Das Trader Review

Das Trader Review

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Das Trader Review: With DAS Direct Access Software (aka Direct Access Trading), you may become the trader you always wanted to be. To begin with, Trader Pro is a feature-rich trading platform that we believed deserved its own separate and more in-depth review. DAS Active Web: This is the company’s HTML5 browser-based platform.  It’s customizable, supports multiple screens, and it’s very fast.  Here you can use it to do stock trading, EFTs, and options trading. In addition to complex options strategies (or add additional option legs to create your own).

DAS Trader platform is direct access trading software that works with multiple brokers. It allows for high speed order execution rate and and has full customization. DAS Trader is a premier provider of market data. As well as low-latency connectivity, and trading software. Secondly they provide products and services for individuals, brokers, clearing firms, and institutional trading desks. Thirdly they provide FIX connectivity and DMA to all the major exchanges and access to all NYSE floor brokers.

Lastly, and most importantly they provide fast and reliable trading software. Or we wouldn’t be using them with CMEG!

What’s important to any trader? Setting up your chart types and indicators the way you like it, and Das lets you do just that.  Also, of course, view intraday, day, and previous day charts.  Next select a time-frame, easily zoom in and zoom out, and if desired, print or download images of your charts directly to your computer.

Additionally, the custom watchlist shows quotes of stocks and market quotes, and it displays volume, range, and previous closing price.  Also here you can also view current day activity and realized gains & loss history, or view unrealized gains and losses for your entire portfolio. Furthermore , DAS Active Web is a boon for social traders.  Also there also is a message window and chat feature, enabling traders to send messages to any other user of the DAS system.  And you can use the Twitter tab to follow the latest tweets.

Moreover, with the searchable news feed, you can keep on top of the latest developments.  Thus it enables you to choose from categories of news types, like Breaking News, Top Story, Commentary, and Stock Alert.

Consequently, it’s definitely less difficult to learn how to use DAS Active Web.  The platform is straightforward and user-friendly.  Yet, it still allows for sophisticated trading techniques.  And it’s fast, as you would expect.  After all, this company made its name providing efficient, low-latency, high-speed execution of trades.


DAS Mobile Web, iPhone, and Android – Ideally, you shouldn’t be glued to your desk. And you don’t have to stay glued to your desktop with DAS.  You can monitor and execute your trades any time, anywhere.  So go ahead, and live life.  You can enjoy the fruits of your labor without missing out on a trade.  For mobile trading, DAS has you fully covered.

The charts, available in different types and time frames, are interactive with customizable indicators.  The platform provides level I and level II information.  Account value, buying power, gains and loss, and net PNL are all displayed.  Also you can see what you’re currently holding in your portfolio.  And, it enables you to quickly set up and execute trades.

As such, you can easily view your trade history and track trades and shares.  If that’s not enough, you can configure your settings to show more information on your trade or order history.  It does all this and more, and it’s easy to use.  Just download the App from Apple or Google.

Alternatively, what if you don’t have an iPhone or an Android?  Likewise, maybe you’ve got a Blackberry (one of the popular BANG Stocks) or some other mobile device.  In short, not a problem.  Indeed, their Mobile Web platform is designed to be used in the browser of most smartphones. Check out a list of the top trading companies

Das Trader Review

Additional Products

DAS Trader MTS – This is designed for financial institutions.  Thus it speedily sends orders to the execution and risk management platforms of brokers and clearing firms.  One master account is provided with the ability to monitor all sub-accounts.  Likewise, reports can be generated to record trading history and portfolio management.

DAS Trader FIX/API (Financial Information Exchange/Application Programming Interface) – Most importantly, this is a time and cost saving product.  As such it provides direct market access at high speeds with low latency to over 100 market destinations.

DAS Trader RMAc (Risk Management Administration control) – This feature-rich product is ideal for Rule 15c3-5 naked access clients, clearing firms, brokers and multi-firm offices.  A single GUI interface administers control of permissions for pre-trade RMA.

DAS Trader DMAr (Direct Market Access router) – This sophisticated smart router enables users to access multiple destinations.  Subsequently, this is done via one connection with the lowest latency.  It seamlessly integrates the Connectivity Service Bureau, FIX, and Trade Reporting Tools.

Does Das Trader Work on Mac?

  • DAS Trader Pro is a windows based product. You can use it on a Mac using Bootcamp by boosting into Windows. You can also use a virtual maching like VMWare Fusion or Parallels, but it won’t run by itself on a Mac.


Service Bureau – DAS Trader CSB (Connectivity Service Bureau) is a certified service bureau.  And it’s a platinum service bureau partner and a Power Partner 3.  The CSB is for clients who require reliable global connectivity to all US Exchange centers. That means GOOD service for you.

Market Data Vendor – DAS Trader MDV real-time data feed technology provides instant market data and Newsware streaming news.  Subsequently, as a preferred partner with Nasdaq OMX, DAS is a reseller of Nasdaq Totalview. So you’re getting some of the fastest data available.

Development Environment – Also DAS Trader DEV connects their back-end system with front-end GUI (graphical user interface) to multiple exchanges and destinations. This makes DAS work well across multiple brokers with different variants for other companies, like SpeedTrader and LightSpeed.

Reporting Tools – DAS Trader TRT is a fully integrated suite of firm and broker management tools. It assists firms in surveillance and operations.  The TRT includes MPID Report Center, IBOSS, OSO Reporting, SEC 605 and 606 Reporting.  And it provides Pre-trade Alert Reporting for SEC 15c-3-5, and EOD and Real-time drop copies.

Collocation Services – DAS is fast if you’re looking for ultra-low-latency.  As such their Collocation Services (DAS|HUB) at NASDAQ will set you up with gigabit connection pipes to all major exchanges. Take a look at our stock trading tools page.

What Brokers Use Das Trader?

  • Brokers such as SpeedTrader, Centerpoint Securities, LightSpeed and Cobra Trading use the DAS Trader platform. Interactive Brokers also allows you the ability to use DAS as well.

How Much Does the Das Trader Pro Platform Cost? (Pricing Review)

  1. Basic $100/month
  2. Limited $250/month
  3. Standard $500/month

Das Trader Stock Price and Symbol: Are They Publicly Traded?

Investors cannot purchase shares of Das Trader because the company is privately held.

Das Trader Review Final Thoughts

By the way, DAS Trader is not a broker. However they are a provider of solid tools to direct-access brokerage services.  Conversely, using any online retail brokerages won’t necessarily give you the advantages of true direct-access trading. We highly recommend CMEG or IB for powering your DAS platform.

In summary, here are the greatest advantages of trading via DAS Trader platforms and tools.

  • Fast:  I mean, really fast execution, measured in milliseconds.
  • Hotkeys: Also worth noting are how editable and fast the hotkeys are. Its a big attraction for many traders.
  • Cost:  Lower transaction costs.  Usually, Fees are typically per share (ex. $0.005 per share). However, the average retail broker charges on a per transaction basis (ex. $5 per trade).
  • Slippage:  It is minimal, and you have a better chance to execute at a better price. Use your hotkeys!
  • Control:  You can choose your order routing and send orders to a specific market maker, specialist, or electronic communication network.
  • Rebates:  Traditional online brokerages often have a flat commission per trade.  They profit from selling “liquidity”.  But direct-access trading means that you can get these gains.

As with anything sophisticated like DAS Trader, new and inexperienced traders may be challenged by direct-access trading.  Neophytes should abstain.

If your trading company is providing you with the DAS Trader platform, keep in mind that it will require a good amount of know-how to use their Direct Access Software intelligently and make trade decisions & order routing choices on the fly.

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