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Trading Software For Mac

What Is the Best Trading Software for Mac?

Are you wondering what the best trading software for a Mac is? This blog’s designed for those looking to utilize traders looking to use their Mac hardware to trade. Because Apple offer’s some

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Best Monitor for Day Trading

What Is the Best Monitor for Day Trading?

When you first get into day trading, it can be quite tempting to simply trade on your laptop or phone. While this can work, it is not the best possible option. As a result, what’s the best monitor

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The 5 Best Laptops For Trading In 2020

5 Of The Best Laptops For Stock Trading

A stock trader requires the right tools to do their job and thus should have the best laptop for stock trading. In fact, no amount of skill can make up for sub-par equipment. It’s not enough to

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Portable Monitor

How to Find the Top Portable Monitors for Laptops For Trading

Having portable monitors can be super useful to both beginner traders or experienced traveling traders. For pleasure or work related use, a laptop paired with a good portable monitor will do wonders.

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Options Trading Books

List of 3 Best Books on Options Trading to Further Your Education

Looking for the best books on options trading? For many people, options trading is about as confusing as it gets. Fortunately, there are lots of books on the subject that not only demystify options but

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Best Day Trading Software For Beginners

What Is the Best Day Trading Software for Beginners?

Looking for the best day trading software for beginners? Unfortunately but not surprisingly, many new traders make the mistake of either signing up with the wrong broker or downloading the wrong software

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Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Ergonomic Mouse Pad For Traders Who Don’t Want To Be Sore

An ergonomic mouse pad is more than just a little luxury. Being traders mean we impact our bodies in many different ways. The slightest movement or constant positions we keep our bodies in can do much

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computer battery backup

How to Find the Right Computer Battery Backup

A computer battery backup system can be the a useful tool that saves you from a costly trade. In the world of trading, you’ll always hear the words risk management. Well, what is your risk management

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Falcon Trading Computers Review

Falcon Trading Computers Review: Worth the High Price?

Falcon Trading Computers Review: Falcon Trading Computers are made for traders by other traders. Each of their computers are tested and designed to produce the ultimate trading computer hardware. Their

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stand up desk mat

Stand Up Desk Mat: How to Choose the Right One for Your Computer

Most people who are looking for a stand up desk mat use the normal parameters that they would for any item. Turns out, a lot of expensive mats can actually be of subpar quality and material. One thing

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