We as traders spend countless hours reading charts, looking at forms and scouring the internet for our next lead and I’m here to tell you that each and every one of us should be wearing computer screen glasses and specifically anti glare computer glasses. The long hours of starting at computer screens require high quality computer screen glasses to protect your eyes like you would protect your hands by wearing gloves. 

Charting stocks can be a tiring task, even more so when your eyes begin to strain and hurt. Here we will discuss our three selections for entry level, mid level, and top performing anti glare computer screen glasses in the article below. 

With any profession, including trading, your physical and mental health are extremely important if you are to be successful. Having begun to read this I can assume that your eyes have started to hurt or you have had the idea that you may need a set of computer glasses.

Well let us get one of the major hurdles out of the way. If you have bad vision to start with even the best anti glare computer glasses are not going to help you.

You need an eye exam and a very specific optical in the glasses to ease this pain. Now if you have standard vision and or slightly weaker vision computer glasses could aid you. I have been using mine for a while now, my eyes hurt less now and they are much less blurry once I get up and step away from computer.


So what makes these glasses so special? Can I just use any glasses like reading glasses and get the same effect? These are a few questions you may have and I will try to answer. Computer glasses in themselves are from the ground up designed and built to be used for long term screen exposure.

They have anti glare coatings and some are designed with a tint to cut down on the harsher colors you get on a screen. This also explains why standard reading glasses will not work for this application.

The opticals can be cumbersome and almost none have the anti glare coating to help with screen glare. If you’re looking to setup your office for trading check out our preferred trading gadgets


Like with all new things you have to start somewhere and this is where the ”The Dash Computer Reader” glasses come into play. They work to get the job done but are a long way from perfect. Thicker frames and a cheaper coating on the lens these will get you by but are truly just a step above reading glasses.

A simple, great set of backup anti glare computer glasses if you were to lose or break your everyday main pair. You can typically get these at most big box stores and on Amazon.

computer screen glasses


Remember that anti-glare coating we spoke about? This next set of glasses just in the images alone you can see have a much thicker and solid coating compared to the first set. These thicker coatings allow for longer durability and are less likely to scratch and smudge as much as the lower end model.

Thinking to yourself you might feel that you can handle a few smudges or even a scratch or two. But if you use these all day trust me you will start to become irritated with having to clean a smudge every time you get up or if you knock them off your (stand up desk) and they end up getting scratched by the floor.


For our mid grade selection we have the PIXEL brand anti glare computer glasses. A much better coating on the glass. The frames can still “feel” cheap but do not let this fool you. They are sturdy and solid but not the best if you like to wear over the ear headphones as this can push on your ears and the inside of your head and cause pain.

They have a series of colors and styles to fit any trader out there. These and others in this price range do come with a typical standard warranty. Prices can vary but most pairs are going to be in the $85 area. 

anti glare computer screen glasses


I personally spend a minimum of twelve hours a day at my computer. Between the charting and research my eyes began to experience a lot of pain and strain even though I was doing the 20/20/20 method. I finally bit the bullet and bought a pair of glasses from Gunnar.

These have been the best glasses that I have every used. A great warranty and surprisingly study construction as they are super light but do not feel cheap. With multiple coatings you have a multitude of selections at your fingertips.

I personally wear a set a “Gunnar Phenom” that have been a blast. Many other members of the community also use the Gunnar brand glasses having similar success. The thing that makes them different from other anti glare computer glasses is that they have a one quarter optical built into the lenses when its manufactured.


What does that mean though? When you slip these on you will notice things magnify to you but the magnification is not so much that is messes with your eyes.

Combine this magnification with the coating on the lenses and you have a stellar set of computer glasses that will last you a long time. Now keep in mind that what I prefer may not be what you prefer or need. Yet for everyday use the Gunnar Phenoms have a high recommendation from me.

The price tag can make some people run. Coming in at a rage of $80-$130. With older or used models able to be found for the $40-$60 range.

computer screen glasses

When it comes down to it all we have different needs and preferences. I would like to reiterate if you have preexisting eye problems then standard computer glasses are not going to help. You should get a set with your prescription if you ask your eye doctor. Proper eye care and body health is just as important as managing your account.

If your health is not in peak condition then mental tasks such as trade planning become erratic and unusable. Take care of your body and your eyes so that you can make the best choices when the time counts. Get some computer screen glasses today!

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