• April 10, 2019

Enough fighting the bots and algos, it’s now time for our latest Das Trader Pro Review. Let's look at why this professional trading software is preferred by many of the top traders around the world. Including many members of the BB Community. Why should you consider DAS if you're a day trader? See for yourself what the Das Trader Pro platform has to offer. Can it can help you? We think it can! 

The first thing you should know is that DAS Trader Pro is not a broker. You need to have a broker that integrates with DAS. Interactive Brokers is one of the top brokerages that people choose to use DAS with. The bottom line is it's a Windows desktop program; part of the DAS Inc. family of products that is specifically developed for active traders that are taking this seriously. That may be you. 

The business of DAS has been around for over 15 years. Karen Barker Gentile, DAS President and CEO started the company behind the platform. We've spoken with Karen when we first started using DAS as just normal users. She's an incredibly honorable person to deal with. Above all, her goal was to connect investment institutions such as brokers and clearing firms with their clients. Karen see's a void that DAS trader fills, and we agree. 


This Das Trader Pro review goes into software. Their software is a popular Direct Market Access trading platform. It's used by online brokers and institutional trading desks. Not just retail traders. Although, it's well liked among active day traders. And for all the right reasons. They may have access to it via their brokers or through a subscription fee that is paid monthly.

DAS stands for Direct Access Software. Indeed, DAS is a name associated with direct access trading technologies. I think some may think its a German company, because DAS means "The" in German. 

Alright more on the Direct Access thing. So, direct access allows the user to target a specific ECN. In other words, to bypass the middleman (such as market makers). It lets the buyers and sellers transact more “directly” between themselves. Kinda like a peer to peer thing. This helps with order fills and trade execution...think SPEED!

​As a new trader, you may be thinking to yourself why would I want direct access to ECNs. In fact, what the heck even is an ECN?

Briefly, ECNs are electronic communication networks that connect and match buy and sell orders. Examples of ECNs are BATS, EDGE, INET/ISLD.

​Hence, if you like acronyms (the trading industry sure loves them), know that officially, an ECN is an ATS, i.e., an alternative trading system. Not a trading system in this sense of a strategy to trade. More like an alternative way of matching orders versus going through the brokers’ networks​; including being a member of the stock exchanges (like NYSE or NASDAQ).


Let's find out in this DAS Trader pro review what dark pools and prop firms are. As a result, another alternative trading system is the use of dark pools. You can find out a lot about dark pools in the documentary Ghost Exchange. The documentary is probably one of the best films on High Frequency trading and dark pool prints. It's a must watch for any trader or investor frankly

These pools are generally not seen by the retail traders. Hence the name dark pools. They're designed for trading privately. DAS INC can provide access to all NYSE floor brokers and can also offer access to these mysterious dark pools.

This platform puts more weight on level II quotes versus charts or indicators. It's likely one of the reasons for its popularity with proprietary trading firms. Prop firms, as they are known, are using their own money to trade by sharing profits with professional traders.  

They're typically more aggressive with their trading; using short-term time frames where price action is most relevant and quick execution is a must. As a result, this is where Das Trader Pro comes in.


The DAS Pro trading platform options and features are extensive. From expert analytics, trading of multiple types of assets, real-time streaming news and a management interface for your portfolio, it's definitely suited for seasoned traders.

As you would expect from any professional trading platform, the interface is highly customizable. For example, programmable hotkeys, bracket orders, conditional orders. Short of ordering pizza for you, Das Trader Pro is as good as the best and better than the rest. Hot keys are probably the top reason a lot of traders migrate to using DAS. 

Das Trader Pro’s montage window (the interface where you configure and save custom settings) will help you execute your trades the way you wish. As a result, this can speed up executions.

The DAS Trader Pro risk control is a nice feature to safeguard you against significant losses. Particularly if you have difficulty controlling yourself as an active trader.

The risk control feature can also kick in when you experience internet connection failures, power outage, inability to reach your broker, etc. As a result, this potentially saves you from money-losing situations.

Das Trader Pro review


​Three advantages you’ll easily be in love with the Das Trader Pro software:

  • Better price executions
  • Better fills
  • Less manipulation

“Smart routing” solutions scan for you multiple ECNs to route your orders automatically. As a result, Das Trader Pro’s direct access gives you the control so you can choose the best route to suit your needs.


3 potential disadvantages that you may find some resistance towards with Das Trader Pro are:

  • Charting and indicators are not their forte
  • Subscription price and the software cost
  • No ETFs, Forex or Futures trading

Also, there will be a steep learning curve for you to get familiar with manual routing if you're new to trading.


The Das Trader Pro platform emerged in the past few years as a preferred software for those retail investors making use of mentors and educators via private trading chat rooms.

Having a “direct access online broker” and the Das Trader Pro platform may be more suited for advanced traders. The software puts them in control to get the best and quickest liquidity as well as earn potential commission rebates.  Hence, if you're a beginner, this isn't something you learn to use overnight.

As a new trader, you must first establish what your edge is. Those who are tape readers (relying on level II quotes), will leverage the Das Trading Pro platform better because it's best at highlighting the necessary information.

On the other hand, if you're a chartist, there is better software that emphasizes drawing and technical analysis. What some traders do, is use software like ThinkOrSwim for their technical analysis while executing their trades with the power of the Das Trader Pro software.

Das trader


In summary, Das Trader Pro is a standalone software that will connect to some online brokerage accounts such as Interactive Brokers. As a result, it's often available via DAS licensed brokerage partners (e.g., SpeedTrader, SureTrader, etc.). For a subscription fee, you can also access the software directly at Das Trader.

Stock market veterans will have heard of Jesse Livermore (1877-1940). He's one of the most renowned stock market speculators of all time. In fact, his approach to the market led many of today’s active day traders to believe that “The tape knows all”.

As a result, if you're among that group of believers, Das Trader Pro won’t disappoint you - if you can afford it. Obtain more info on pricing here.

Naturally, no software will turn you into a super trader. It’s by joining a community like Bullish Bears and interacting with other traders that you'll discover your best approach. In fact, having an edge from a strategy you're comfortable with is what defines your style of trading.  

With the Bullish Bears community, you'll gain the knowledge, experience, and confidence to be a trader that your peers will look up to and your family will thank. Come check us out when you get a chance and spend some time on our live streams. We have several streamers daily and we teach you all of the challenging things about the market and how to handle them. Our whole goal is to empower you, not have you dependent on us or pay us ridiculous amounts to access our content. 

It all starts with proper and honest education right here.

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