Category: Swing Trading

Best Swing Trading Apps

Are you looking for the best swing trading apps? Swing trading is a happy medium for traders. It can be a quick in and out like day traders, or it can be a long-term swing that lasts months. If you’ve heard the term and are wondering what it means, you’ve come to the right place….

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Best Swing Trade Stocks

What’s the best swing trading strategy? That all depends on your risk tolerance. If you have a higher risk tolerance then buying naked calls and puts are the most profitable. You need to be good with picking the direction of the stock with this strategy. Credit spreads are a lot less riskier and you don’t…

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How to Dip Buy Stocks

Looking to learn how to dip buy stocks? This is a very popular trading strategy where you wait until a stock falls down to a support level and look for a candlestick reversal for entry. Many of times this happens either at the base of a downtrend or near moving average lines. Keep an eye…

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