• January 30, 2018

Watch our video on day trading options for income.

Day trading options for income is a great way to make money in the stock market. The video ​above gives an overview on day trading options. We do a lot of day trading options in our trade rooms, so feel free to come and join our community to see us day trade them real-time on our live daily streams. Our trade rooms are a great place to learn how to trade options. We also have advanced options tutorials under the "members only" section of our website. Read More

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  • Avatar erisal88 says:

    I am new to the world of the stock market. I would love to learn how to swing trade and day trade. For a beginner with an account of $500 what do you recommend I should do? swing trade or day trade?

  • Avatar JASON SHIMKUS says:

    Hey fellas. You may want to post about trading options with a cash account. PDT doesn’t apply to cash accounts. I switched to cash and make 10-15 day trades a week with stocks. Crappy part is the T+2 for stocks. Which is why I’m moving to options being T+1. Yes I don’t have the margin buying power of a margin account. But the one day settlement make trading options for those of us with smaller starting account a much better strategy. Make the option premium day trades on Monday. Tuesday all that plus (hopefully) profits are available to trade again. I’m using this on the paper side and making a killing. I only trade with 5k of the 100k(to make it as realistic as I can since I won’t go live until I have 5k in my real account). Over the last 2 weeks, trading AAPL, AMZN, and SPY options, I’m at a 56% ROI! This may be good info to put out to the smaller account members like myself!

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