Computer Battery Backup

Best Computer Battery Backup Surge Protector

A computer battery backup system can be the a useful tool that saves you from a costly trade. In the world of trading, you’ll always hear the words risk management. Well, what is your risk management plan for an unexpected power outage? Have a plan!

An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) will help you in a situation like this. In fact, UPS’s have been in use for many years. However, few people know what they are and even fewer people have them. A UPS can be an awesome add-on to your professional trading set up.

Quick Summary

  • For entry-level traders we recommend the  APC Back-UPS Pro ($150)
  • More experienced and advanced traders running multiple computers and monitors, the Eaton 5p750RC is the UPS of choice ($409)
  • Overall, our best pic in terms of functionality and price is the CyberPower backup power supply  ($200)

Computer Battery Backup

What is a UPS? It’s not the delivery company. UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply. A UPS maintains a continuous amount of power to connected devices. In simple terms, it is pretty much like a surge bar with a battery attached. Likewise, if the power goes out, the battery supplies the needed power until power is restored or the battery’s charge is used up.

Computer battery backup

A Computer Battery Back up Is a Must

Imagine this scenario for a minute: You got a great entry on a stock that’s moving up on momentum, $2.50 to be exact. The price is riding the 9 EMA and is now up to $5.00. Your plan is to exit at $5.50 which shouldn’t be a problem as all the indicators are strong.The future looks bright, until it’s not…..

Your worst nightmare came true: A power outage. Panic ensues as you can’t get out of your trade, you’re stuck. In hindsight, you should have forked out the cash on battery backup. A backup battery system will allow the management of your trading accounts. Not only that, but your computer programs stay running when the power is spotty or completely gone.

UPS Benefits

A benefit of the UPS power supply is that many models have a built-in transformer. As a result, these will kick on to boost electricity during surges and blackouts. Spotty electricity could cause your system to surge or shut down prematurely.

Quality name UPS power supply companies will have a warranty, also a guarantee to replace your equipment if damage should happen. Buying a quality UPS power supply should be thought as a form of life insurance for your system.

Most UPS power supply units have a built-in surge protector.  As a result, this is important for protecting your expensive computer setup. Don’t let it get fried!

Thousands of dollars of equipment on the line protecting your system is as important as protecting your trading account. Hence the need for computer battery backup.

How to Pick the Right UPS Power Supply

A quick search will show many UPS power supplies. So what kind do you need to focus on? Picking a UPS power supply depends on what type of day trading setup you’re running. Multiple monitors, computer towers and news feeds will require more power than a simpler laptop and portable monitor.

When picking a computer battery backup power supply, you need to calculate the amount of power draw you have from everything you want to connect.

As day-traders we have to be flexible. Here are three great flexible UPS power supplies to fit most home trading setups.

Keep in mind if you have a larger or smaller setup you can call any of these companies, they can direct you to the best backup power supply for your specific setup.

The Entry Level UPS

APC Back-UPS Pro

The APC Back-UPS Pro from American Power Conversion Corp (APC) is a great simple entry-level UPS power supply. APC has been around for years and is a well-founded company.

Customer service is OK but could be a little better. Consumer reports show that the company overall is great to deal with.

The products have a sleek design that will fit into 90% of most of our build aesthetics. The main thing is though, how does this computer battery backup perform and how many things can I plug in.

computer battery backup

This setup comes with two In/Out Ethernet surge ports, Two coaxial surge protected ports, one USB port, four battery backed up outlets, and four non-battery backed up outlets.

The fan is a bit noisy but other models have a much more silent fan. A great auto voltage regulation help corrects any voltage dips that might occur.

Overall, the  APC Back-UPS Pro is a solid, compact low-cost UPS option to protect your system.

The UPS for Larger Trading Setups

Eaton 5P 750Va Short Rack

This computer battery backup is for the trader with power on their side. The Eaton 5p750RC is fitted best for the trader running one or two large computers and a series of monitors.

Designed for server backups it has continuous monitoring, power regulation, and an auto on/off feature for when the power kicks back on.

The Eaton comes with power management software to let you know how your system is performing on the backup. You can set active alerts to let you know when the backup is starting to reach its limits.

computer battery backup

Room to Grow

Having a built-in six foot long AC cable it can be an easy to reach a nearby power outlet. It also comes with a USB port, Remote Power Off, the fan cut off switch to preserve power, and a ground bonding screw.

Lastly the first lot of 5 standard plugins are for your essential electronics, then eight more outlets for non-essential equipment.

These outlets are programmable to allow shut off at the desired point in time. Pretty cool!

All of this power is meant for a serious setup. A bit overkill for the casual part-time trader, but if you want the best with room to grow, get it.

If you have a large set up with serious money invested in your trading setup then there is no question, this is the protection you need.

The Best Computer Battery Backup


What if you don’t have a small set up but you also don’t have 15 monitors and a server room to run? Well, the CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD is an outstanding overall fit.

This UPS power supply with do great things for the trader just starting out or has been in the game for a while. CyberPower has been in the consumer electronics market for a while and is a well known US based company.

They have a series of other interactive UPS power supplies to fit any traders. These backup power supplies are like computer glasses for your eyes. You have to protect your custom trading setup!

Computer battery backup

Why We Love the Cyberpower

Overall, the Cyber Power is a very professional look. This Backup power supply fits into any trading set up.  A small slim case with a dark finish, you can slip it beside your tower or into the corner of your desk.

This has all the features at a great price. Packing a set of two Communication Protections ports, two DSS/Coax ports, 1 USB port, five battery backed up outlet ports, and five non-backed up outlets for your printers and the like.

The Front panel is outfitted with two USB ports and the standard on/off buttons with indicators. Very handy when you need to charge your devices. Get yourself an extra long Anker Iphone or Android cable to go with it.

Invest in the Best

The CyberPower Backup power supply offers a simple utility that allows you to control the UPS and see the output data. Displaying how much run time is estimated on the backup at the current power load.

With a max load delivery of 900W your usage time will vary depending on how much load you are pulling with your computer setup.

This is a great mid-priced Backup power supply for the modest day trader. A reliable company with good overall customer support CyberPower UPS power supplies will work great in an outage situation.

Handy Tips

  • We recommend plugging your router and modem into this as well to keep your internet running.
  • UPS power supply’s are not intended for long-term use. They’re specifically designed to give you enough time to finish your work or in our case close any outstanding trades.

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