chartlog review

Chartlog Review 2024

Our Chartlog review looks at web-based software that helps day traders track trading strategies and performance. It was created in 2019 by Adrian Campos and Igor Milivojevic, both traders looking for a more efficient way of journaling their trades. What is journaling? It is a form of recording trading activity to see how efficiently your strategy works.

Chartlog integrates directly with your trading platform and analyzes that data to provide insights. It is one of the cleanest analytics platforms on the market, with a surprisingly simple interface.

Chartlog Website Review

Everything about the dashboard is intuitive and easy to understand, with a gentle learning curve. If you’re looking for a new journaling and trading analytics platform, look no further than Chartlog. 

When you sign up for an account with Chartlog, you’ll be thrust into the site’s dashboard when you first log in. If you’re like me, you’ll be surprised at how much information is conveyed with such a simple layout.

The beautiful chart that tracks your most recent trading activity is the first thing you’ll see. It will provide your PnL for the current month, and you can click on the Insights button to get a more specific and detailed look at your performance. 

Below the chart, you get a quick snapshot of some key metrics for your trading activity. The following metrics are shown on a cumulative basis for the current month:

  • Win Rate %

  • Profit Factor

  • Number of Trades

  • Quantity

At the very bottom of your dashboard is a day-by-day trading log. This is a quick view of your trading journal, which you can expand by clicking the journal button.

The quick view will provide information like your net profit/loss, gross profit/loss, win rate %, profit factor, and number of trades for each specific trading session. Let’s continue with our Chartlog review.

Chartlog Journal

Along the top header, you can open up your Chartlog Journal under the Trades dropdown menu. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much detail and information is packed into this screen. All you have to do is click on any date, and it will bring up a complete history of your trades.

Not only does it provide your PnL in an easy-to-read red or green color, but it also provides a full stock chart of your entry and exit points. TradingView provides the charts so you know they are accurate and easy to read.

From here, you can share your Chartlog Journal entry with anyone. If you publicly track your trading activity, this is a great way to provide a professional-looking journal entry for all to see. Here are the platforms that are supported by Chartlog where you can share your journal activity:

On the right-hand margin of the Chartlog Journal entry are details you can add for your trade. These include custom tags, creating a trading strategy, adding an image, entering a stop loss or profit target price, and fundamentals and technicals for the stock in question.

Overall, we found in this Chartlog review it’s an extremely robust trading activity journal that provides more information than I could have imagined. The fact that you can fully customize each entry for each trade is incredible for traders who actively track their performance. 

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Chartlog has several different support channels, including a Live Chat available during business hours, social media, and a support section with help articles written by the founders. 

The live chat support is nice, but I would have liked some extended hours from the team. I understand that 24-hour support is difficult and expensive. I did appreciate that you could leave a message, and they would get back to you when the live chat reopened. 

The articles are helpful and answer most of the questions. You’ll also notice that little Learn buttons redirect you to the Chartlog Help section on each screen. The support is good, but I expect this will improve as the platform grows. 

Chartlog Trades Review

The Trades section of Chartlog is just a running history of your trading activity. It tracks all of your trades in chronological order and clearly states if they are short or long trades and what the PnL of the trade is if it is closed.

It also provides which strategy you used, the amount of shares traded, and your entry price. Of course, all of these columns are fully customizable. Let’s say you want to swap out the gross PnL for net PnL, no sweat!

All you do is hit the Edit Columns function, and you can easily add any new filters you wish to see. If you’re a swing trader, you can see which trades you still have Open in your account. We love that about this Chartlog review. 


We found in this Chartlog review that you can even view your trade history in a calendar view if you find it easier. I didn’t use this view as much because I found the activity log view from the Chartlog Trades screen clearer.

The calendar view is great if you look back to see how you performed on a specific date. You can even go back and make notes on a specific day if you remember something or want to make a note for future reference.


Do you employ more than one trading strategy? Some traders have a different strategy depending on whether it is a green or red day or if markets have upcoming catalysts like earnings reports. Luckily, with Chartlog, you can add as many custom trading strategies as you want on the Chartlog Strategies page. 

Choose the specific market conditions and entry and exit triggers you use in your strategy. What is the market condition in this case? Here are a couple of examples that Chartlog provides so you know what to base your strategy on:

  • The price is above the VWAP

  • Volume is over 200,000

What would be an entry trigger, then? Something like the price falls below the EMA or Exponential Moving Average. An exit trigger would be simple, like the price hitting the Stop/Loss, which would be an automatic exit. 

You might not find these strategies as helpful, and that’s okay. Chartlog has added them for traders who want to track their performance by a specific strategy. In my case, I never really used the strategy part of the platform, but I can see why it would be important for traders who are more diligent about tracking their performance. Let’s continue with our Chartlog review.


The Insights page is my favorite part of this Chartlog review. This page shows the true power of data analytics as you can extract reports on every aspect and detail of your trading. Here are the reports Chartlog allows you to run:

  • Report per Trading Strategy

  • Date & Time

  • Price & Quantity

  • Custom Tags

  • Assets

  • Fundamentals

  • Technical

  • Custom Reports

As you can see, Chartlog provides the full analytics experience for your trading activity. The Insights screen is one I use a lot because I believe it provides the clearest overall snapshot of my trading. 

Chartlog Pricing Review

The most important part of any product review: how much does Chartlog cost? So, I will preface this by saying you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. I love when sites do this so you can get an idea of if you want to commit to an actual subscription. I highly recommend trying the free trial if you intend to look into subscribing to Chartlog. 

Chartlog has three specific tiers of pricing that you can subscribe to on a monthly or annual basis:

Lite $14.99 monthly or $13.49 per month annually

  • Unlimited trades

  • Journaling

  • Charting

Standard $29.99 monthly or $25.49 per month annually

  • Everything in Lite

  • Strategy Tracking

  • Basic Insight Reports

Pro $39.99 monthly or $31.99 per month annually

  • Everything in Standard

  • Advanced Insight Reports

  • Custom Reports

Chartlog Pros and Cons


  • It is an easy to use platform that is clean, intuitive, and provides a ton of information

  • Insights is a great way to see reports on your trading activity

  • Pricing is very reasonable compared to other platforms 

  • Integration with TradingView charting makes it more than just a trading journal


  • It would be nicer to have customer support available for longer

  • Some of the best features are only available in the Pro tier 

  • Some traders won’t appreciate how in-depth the journaling is

Final Thoughts: Chartlog Review

We hope you enjoyed this Chartlog review. I’m not much of a trading journaler, but I appreciate what it can do to track performance. In my mind, Chartlog is more than just a journaling app.

I love the reports and data analytics it also provides, and I found that more useful than the actual journaling. I loved the integration with TradingView, and I think the price is more than reasonable for traders.

Chartlog checks off all the boxes, and I’m excited to continue using it and to see how Adrian and Igor will continue to enhance the platform. 

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