Category: Options Trading

Selling Options

Buying options and selling options makes up the core of every options contract. Every option contract requires both a buyer and a seller. Sellers of options have the trading odds in their favor because most options contracts expire worthless. Just because you have the trading odds in favor it doesn’t mean that you should be…

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covered calls

Covered calls are one of the oldest in the options playbook and great for share holders to make some extra income on the shares they are planning to hold onto for the long haul. This is a strategy used to generate income in the form of premiums. The trader that is selling the call owns…

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vertical spreads

There are more than one spreads strategy making vertical spreads an umbrella. Vertical spreads are an options trading strategy that’s popular because of the protection offered. Employing this strategy will give you a higher probability of success and fixed risk while trading options! The most popular vertical spreads are credit spreads and debit spreads. Credits spreads…

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