today

Are you looking for day trading advice? Making big money and beating the market is possible. But you need the proper rules and attitude to play by. If you’re looking for day trading advice for today

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Day Trading Reversals

Day Trading Reversals: Is This a Profitable Trading Strategy?

Day trading reversals are one of the most common and profitable strategies employed by traders across the world. In fact, due to their excellent risk/reward ratio, many base their entire careers on them.

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Day Trading On ETRADE

Does ETRADE Allow Day Trading?

With hundreds of online brokers and trading platforms out there, one can be quickly overwhelmed trying to pick the right one. So, how does one choose? There is no single best one, but most certainly a

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when not to day trade

Do You Know When Not to Day Trade?

Do you know when not to day trade? Day trading isn’t for everyone. In fact, if you don’t have a strong personality, attention to detail, and the stomach to handle market fluctuations, you

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How To Do Day Trading

How to Do Day Trading

Do you know how to do day trading? Like riding the 9 ema or finding support and resistance. Those two things make you a great day trader. Do you feel a constant sense of being overwhelmed by the volume

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The One Skill You Need to Be Successful Day Trading

What Is the One Skill You Need to Be Successful Day Trading?

What’s the one skill you need to be successful day trading? You need to be able to control your emotions. This is the most important aspect because learning the technicals is the easy part. The

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What Are The Best Technical Indicators For Day Trading

What Are the Best Technical Indicators for Day Trading?

What are the best technical indicators for day trading?  Will you trade on the fundamentals or the technicals? Should you look at the companies cash flow statements or volume before you buy? I forgot

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Day Trading Meaning

Day Trading Meaning: Why Is It Called That?

Day trading, meaning two trades of the same financial instrument on the same trading day, can be as lucrative as it is risky. Stories of people turning $1,000 into $100,000 leave many wondering how they

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The Best Day Trading Patterns for Beginners

What Are the Best Day Trading Patterns for Beginners?

What are the best day trading patterns for beginners? Falling wedge, rising wedge, breakout, cup and handle, two tin soldiers – I’m not sure if that’s a trading pattern but I think it’s

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Intraday Chart Setup

What Chart Setup Is Best for Intraday Trading?

Do you have an intraday chart setup? You’ve been dreaming of freedom for years, and you’ve finally decided to try your hand at day trading; I congratulate you. Not only is day trading quite

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