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Naked Short Selling

What Is Naked Short Selling?

Naked short selling. No, it’s not someone who trades in their birthday suit. And no, it’s not something you should aspire to model, even though I’m sure you look great in your birthday

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Pros and Cons of Short Selling

What Are the Pros and Cons of Short Selling Stocks?

What are some of the pros and cons of short selling? Pro: you can make money in down markets or reversals. Con: risky strategy holding overnight, especially biotech’s. Pro: you don’t have

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Stocks to Short

What Are Good Stocks to Short Sell and Is It Smart?

Looking to dips your toes in the short waters? Perhaps you’re looking for a new edge in your trading? Surprisingly, short selling stocks is really not that different from attempting to go long.

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How To Short A Stock On Robinhood

How to Short a Stock on Robinhood: Do They Support It?

Do you know how to short a stock on Robinhood? Maybe a stock that was destined for failure has just announced a stock offering, or word on the street is, the company makes no money. The financial markets

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Short Squeeze Stocks

What Is a Short Squeeze in Stocks?

Those caught in it, liken it to the feeling of being trapped in a nightmare. You desperately try to wake up but can’t. For those of you who experienced it, you know what I’m talking about:

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How to Borrow a Stock

How to Borrow a Stock and Make Money When Stocks Are Down

Do you know how to borrow a stock? You’re probably familiar with buying and selling stocks. You even might be dabbling already with your modest $1,000 trading account. Table of ContentsHow to Borrow

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Centerpoint Securities Review

Centerpoint Securities Review: Best Shorting Broker?

Centerpoint Securities Review: Their business started in 2000 and is now a brokerage firm for professional traders. Or as CenterPoint puts it: It is for active, sophisticated investors and those striving

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shorting penny stocks

Shorting Penny Stocks the Right Way

What Is Shorting Penny Stocks and How to Do It? Shorting penny stocks is a very popular trading strategy with small cap stocks. It allows you the ability to make money as the price of a stock falls.

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how to short a stock

How to Short a Stock

Do you know how to short a stock? The process is very simple. You borrow shares from your broker and sell at resistance levels, creating a negative position. As price falls, you look to buy at support

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gold and silver prices

How to Find Gold and Silver Prices

Finding current gold and silver prices is an important part of investing. Gold and silver become safe havens in times where the market is controlled by fear and pessimism. Different sectors of the market

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