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TopStepTrader Review

Ready for our TopstepTrader review? This funded trader program is an original concept that was started in 2012. And has since been copied by others trying to match Topstep’s model. Topstep is a great way to learn to trade better. If you’re a successful trader, you can actually make money after going through their simulated…

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Trading Scorecard Review

Trading Scorecard Review: They are a tool to help you understand your metrics, patterns and trading styles so you can improve them. Fundamentally, it will help you to continuously work to define success and set tangible, measurable goals. If you purchase a subscription to Trading Scorecard, you can clearly define success in quantifiable terms. Trading Scorecard will enable you…

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Portable Monitor

Having portable monitors can be super useful to both beginner traders or experienced traveling traders. For pleasure or work related use, a laptop paired with a good portable monitor will do wonders. An extra screen makes chart management much easier also scrolling about your favorite news site becomes a breeze. A  solid portable monitor will…

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