Looking for the best defense stocks list? We provide you with a stocks list with various large-cap defensive company stocks as well as free courses on how to trade this sector. As we all know, in the last few years the geopolitical world has been heating up.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused a lot of issues with things like gas and oil. We also don’t know what will happen with the US and Russia relations. As traders and investors, we wanted to know the best defensive stocks and focus on trading them around the extremely volatile time we are living in.

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List of the Best Defense (Defensive) Stocks

Defense Stocks List

AAXN: Axon Enterprise, Inc.
AIR: AAR Corp.
AJRD: Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings, Inc.
AOBC: Outdoor Brands
AVAV: AeroVironment, Inc.
AVY: Avery Dennison
BA: Boeing Co
BUD: Anheuser-Busch
BWXT: BWX Technologies, Inc.
CHD: Church & Dwight Co
CL: Colgate-Palmolive
CLX: Clorox
COST: Costco
CRI: Carter’s
CUB: Cubic Corp.
CW: Curtiss-Wright Corp.
DEO: Diageo
ECL: Ecolab
EL: Estee Lauder
GD: General Dynamics 
HSY: Hershey’s
HXL: Hexcel Corp.
KMB: Kimberly-Clark
KTOS: Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.
LHX: L3Harris Technologies, Inc.

Defense Stocks List

LMT: Lockheed Martin
LW: Lamb Weston Holdings
MKC: McCormick & Co
MOG.A: Moog, Inc.
MRCY: Mercury Systems, Inc.
NOC: Northrop Grumman Corp
PEP: Pepsi
PG: Proctor & Gamble
PM: Philip Morris
POST: Post Holdings
RGR: Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.
RTN: Raytheon Co.
SJM: JM Smucker
STZ: Constellation Brands
SYS: Sysco Corp
TDG: TransDigm Group, Inc.
TDY: Teledyne Technologies, Inc.
TGI: Triumph Group, Inc.
TSN: Tyson Foods
TXT: Textron, Inc.
UTX: United Technologies Corp.
VSTO: Vista Outdoor
WAIR: Wesco Aircraft Holdings, Inc.
WMT: Walmart

Defensive Stocks ETF’s

DFEN: Direxion Daily Aerospace & Defense Bull 3X Shares
FITE: SPDR S&P Kensho Future Security ETF
IFLY: ETFMG Drone Economy Strategy ETF
ITA: iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense ETF
PPA: Invesco Aerospace & Defense ETF
ROKT: SPDR S&P Kensho Final Frontiers ETF
UFO: Procure Space ETF
XAR: SPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense ETF

News Affects Defense Stocks

The news potentially affects how this sector moves. Look at how the market reacted when the US took out Iran’s number 1 General on January 3rd, 2020?! Stocks like $LMT were extremely bullish the next day.  As always, be sure to do your proper fundamental research on these companies as well as have an understanding of support and resistance levels before purchasing. 

Below is a list of large caps and ETFs. Make sure to check each symbol in your trading account to verify pricing. * We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of the companies on the lists below! Also, check out our stock sectors page.

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List of Defense Stocks

How to Trade Defense Stocks?

Defense Stocks

List of Defensive Stocks

There are a total of 11 sectors in the stock market for you to be aware of and the defense sector comprises one of them. Sectors are broken down into cyclical and non-cyclical categories. You can watch us trade various types of stocks of options that might be on this list live each day in our trade room. We’ve added the best stocks in the defense sector to this list.

Non-cyclical types of stocks are known to outperform the market when the economy is experiencing a downturn or becomes stagnant. Non-cyclical securities are stronger in these times regardless of the state of the economy because they make or distribute goods or services that are always needed by citizens to consume.

Our team offers free courses to go along with our list above. These free courses are available to help you learn how to trade from our defense stocks list. 

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Defensive stocks are usually more expensive to trade because their stocks are higher priced. You won’t find many penny stocks in this sector, but they are there. That being said, you may want to learn a few different trading strategies, like trading options. That way you can trade higher priced defensive stocks without putting up the big bucks to buy the shares.

Some defensive stocks are also great for investing. Again this is because they’re stocks who’s products are always in demand. We’ll always need food, clothes and drinks, security, protection and our military. Economies go up and down, and charts go from bullish to bearish. Because of these cycles, how do you protect yourself? Defensive stocks are an option, and investing in the defense sector is a popular strategy because of the constant need for to protect the USA from military threats around the world.

In the market, day in and day out there are battles for control. You know, the bulls vs the bears thing. That battle forms candlesticks that tell a story. Those candlesticks form trade-able patterns along with support and resistance levels.

If you want to make a decent profit then you need to know how to find support and resistance levels. Even with defensive stocks. Again, buying low selling high is the key, sounds simple right? Well, it’s not a cut and dry process if you don’t have experience.  Once you’ve mastered the basics of trading then check out our advanced video tutorials in our next level stock market training section to hone your skills.

The watch list videos that we do weekly on our YouTube channel are also helpful for learning support and resistance levels and a great compliment to our free courses. If you can’t identify the major levels you should manage your risk at, then you won’t know where to buy and sell,  and you could lose money! Don’t overlook this! 

The popular Defense ETF $ITA is up over 35% year to date. That means either jumping in this ETF, or stock picking from this sector could of yielded some fairly nice gains for you in 2019. ETF’s are considered among the best to invest in because they pick and balance the stocks vs you being a stock picker. Some people prefer this to picking stocks. Let the experts balance the ETFs and make you money is one way to do it.

Where do we think this sector is headed? Well, no one can predict the future, which is why it’s so important to have good risk management, good entries and exits, and be able to read stock charts effectively. 


Trading the momentum is key in any type of trading – not just in defensive stocks. Have you heard of momentum trading? We look at momentum as stocks that are trending above the 9 Day, 20 day, and 50 day moving averages, and have bullish patterns within bullish patterns. Have you ever been in a trade that’s trading sideways? I have, and when day trading or swing trading its pretty boring. That’s why I shoot for stocks with strong momentum and volume. 

The personas on stocktwits and twitter are always yelling buy the dip but you can’t just blindly do it; you have to know the signals. At least with defensive stocks, there’s decent movement across the board in 2020. Knowing the fundamentals behind the moves helps a lot too. This means knowing the “why” people buy, beyond the charts. Are earnings expectations good? How is forward guidance? Studying the fundamentals are going to help support your case if you should buy the dip and if the momentum may continue. 

People like to hedge when markets are overbought. Some people hedge with commodities like oil, gold or even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Sometimes these areas of the market can pump and dump on hype. Do defense stocks run on hype? Again, these are the stocks that have products that are industrial and support national security, aerospace and personal defense.That doesn’t mean these stocks are always running. Sometimes they’re a slow grind, consolidating or trading sideways.

When the market is down trending for whatever reason, that’s when you want to hedge, or take profit on one stock or sector, and move to another trending security. Finding hot sectors is easy if you have the right tools. Check out our stock scanners page and see what tools we recommend you use to stay up on whats happening at the market at any time. Our team is always researching and demonstrating tools to use give back to the community members within our trading service. When you become a trader in the stock market you become a student for life.

Bullish Bears Watch Lists

You’re in luck because we offer many more lists for our community! We offer a day trade and swing trade watch list that we have combed through and look for good setups to trade. Usually these are penny stocks that range from $0.05 all the way up to the large market cap stocks. Sometimes you will find stocks on this list that are from our defensive stocks list. We have two types of trade alerts. One is trade alert “setups” and the other is real-time stock alerts to our community members delivered via our private twitter. We find our trade alert setups based off support and resistance levels on potential plays, and they are designed to be educational! We also provide weekly videos on the how and why we trade these stocks!

Additionally, we also post the morning gap up stocks by 9:15 am each morning on our Trade Ideas page for members to get prepared for the day. The stocks on that page are gapping up and hitting the scanners. These are good potential day trades for the day. They make a great complement on not only our defense stocks list but our other lists as well. Diversity of setups is key! Bookmark our swing trade stock watchlists page if you’re looking to find higher priced stocks to day trade or swing trade (yes, some people actually just day trade our swing trade watch list haha).

Learning how to trade means learning how to be defensive. Your number one goal is to protect capital. Capital is your ammo in the war for profits. Lots of things affect stock market flow and pricing. Fear, greed, and news can send stocks flying or dropping just like that. High frequency trading computers run the market, for the most part. The rest is just noise. Knowing when to fight (trade) or run (sit out) is key. Take our free courses to learn how to do this.

Trading is just like the martial arts, or football. You need to protect your body, or team from damage or being tackled. The best defense is a good offense sometimes, that means taking ACTION. Don’t sit in a stock that’s in a down trend. Check the daily, weekly and monthly charts before you trade. Protect your nest egg by researching, and knowing bullish vs bearish patterns. Take a good hard look at stocks that will insulate your portfolio from economic hardship, or volatility.

When in doubt, talk to a qualified financial adviser! Lastly, make sure to check out this defense stocks list page when this sector is running and follow the charts! 

Defense Stocks List

What Are Some Defensive Stocks? List to Watch

  1. $UTX – United Technologies
  2. $LMT – Lockheed Martin Corp.
  3. $BA – Boeing Co.
  4. $RTN – Ratheon
  5. $GD – General Dynamics

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