Deloitte Stock Price?

Have you ever heard of Deloitte? is there Deloitte stock price we can invest in? With global revenues topping $43 billion, this company is an investor’s dream. But if you want a share of those revenues, you’ll be disappointed.

Deloitte’s not traded on the stock exchange. However, even though you can’t purchase Deloitte stock, there are a few promising alternatives for investors. If you are looking to add professional services companies to your portfolios, you might want to stick around and read this.

How to Buy Deloitte Stock

  • Do you know how to buy Deloitte stock? The fact is you can’t. It’s not a traded publicly traded company. As one of the four largest accounting firms in the world it’s unfortunate you aren’t able to have it as part of your investing portfolio. 

Who Are the “Big Four” Accounting Firms?

Deloitte Stock

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, commonly referred to as Deloitte, is one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. Furthermore, they are also the largest professional services network in the world!

Following closely on their coattails are PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young and Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG). Not to be out shined by the Big Four, BDO international rounds out the largest accounting networks in the world.

However, like Deloitte itself, these remaining firms are not listed publicly on any stock exchanges. That means not only can you not buy Deloitte stock, you can’t buy any of the others. 

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Who Is Deloitte?

Deloitte Stock

Headquartered in London, UK, Deloitte provides a suite of services from auditing, tax preparation, consulting, enterprise risk management and financial advisory services.

And with a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries and territories, Deloitte brings world-class capabilities and high-quality service to both public and private clients.

As of 2017, it held the title of the 4th largest privately owned company in the US. And with approximately 300,000 employees globally, they earned a record $46.2 billion in 2019 alone; take a moment to let that sink in!

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Did You Know Deloitte Has the Market Share?

Gartner, the world’s leading information technology and advisory company, ranked Deloitte as the number one worldwide consulting service provider.

This is for the second consecutive year; based on 2017 and 2018 revenues in its April 2019 report titled, Gartner Market Share Analysis: Consulting Services, Worldwide, 2018*.

Of note, this is the eighth time in total that Deloitte has received the #1 ranking by revenue. Makes us really wish we could invest in Deloitte stock.

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Does Deloitte Have Stock?

  • Does Deloitte have stock? Unfortunately for investors, they’re a private company. As a result, there is no Deloitte stock. The good news is, there are a lot of other great companies to trade. Just check out Square vs PayPal for example. 

Why Deloitte Can’t Be Listed on the Stock Exchange

Generally, speaking, even if Deloitte wanted to be listed on the stock exchange, a few reasons stop them. Firstly, the typical structure of accounting and law firms are as partnerships, and Deloitte is no different.

Secondly, the regulatory requirements for these companies are such that only qualified people can own a portion of the company. For these reasons, these firms are rarely if ever traded on a stock exchange. 

What Are Some of the Challenges With Going Public?

It’s important to note the exposure you face once you go public and float on the stock market. For starters, the exposure to public speculation, criticism and other regulatory controls that you didn’t need to worry about when private.

More often than not, companies often float on the stock market to raise a large amount of money. And your guess as to why is as good as mine; to buy new equipment, expand the facility, the options are endless.

However, a company may choose to remain private if they have enough capital. Take Deloitte, for example.

It would virtually be impossible to go public due to their structure of a network of independent member firms. I’m not really sure how they would float a mass of the company, not to mention the legal ramifications discussed above.

Some Alternatives to Buying Deloitte Stock

We’re always looking for stocks that are going to give us the best profit potential. So when we see a great company that’s private, it feels like we’re missing out.

As a result, we can look for other similar companies that are trading on the stock exchange. Make sure to take our free online trading courses before you jump in to Deloitte stock alternatives. 

FTI Consulting

Although you can’t buy Deloitte stock or stock from any of the Big 4 firms, you still have options to invest in the consulting world. Take, for example, FTI Consulting (NYSE: $FCN), one of the top financial consulting firms in the world.

In fact, they consistently rank as one of the top global firms specializing in corporate finance, restructuring, economic consulting, forensic and litigation consulting strategic communications and technology.

Deloitte Stock

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Although they’ve garnered some negative attention in the past (i.e. their involvement in the Lehman Brothers and GM bankruptcies), this hasn’t overshadowed their potential. 

Despite the massive downturn in the stock market as of late, FTI has not only shown growth, they’ve profited! FTI has performed exceptionally well in the past year, up 75% to be exact.

Moreover, they have the potential to sustain the momentum in the near term. Consequently, if you haven’t taken advantage of its share price appreciation yet, it’s time you add the stock to your portfolio.

Of course, you might be able to find a better stock than FTI Consulting Group. But having said that, FTI still could be a lovely addition to your portfolio. 

Huron Consulting Group (HURN)

Another publicly listed heavy hitter in the business consulting space is the Huron Consulting Group. HURN is a firm that provides businesses with technology and analytics services. 

According to Zacks Equity Research, Huron Consulting is a top-ranked growth stock to buy for April 2020. Not only are they a growth stock, but they also possess a PEG ratio of 1.36, compared with 2.28 for the industry. 

Deloitte stock Price

Check out the May 2020 report on $HURN courtesy of Stock Rover.

Along the same token, Huron’s had a nice streak of beating earnings estimates. Just take a look at the two previous reports, for example.   

For the most recent quarter, instead of posting the expected earnings of $0.64 per share, they reported $0.79 per share instead. Likewise, in the previous quarter, the estimate was $0.66 per share, yet Huron reported $0.79 per share.

I must admit, the surprise of 23.44% and 19.70% earnings above estimates provide credence to this company. All things considered, if you want a stock with a solid history of beating earnings estimates, look at Huron Consulting (HURN).

Closing Thoughts

We might not be able to trade Deloitte stock but there are a lot of other stocks to trade with a price that is pretty attractive since the 2019 pull back. It’s a known fact that the market moves in cycles, and you need strategies that move with those cycles. 

As long as enough people are running that cycle, guess what? You can capitalize on it. Thankfully with the Bullish Bears community, you’ll gain the knowledge, experience, and strategies necessary to profit in any stock market trading cycle. 

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