• May 2, 2019

Reading today's ChartIQ Review may not make you a genius. However, you'll discover a way to raise your financial IQ by a notch or two. Thanks to data visualization. Active traders can't live without their charts.

However, charts are only as good as the data feeding them. Dan Schleifer and Terry Thorsen, the brains behind the charting engine of ChartIQ, are convinced that theirs are the best.

Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA., this award-winning company builds integrated platforms and HTML5 components for advanced charting and technical analysis. Clients include brokerages, financial institutions, and technology providers for capital markets.

​ChartIQ is growing. Now maintaining an office in New York as well as a ChartIQ London branch. Soon an additional office is opening in Hong Kong. For more information on the company, see the ChartIQ Crunchbase overview here.


ChartIQ review

The objective of ChartIQ Finsemble is to save you money by saving you time. The highly customizable, pre-built infrastructure accomplishes the job. All without requiring a lot of development.

It connects old and new, in-house and third-party applications into an integrated "smart desktop" platform. Therefore, an assembly that might take you months if your team started from scratch gets done rapidly with Finsemble.

You choose your applications, data, and content. Then Finsemble puts it all together. Also, Finsemble seamlessly links applications, whether they're designed to work together or not.

Additionally, even if you don't control the applications' source code or they're written in different languages, Finsemble integrates them. The OpenFin framework utilizes FDC3 (Financial Desktop Connectivity & Collaboration Consortium) standards.

Simply drag and drop data between applications to share the content. Meanwhile, applications link and sync across groups or even the entire platform.

Moreover, via white labeling, you define aesthetics. Therefore, you get the look you want throughout the integrated platform.

This way you don't end up with something that looks like a stitched-together Frankenstein monster. ChartIQ aims to create beautiful interfaces.

The company also offers the Finsemble Ecosystem; a library of Fintech applications. Comb through it. Then pick and choose any third-party applications you want to add to your platform.

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ChartIQ's HTML5 JavaScript Library is compatible with all major frameworks. Hence this ChartIQ review. 

They offer one library that works on all platforms; desktop, web, mobile, and tablet. The beauty of this is that you don't have to juggle libraries. You only need one.

ChartIQ is built with proprietary API and delivered as an SDK file. Also, the drag-and-drop user interface enables fast integration of the charting library.

Therefore, it's easy to add their customizable, interactive time series charts to any web page, application, or trading platform.


  • Indicators - ScriptIQ enables you to build customized indicators using Coffeescript syntax.
  • Trading from charts - Construct and execute complex orders on charts with a drag-and-drop user interface.
  • Trading Central - The Analyst Views and Technical Events Plug-ins offer sophisticated technical analysis.


The customizable financial widgets provide market data accessible in the charts. Whether the data comes from brokerages or news outlets, it displays beautifully on charts.

As with all ChartIQ products, the widgets also integrate easily and work with web pages, tablets, and mobile devices. All good things to know in this ChartIQ review.


ChartIQ's crypto engine handles the heavy loads of data necessary to run a cryptocurrency platform. The user interface is intuitive and easily customizable.

Like the charting library, it works on all platforms and integrates quickly. The HTML5 JavaScript crypto library creates charts. Those include over 100 studies and more than 30 drawing tools.

Additionally, CryptoIQ offers the ability to trade right from the charts. Other features include market depth, an order book, and the ability to create personalized technical indicators.

MT4 Webtrader features real-time quotes, one-click order placement, and an array of chart types, tools, and studies. The plug-in works in every browser and utilizes MT4 APIs.

The ChartDock feature enables the analysis of multiple charts simultaneously. MT4 Webtrader offers web and mobile versions as well as multiple language support. Additionally, the white-labeled product enables rebranding (check out our stock market basics page to learn how to get started trading).

ChartIQ Review


ChartIQ is all about software to help institutions and their clients work more efficiently. Their flagship product is the Finsemble desktop integration platform.

For the retail trader, Finsemble renders a modern, smart desktop experience. This is the type of product that must be adopted by a firm first before you get to use it.

Don't worry, you'll surely come across ChartIQ technology as a retail trader. In fact, some of the largest financial institutions are among their 300 global customers (think StockTwits for example).


As day traders we rely on charts to execute just about every strategy. Plus, proper charting can filter out the "noise". As a result, you avoid being misled by fake signals.  

So advanced charting will sooner or later be part of your arsenal. Obviously, the best charting software in the world ​won't make you a great trader. It may, however, help you find opportunities for great trades.

What makes you a great trader is being prepared for those great opportunities. Having an opportunity for a good trade and not be prepared to execute it, justs keep you part of the majority; struggling to succeed as day traders.

No matter what your 'chart IQ' is, each great trader has to learn and practice.  Learning and practicing by yourself requires the dedication of a monk. 

Few of us want a monk-like existence, which is why humans enjoy living, working and learning in communities.  It's the same for trading. Why try to learn and practice on your own, when you can do it in a fun and profitable way within the Bullish Bears community?

It's not just the education they provide, it's the community aspect that will accelerate your learning; which brings profits faster to your trading account. Get started and make your family proud that you made the decision to take your finances into your own hands, just click here and get started today.

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