Best Day Trading Books

Best Day Trading Books

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Investing in day trading books for beginners is very important if you’re starting as a day trader, so we’ve provided you with a list of the best day trading books. Popular books such as The Disciplined Trader, The Candlesticks Course, Momentum, Direction, and Divergence, Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, and The One Thing have helped many traders. It doesn’t matter what level of trading skill you have developed. We are all students of the market.

A beginner, intermediate, or master trader will tell you the same thing: knowledge is power. And applied knowledge is freedom. Any information you can absorb that will give you an edge is as good as gold when trading stocks, options, or futures.

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Stock Market Books by Trading Niche

The Disciplined Trader

1. The Disciplined Trader

If you have read Trading in the Zone, you may recognize his name. One of the takeaways from The Disciplined Trader is that traders need to understand how their emotions affect their trading decisions. When getting into a trade, take direction from the market, not from your hopes or fears.

Also, a major takeaway is that there is no right or wrong in the market; there’s just the market. Mark’s books are popular day trading books because they address our humanity and psyche and give you a mindset edge when trading. 

2. The Candlestick Course

A great book written by Steve Nelson is The Candlesticks Course. This book covers the application of candlestick charting and its varying complexities. It also contains a few Qs, A’s, and simple quizzes to ensure you’ve gathered the information. This book will help you learn arguably one of the most important trading parts: candlestick patterns.

It doesn’t matter if you are beginning or have been in the market for a while; this is more than just the basics of candlesticks. First published in 2003, it is up-to-date and current for trading and investing in stocks.

Purchase The Candlesticks Course.

3. Momentum, Direction, & Divergence

The name of this book, Momentum, Direction, and Divergence, alludes to three very common terms used in everyday trading. Technical wizard William Blau gives financial investors a great overview of all three. The author uses mathematics, financial information, and eye-opening graphics to deliver trading concepts. He also helps to shed some light on the limitations of these strategies and the practical uses of many notable technical indicators for day trading.

All in all, people who are either curious about how technical indicators work or those who are well-versed will learn a thing or two: an outstanding guide and teaching tool to some of the newest indicators and their applications.

Purchase Momentum, Direction, and Divergence.

4. Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

This is a great overview of Japanese Candlestick patterns and charting. Steve Nison is a wizard when it comes to technical analysis. For those who have heard about Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, this book will help you understand them further. This book also helps you discover if they will work with your trading style and open your eyes to a new form of technical analysis.

Amateurs will determine how effective Japanese candlestick charts are as a standalone charting method. The book has hundreds of examples showing how candlestick charting can be used in any Market. Seasoned market enthusiasts will enjoy enhancing other technical tools with Japanese candlesticks.

Purchase Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques.

5. The One Thing

The detriment of too many new and professional traders is known as analysis paralysis. This can be due to analyzing too much information and multiple outside distractions. The One Thing by Gary Keller helps you identify and resolve these distractions.

You want more productivity from your trades and charting. You want a better sense of satisfaction from all of your hard work. The main thing is that you want more time to enjoy doing other things in life. This book will help you understand how to trim the fat, so to speak, and dial down the stress. Help you build momentum and have a better work-life and life in general.

You can easily apply the principles to day trading, so I highly recommend this book to anyone stuck in that rut or with a fading spark that needs a new light. It’s one of the popular books to add to your bag.

Purchase The One Thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's possible to get rich by day trading. However, only some day traders are profitable. The top traders can make six figures or more per year, but this is rare.

$1000 is not enough to start day trading. $5,000 or more would be a better start, especially day trading futures. Traders need to have $25,000 in a trading account to avoid the PDT rule.

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