Commodity Stocks List

Commodity Stocks List

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Are you looking for a commodity stocks list with well-performing stocks? Stock investment is a tricky game. Multiple things need to be considered while putting your money into stocks. Many investors will let you know that you can’t put all your eggs into one basket. However, diversifying your investment portfolio can help you reach your investment goals by helping maximize your returns.

There are multiple different investment vehicles that you can choose from. These include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and currencies. All of these can be broken down, and assets can be grouped that share similar characteristics. For example, with commodity investments, there are several different options for both new and experienced traders.

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  • Investing in a commodity stocks list can help investors achieve their diversification goals.
  • Commodity stocks can also serve as a hedge against inflation.
  • Investors can trade commodity-based futures, stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds or hold physical commodities like gold bullion.

However, before you do go ahead to make considerable amounts of investments in commodity stocks, it might be best to know that the commodity market relies heavily on speculation. Additionally, the commodity market has historically shown a high level of volatility.

Commodity trading also requires considerable amounts of margin trading. As a result, this can quite easily result in losses. Therefore it’s advisable to invest in commodities. Moreover, commodity prices also undergo significant amounts of fluctuations because of the political market.

Good Commodity Stocks List To Invest In

  • $FCX
  • $AG
  • $X
  • $S
  • $LVB

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell.

$FCX- Freeport Moran

Copper prices have hit $10,000 per metric ton for the first time in a decade amidst the rally in industrial metals. Over the past year, Freeport Moran’s stock price has risen by 330 percent over the last year.

Goldman Sachs also predicted copper prices to rise to $10,000 per metric ton. And the price ended up rising much faster than the brokerage predicted.

Copper prices are rising at a rapid rate because of the massive demand from China. The additional increased demand for copper from electric cars and renewable energy generation means that the prospects for Freeport Moran stocks are at a high. So if you’re looking for a commodity stocks list, then make sure Freeport Moran is included in that list.

$AG - First Majestic Silver Corp

First majestic has demonstrated an enviable level of organic growth. In fact, the company continues to trade at elevated levels with a minimal margin of safety. However, the company has had a much weaker quarter operationally compared to its peers.

The good news is that financial results were solid. As a result, the company was able to report a financial improvement in their year-on-year results.

If we factor in multiple things like First Majestic tax issues, their less attractive jurisdiction profile, and their high-cost profile, First Majestic is an excellent growth story at an unreasonable price.

Investors looking for high-risk, high-return stocks should put this stock on their commodity stocks list. However, it isn’t all bad. Amongst silver investors, First Majestic continues to be a fan favorite. In addition, the stock has benefitted dramatically from silver sales in Q1. Did you know 5% of its revenues coming in from online stores?

$X – US Steel

The United States Steel Corporation is American integrated steel headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Steel prices are expected to soar after the presidential proposal to Congress.

Congress was requested to pass a $2 trillion infrastructure bill to help rebuild the nation’s roads and bridges. So this could be a good addition to a commodity stocks list.

Investors are currently buying into the president’s plan to rebuild American roads and bridges and update the transit systems. As a result of this announcement, US steel shares are up to more than 200% in the last six months.

The CEO of United Steel, David B. Burritt, in a recent statement, claimed that he’s optimistic about the company’s future result. And he expects that the market will continue to be fueled by robust demand, low inventories, and supportive raw material prices.

$S Gold - Barrick Gold

Barrick Gold company is a mining company principally engaged in the production and sale of gold and copper. The company recently posted its results for the first quarter.

They noted that if its gold and copper production stayed on track, it was well-positioned to achieve its annual guidance.

In the first quarter, Barraick’s Tier One gold mines delivered strong financial performances in quarter one. The revenues from their copper mines rose by 31%.

The company also announced a 9 cents per share quarterly dividend. That’ll be topped up by a three tranche return of capital distribution totaling 750 million through the year.

The rise of gold prices has caused a large number of investors to focus on short-term gains rather than long-term ones. Barrick is focused on building a long-term business that can help create long-term value for its shareholders. The gold market is a market that boasts of diversity and growth.

Gold is used for jewelry, technology by central banks, and also by investors giving rise to the market at different times. Gold is a safe haven for investment companies. When stock market crashes occur, gold is there to bring stability. Gold is always a good idea whether it’s a crash or just a market correction. So keep it on your commodity stocks list.

Lyondellbasell Industries N.V. ($LVB)

LyondellBasell Industries is a company headquartered in Texas. The company is spread out all around the globe. They have operations in the US, Europe, and Asia. They manufacture a wide range of chemicals, including polyethylene and polypropylene plastics used in the packaging of household goods.

LyondellBasell Industries came ahead to report a total revenue increase in the first quarter by 21.9% year on year. The company is an established dividend payer and good value. However, it has a high level of debt and an unstable dividend track record.

LYB is also one of the finest refineries in the US. They have a processing capability of approximately 268000 barrels per day. With its large size and its strong gains in the first quarter of 2021, LYB stock is one to keep an eye out for.

Final Thoughts

Commodity trading is an age-old tradition. In fact, it goes back to centuries, even before the existence of the stock market. Commodity trading is considered to be an important business that links together people and different cultures. Even today, commodities are a popular investment vehicle. Hence our commodity stocks list.

The stocks mentioned above are good places where you can park your investment. However, it’s best to conduct your due diligence first before moving forward. Don’t buy a stock just because it’s on a list. Make sure they are in fact, good investments. Everyone’s risk and reward ratio is different. Only trade what you’re comfortable with.

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