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Investorshub Review

InvestorsHub Review: Is IHUB a Game Changer for Stock Forums?

InvestorsHub Review: InvestorsHub aka iHub is one of the most popular investing sites that allows members to interact with others on various different user-created messaging boards. They call this a civil

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Wallstreet Bets Sentiment Tracker Swaggystocks

Reddit Wallstreetbets Sentiment Tracker: Swaggystocks Review

Reddit Wallstreetbets is an extremely popular subreddit that has become a major influence in the world of retail trading. This gave way to Swaggystocks who has created a way to track the sentiment there

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TipRanks Review

Tipranks Research Review: Is Subscription Worth It?

Have you heard of TipRanks? If not, our TipRanks review is here to help you. Ranked as one of the top app geared towards retail traders, TipRanks is taking the guesswork out of online stock surfing.  Table

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Flowtrade Review

FlowTrade Review: Game Changing Algo Scanner?

Looking for a FlowTrade review? The Bullish Bears were FAST to hop on this tool and adopt it before the rest of the world finds out about how great it is. You could say it’s the best thing since

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Best Monitor for Day Trading

What Is the Best Monitor for Day Trading?

When you first get into day trading, it can be quite tempting to simply trade on your laptop or phone. While this can work, it is not the best possible option. As a result, what’s the best monitor

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Bookmap Review

Bookmap Review: Seeing Order Book in a Whole New Way

Have you heard of the Bookmap platform? In fact. have you ever wished you had a tool that could help you see order flow in a new way? You’re in luck. Check out our Bookmap review. Table of ContentsBookmap

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Stockcharts Review

StockCharts Review: Is a Subscription Worth Your Money?

Our StockCharts review delves into this charting platform. As you know, to be successful as a day trader it’s critical you have the right charting software at your disposal. It’s akin to running a

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TC2000 Review

TC2000 Review: Best Charting and Trading Platform?

In this TC2000 review we will go over all the features of this platform. Charts, scans, alerts, simulators, and indicators… if I’m speaking your language, then you’ll love what we have to tell

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Tradexchange Review

TradeXchange Review: Real-Time Trade Ideas and News?

Squawk, screech, squeal, shriek, scream, your TradeXchange Review is ready. You know what they say… if it squawks like news and if it walks like news, it’s probably news from the Squawk Audio

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StockRover Review

Stock Rover Review: Best Stock Advice Platform?

Stock Rover Review: They are an investment research platform for all traders and investors. This platform is focused around the demand from real investors. They are different from most equity research

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