We provide you a consumer staples list for 2020 with various large cap and consumer staples company stocks as well as free courses on how to trade this sector. These are stocks that are often seen as recession proof, bear market proof, or safe havens during wild times. That is not always true, so be sure to check each stock in Stock Rover before making any decisions. 

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List of Consumer Staples Stocks

Below is a consumer staples stocks list of some of the most stocks in this sector. Pricing of these stocks will change based on the movement of this sector. News potentially affects how this sector moves. Make sure to do your proper fundamental research on these companies as well as have an understanding of support and resistance levels before purchasing. 

We include a mix of large caps and etf's. Make sure to check each symbol in your brokerage account to verify pricing. * We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of the companies on the lists below! Also, check out our stock sectors page.

1. Consumer Staples Stocks

JILL: J Jill - under $3

ABEV: Ambev - under $5

PRTY: Party City - under $6

SPTN: SpartanNash - under $15

COTY: Coty Inc - under $15

NWL: Newell Brands - under $15

HBI: HanesBrands - under $20

FLO: Flower Foods - under $25

NOMD: Nomad Foods - under $25

KR: Kroger - under $25

HAIN: Hain Celestial - under $25

CCS: Century Communities - under $30

CAG: Conagra Brands - under $30

KHC: Kraft Heinz - under $35

BTI: British American Tobacco - under $40

ADM: Archer Daniels Midland - under $45

HRL: Hormel Foods - under $45

CPB: Campbell's Soup - under $45

FL: Foot Locker - under $45

IP: International Paper - under $50

BC: Brunswick Corp - under $50

CPS: Cooper Standard - under $50

MDLZ: Mondalez - under $55

MO: Altria Group - under $55

KO: Coca Cola - under $55

BF/A: Brown Forman - under $55

GIS: General Mills - under $55

WBA: Walgreen's Boots Alliance - under $60

BG: Bunge - under $60

TAP: Molson Coors - under $60

K: Kellogg's - under $60

UL: Unilever - under $65

MNST: Monster Beverage - under $65

2. Consumer Staples Stocks

LW: Lamb Weston Holdings - under $70

SYS: Sysco Corp - under $75

CL: Colgate-Palmolive - under $75

CHD: Church & Dwight Co - under $80

TSN: Tyson Foods - under $85

PM: Philip Morris - under $90

BUD: Anheuser-Busch - under $100

CRI: Carter's - under $100

POST: Post Holdings - under $115

WMT: Walmart - under $115

SJM: JM Smucker - under $120

PG: Proctor & Gamble - under $120

AVY: Avery Dennison - under $125

KMB: Kimberly-Clark - under $135

PEP: Pepsi - under $135

HSY: Hershey's - under $150

MKC: McCormick & Co - under $160

CLX: Clorox - under $170

DEO: Diageo - under $175

EL: Estee Lauder - under $200

ECL: Ecolab - under $205

STZ: Constellation Brands - under $210

COST: Costco - under $285

3. Consumer Staples ETF's

FXG: First Trust ETF - under $50

KXI: iShares ETF: under $55

XLP: Consumer Staples SPDR Fund ETF - under $65

RHS: Guggenheim ETF - under $140

VDC: Vanguard Consumer Staples ETF - under $160

PSCC: Consumer Staples Small Cap ETF - under $75

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Consumer Staples Stocks List

We provide you with an in depth consumer staples stocks list below. Included are our free trading courses which teach you how to trade consumer staples stocks, as well as the most popular stock sectors. We will teach you how to buy at support and sell at resistance for any stock sector, which is the foundation to becoming a profitable trader. Don't listen to the pumpers when they tell you support and resistance doesn't matter. Register for our free stock market courses below. * Consumer staples list located below.

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What Are Consumer Staples?

There are 11 sectors in the stock market. Consumer staples is one of them. However, do you know what consumer staples stocks are and what they do? Sectors are broken down into cyclical and non-cyclical categories. Watch us trade live each day in our trade room.

Consumer staples are non-cyclical because this sector is stocks that produce or are always in demand. Hence how they get their name. They're stocks we'll always want or need. Therefore, we'll always be buying what they're selling. Read More

Consumer Staples Stocks
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What Are Some Consumer Staples Stocks in 2020? List to Watch

  1. $WMT - Walmart
  2. $TGT - Target
  3. $COST - Costco
  4. $KO - Coca Cola
  5. $PG - Proctor & Gamble

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Consumer Staples Stocks